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    True but the fact is like i said Money is Money. Throwing out these big names in western and kpop is pointless, because all those different companies including newer ones will always need someone to work with, not everyone can afford to hire a list help some small time dude like jae eventually will get a shake at things in the future as whatever company takes him will see they can make x without spending X to get there. Where as getting x by getting a big name means spending XXXX money they don't have to try and turn a profit there's a reason everyone and every company out there doesn't hire top name celebs because they can't afford that celebs price.

    Either way in these situations with companies time heals all wounds give it a few months or year and the company he worked with will have forgotten about this shit and throw him another bone. Give it a few weeks or a month and other companies that have never seen him before will give him a shot.

    those big name celebs chooses represent, not the other way round. They choose it to raise funds for their foundations or campaigns. The celebs are not paid to endorse, they collab for a cause. Even Jae’s merch was for a foundation. Recently they get more love calls from bigger name celebs that wants to collab for many foundations. Compare these big names and Jae, who they gonna choose?

    Jae manages the collab because one of his friend is a head exec there and that friend is also friends with the likes of Jamie, Mark Tuan, BM, Peniel, Amber etc. If that friend in represent is like Diane Kang from Dive Studio that sides with Jamie for this issue, there are chances that he lost represent.

    He wasn’t a good colleague by the looks of how his manager celebrated his leave and unfollowed him. And now he shows he’s not that good of a friend. Its gonna be real hard for companies to take him because he has several red flags to him already (bad attitude, lack of camraderie, lost of core fanbase, a ticking bomb on any interviews).

    I didn’t know Dive so I looked them up. Looks really interesting:-).

    They are talking about him on twitter?

    Jae has a show with them

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    Diane Kang is the lead producer for Dive Studios (eric nam’s podcast, bm peniel ashley’s podcast). She was actually shading someone else in her previous tweets and fans went to her basically either asking her to not jump into conclusion or praising her. Yet when she saw Jamie replied, she got the gist of everything and stated she stood by what she said, which is basically very much disagreeing with Jae’s actions.

    Yes but it will die out. These companies are looking for profit over time they will work with him again especially if what's being offered has huge profits coming. They work with him long as he stays problem free. Companies unlike people don't hold a grudge forever, eventually they will work with him again.

    the old saying "Money is Money" applies here

    Money is money. However, Represent is rostering Friend’s cast, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jamie Fox, kpop idols with much more presence like Exo, Got7 etc. They don’t actually need Jae when they are already working with people that can give them more profit than he could.

    But they could just be unfollowing rn and then refollow later idk

    But he’s a loose canon so they might want to be safe

    They could but represent is as it is called, they represent. And they take it seriously on which celebrity they work with and what they represent. Jae is not even a high seller in represent. Literally they have Friend’s cast, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jamie Foxx in the represent roster, they don’t need Jae.

    For Dive, most of their producers are women and most also worked with Jamie. One of them, Diane is also particularly upset about it. They work hard to represent Foreign Koreans in South Korea. This could lead to something more personal to them. I was on twitter just relaxing (trying to calm my anger) and someone reposted something, and its the full ass video and its so much worse than the snippet we saw.

    I actually didn't think it could get worse, but watch all 4 videos. In the 4th one he goes does this imitation of her asking why he called her that and he the says 'due to your posting of these kinds of pictures with these kinds of poses it makes me believe that you are perfectly described under that description'.

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    There is even one part (video part 2 I think) where his stans use it as a shield, where he compliments Jamie’s monster vocals yet they choose to ignore that he also ended that sentence with “her image tho… I dunno”.

    It gets worst and worst. And these two more videos just… ughhhh!!!! I still remember Jamie specifically talking about her struggles with her body image and people being misogynistic to her and he, her supposed friend is basically doing everything on one stream to hurt her.

    True but this isn't a very serious issue. This "cancelling" will die out in about two weeks and be forgotten about. The bandwagon will move on to bigger fish to fry. Then he will come back maybe with some fire af song or some touchingly meaningful song that resonates with alot of people's feelings or cause and completely forget about his "past"

    Its not a serious issue but its serious enough to affect his professional relationship with others. Dive producers who he actually have had good relationship with before is also taking offense and siding with Jamie. Even the merch brand he worked with, represent, they had already unfollowed him on IG. While the main mass audience may forget, its already recorded in many professional companies and production that this guy is problematic and can bring harm to their brand.

