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    This is the first time a song has legitimately made me mad lol. The vocal melody itself is amazing and the girls did amazing, but that instrumental is def something, they were going for noise music for some parts and they literally served noise music in those parts. So, strictly speaking, they did what they came to do - it's just really not my style and I'm not sure yet if I'll keep listening to it.

    Edit: What's jarring is that distorted church bell motif, which is on purpose but I can't get around it. The instrumental in the bridge I will say though is really good, I like most of the last third of the song.

    I can respect if other people like this, but it's just too jarring for me atm. I think part of it is mixing bc that backtrack is really loud in the stage video, maybe the official audio is mixed differently and that changes things but still a no for me atm.

    Honestly, imo her only weak track is probably Birthday. The song felt like it was trying to do much at once, trying too hard to be unique and quirky and just came off awkward in the end. It had the potential, but again it was trying to do too much. They decided to go a bit simpler with her other tracks and it's definitely paying off - they're focusing on just making good music and it shows. All her other releases have been straight hits one after the other.

    This is Kpop and the artists are Korean. It's interesting they would say that.

    It's becoming more and more common for Kpop artists to hit Billboard charts so it makes sense. Obviously, throw in the amount of success BTS has had over the years - more and more groups are seeing it as a potential reality.