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    I would say Mars of Destruction, Skelter Heaven, and Garzey's Wing.

    Skelter Heaven is the Prequel to Mars of Destruction and it is even worse.

    It has hilariously bad CGI Giant Squid Aliens. It also makes no sense how Mars of Destruction is the Sequel to this. Mars of Destruction is the worst anime sequel I have ever seen, though it is lol funny.

    The Dub of Garzey's Wing is one of the worst English Dubs I have ever seen, It is the Room of Anime Dubs.

    It looks like my State North Carolina is going to have more winter weather again after we had it over a week ago on February 6th then again on Sunday and now we might have it this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    The previous winter weather we had there wasn't much snow and it quickly melted. The same thing might happen again because it might be above freezing.

    The power didn't go out with either storm for my family and me and I hope it doesn't this weekend either.

    I am interested to know how you guy and gals feel about Flavored Water.

    I tried it because my Mother doesn't buy sodas anymore due to medical reasons like her acid reflex. I tried Cherry Bubly and Lime Bubly but that tasted horrible, It tasted like pain killer flavored bitter water. <X

    In fact, Both of them tasted to me exactly the same. My Sister likes Bubly though.

    I also tried La Croix Passion Fruit but I had mostly the same awful bitter taste.

    I almost forgot that I tried a Wal-Mart Brand called Clear American and I tried the Vanilla Cherry Flavor and the Lemon Flavor and it wasn't bitter. It was decent and tasted like it was supposed to but my Mother didn't buy it for me again because it had aspartame.

    I would like to try Zevia Flavored Water because it isn't flavored with Aspartame, It is flavored with Stevia which is different because it is a natural sweetener.

    I hope it tastes better than the other Flavored Waters.

    I am a fan of both, Which is why I find it sad that the Anime/K-Pop Feuds are still a thing. I don't even care if people like Anime or K-Pop or even neither of them.

    Everyone has a right to an opinion but it is not okay to judge people for liking either Anime or K-Pop. I feel as though from what I have seen from Twitter it mostly seems to be Anime fans judging K-Pop Fans than the other way around.

    I just wish people would stop fighting and judging people they have never even met before. It makes both communities look bad to outsiders.