    Really throws out the theory that "Jamie would have found it soooooooo funny, lol."

    And that's something I kind of hate about these kind of "jokes." It wasn't even a joke. There was no setup, no punchline. Just calling a woman a thot and then backpedaling into calling it a "joke" once he got criticized.

    Like I said earlier, I'm not particularly riled up about it because I've already come to the conclusion that he really is as big of an idiot as he says he is, but I'm sad for Jamie that this was something sensitive for her and she feels hurt by her friend.

    Even before Jamie said anything about it, she kind of already said a lot in the past that such misogynist slurs hurts her, so as her so called friend he should have known first hand that its never a "funny joke". All the people who have followed her for years knows before Jamie state anything that she wouldn't at all find it funny.

    Since he isn't a "idol" anymore people will forget about this quicker than they would have had it been a traditional idol. Also these sorts of things in the grand scheme of things wasn't a "big deal" so in general this situation will be forgotten about. Hell traditionally western artists including rappers have said and done far worse and actually meant every word or action and nothing has happened to them they still sell million albums and make millions and get collabs with your faves etc. Jae maybe an idiot but this won't kill his career.

    Thing is, those western artist and rapper actually still retain their core audiences to push for them. For Jae now, even his core audiences is cancelling him. If he actually has like billboard top ranked song or something he may be able to be like those western artists but he doesn't have any similar success to get back from "cancellation".

    pretend like JYP have been working to make him fail from the get go.

    This is the one of the more annoying thing about Jae for me. While I personally think JYPE can be really bad in management, but most idols that left JYPE have all mentioned that their teams like managers, A&R and many staffs did try their best for them. Management is bad but the staff probably did try their best for him.

    Even Jamie said her manager during the time in JYPE “suffered with her” and that same manager still follows her career and actually helped her to get JYPE content for her youtube programme after she left. Staff still pretty much adore her as you can see in one of her content when she went back to visit JYPE after she left.

    Jae’s manager immediately unfollowed Jae after he left. That just screams: they let him go because of his attitude. I can’t seem to even believe any of his “when I was an Idol stories” now since I think half of the problems is also him.

    Context is key

    Exactly. Context. Even before Jamie speak up people should know that Jamie suffers from mysoginy a lot thus a so called good friend like Jae should have known first hand that saying such “joke” can hurt her. And look now, she told the world that he did hurt her.

    His apology is just… amazingly dumb.

    i didnt denie nor glorify what angibo did. there is no justify of their atrocities.

    If you can't even comprehend your own long essay's projection, you definitely can't comprehend what the victim is projecting, you also can't read the situation that involves a bigger scale political atmosphere, you also have zero conscience of other's suffering and more than anything, you actually don't have a say in what another country's citizen does to "correct and impact" their country. Note: THEIR COUNTRY.

    Nah your problem now kid. Take it to reddit or gatamchun on twitter to talk about their history. Lets see if they would appreciate your pasting opinions.

    I think everyone can see now that you yourself justify Angibo.

    Encore wasn't an actual release. Don't know it's just a feeling. But in truth would love to be wrong. I have no problem being wrong on things so if I am. AWESOME!!!

    What is an “actual release” exactly? They have Warner Music promoting it, each of their companies promoting it, an actual MV, proceed with an official distribution deal with Warner Korea, like how is it not an “actual release”?

    There are fandoms who could only wish for their group to get back together yet it seems to be the opposite for Got7’s fandom. Got7 tells their fans they would make a group comeback one day yet their fans are skeptic.

    It's because they don't have longevity yet... well longevity under the company anyway. 2PM is the only group to survive contract renewal. 2AM and GOT7 left and stayed together.

    I have a feeling 2PM is slowly dropping out of JYPE though.

    I'm still not sure on GOT7. They haven't produced anything, no hints at a comeback or anything as a group and it's been almost a year. I just have this feeling they won't be doing anything ever again as a group for producing songs or albums or anything. The most that we might get is a year end stage or something.

    Got7 released their single, Encore a month after leaving JYPE. Its only been a year. 2AM took 7 years for a comeback and its not a sudden comeback, its a 7 year worth of always trying to work the schedules out between members. Have some faith, it won't be now but its not never.

    There aren’t as many people mad about this interview as you try to make it seem. DP 2 is highly awaited. If the Drama ends he just needs to apologize and everything is fine.

    Yeah maybe you are concentrated on Jisoo during the earlier week of snowdrop but I actually look through Haein's name on Kforums when episode 1 came out. His interview didn't make much buzz when it actually came out 2 weeks prior to ep1 but after ep1 premiered, one of the first thing people dug up was that interview.

    When this interview came up in Pann, its a rapid hate bandwagon for him through the Kforums, people think he's really dumb. The post of his interview gets more reaction than BP and Jisoo posts. It is now getting more settled, thanks to Haein's fans insisting to let it blow over. There is a hater post during ep3 stating disappointment that Jung Haein is now just a "six pack body shot" male lead rather than a serious one and Haein's fan stayed even quieter that the general threads of the drama drown that over.

    Can't say the same about international blinks around twitter that still is... making it about Jisoo. Some of them actually penetrate into this forum putting Jisoo in the middle of it when the controversy already focused on its production team.

    is not a good image but is not career ending, it will pass and i don't take pann seriously, especially for actors lol

    I’m not saying his career would end, I’m saying he is on the process of rising even more but this would be a really bad pause on his intended career path. He must have intended to get more critically acclaimed dramas (thus why skycastle director and writer is an interesting offer to him) yet he ended up as “that dumb actor” and it really doesn’t have anything to do with snowdrop’s controversy itself, he just dug his own grave through that interview. It also didn’t help that he told magazine he doesn’t research much in the preparation with his orange juice statement.

    the problem is that the activists arent the only people that have rights. The law will decide who is allowed to do what. you think its not ok. i think its fine to show the movie. lets wait what the judge say. since we wont find any agreement.

    The movie play in october. After the 29.6 ammendmend. The ruling party have allready capitulated to the terms of democratic movement. democratic reforms are allready kicking in and torturing stops. so of course they cant show the same nsa as the nsa that fought several month earlier against the movement. Especially since its an complete different department of the nsa than that fighting the democratic protesters.

    I had respect for the victims in the first place but i lose it the more it shows they didnt even watched the movie or know what it is about. Thy are just activists use it as battlefield against the oposition in the upcoming election.

    You also couldnt name one specific scene and explain in detail why it is problematic also you ignore all arguments that are made by me or others in pro of the movie. you just stating that we are wrong or you dont see it like that. this is kindergarden level of argumentation.

    Which argument did you make exactly? Its a hatetrain? Democracy for all but for the victims, they should bear with it even though they were the ones fighting for it? Its freedom of expression, yet if you are the victims you don’t get to express because staff worked so hard already?

    I don’t hear those as arguments, its just excuses for your “me me me I am important”.

    You want specific scenes? here are english speaking koreans who would certainly explain it better than me.

    Why the KDrama "Snowdrop" is EXTREMELY Problematic.
    \\p Before I start this post, I would like to say that English isn't my first language and therefore may write sentences/phrases with some...

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    To be fair, barely anyone know the show existed, perhaps it's only his fans lol, and them pretending it didn't exist isn't that hard ^^

    Smart, blinks should learn something from them

    I just read on reddit something that is quite hilarious to me.

    “Are all FNC artist that bad in history?”

    I just realised Haein is under FNC, the company that also housed AOA. A few years back AOA Seolhyun and Jimin was criticised for not knowing historical figure An Jung Geun.

    It may hurt, but the victims have to bear with it. not because of my entertainment but because this is i about freedom of expression. one of the main pillars of a democracy. those who doesnt like the move are free to voice their dislike. but with this petition and demand to burn the work, you attack one of the most important achievements the democratic movement fought for.

    Korean politics is a mess from both sides. After chuns death all former living presidents were in jail. There are upcoming elections. And now politican activists use this movie as their battlefield to disregard the other party for what they did wrong in the past. :P

    Freedom of expression, yeap. What the internet always use whenever they just wanna be assholes that asks victims to “bear with it”.

    I mean clearly you don’t have any kind of respect towards others, and the more you type here the more it shows, you are the “me me me I’m important” type.

    Just know that if you take this attitude in the real world, no left right traditionalist conservative liberal none of them would take a “me me me” type of person. Live alone in this 7 billion population. Its better for you.

    Nobody cares? Is that why the JTBC studio head is currently trying to grovel to the victims' families right now?

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    Oh wow. I just imagined the head of the JTBC studio who probably have his coat and tie, shiny shoes, riding in a fancy car with a driver meting the victim's family saying "I understand your hurt but please let the drama run. We don't mean it".

    If the scenario is close to what I imagined, what a dick.