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    SM and LSM offered her similar deal like Hybe, but she wanted something new and she moved to Hybe.

    Hybe absolutely had to give her power because that was the deal they made, she didn't transfer there to be just creative director bffr

    This is why I am saying you people are dismissing this woman. She is not some rookie with nk ground to stand on.

    Wanted something new?.... Her plan was to take over The gifted company since the beginning, because of that she wanted that deal, trusting someone in creative endeavors is different from trusting the same person in bussiness and hybe fucked up giving her power.

    Idk where in my comment you take that but i am not discrediting their successful 20 years...

    I am stating what is a reality, hybe could have done the same than sm and maintain her in the creative department not giving her any power, they did not have any obligation to create a company, making her a ceo, putting the shares in low prices and lend her money to get them...

    Her successful 20 years in sm dont give her the right of obtaining a company for free, millions in funds, shares, a building, platform, connections.. she had nothing and hybe gave her everything.

    Investment is granting her with funds and see if it gives results, but no giving her power to screw over you...

    I can understand that the NewJeans members might be in support for her out of loyalty (if I were in their place, I wouldn't be that loyal lol), but what reason do the fans have to be in support of her? They have given only one genuine argument that NewJeans might be under a long hiatus and even that can be refuted.

    How much loyalty you can have with a person who did not invest anything in you or take any risk?

    The only think that MHJ did was choosing the members and the creative output, the rest was handled by hybe, MHJ doesnt even own the floor in which they train.

    Okay, I feel like you’re going beyond what my initial point was now. I never disagreed that Hybe put in an initial investment or said anything about your following points. The things I was refuting was when you said “Its not that bsh wanted 100% Ador...” and the trust issue as a response to one of my statements.

    Reciprocal as in retaliation will not get you far in business.

    Because you said that BSH didnt trust her since he wanted 100% of Ador, i told you that the matter is not what he wants or not or in how much he trusts, you cant expect someone who is paying for everything not wanting the 100%, trust has nothing to do here, its common sense, in what he trusted is in giving a chance to an unknown person ,putting her as a head of a subsidiary ,granting her a ton of funds and helping her with acquiring the shares.

    Ador is his label, he paid for it so there is nothing to negociate, yes, they could negociate salaries, retributions, benefits.. whatever, but not a company.

    She was lucky enough with Hybe offering her 20% shares.

    No, because BSH , aka hybe, put 100 % money.

    People still dont understand de mhj had nothing, she was just a worker there, hybe created de company with their money and put her as ceo, they did not have any obligation with mhj to do any of that, they could have do the same than sm, they didnt have any obligation of offering shares either.

    Idk what is that hard to understand that mhj was granted with a company, with funds, connections and platform out of nothing and she didnt have to put a single penny on that, she did not take any risks, did nothing.

    You call it being emotional, i call it being reciprocal, if you wanted to screw me over, prepare yourself for the same treatment.

    Hybe lowering the value of ADOR so they don’t have to payout as much money to MHJ is what Tokkis have been speculating for a while now. The almost 2 year hiatus for NJ will certainly do that. Hybe already started with the media play against NJ. This is why we think Hybe doesn’t give a shit what happens to NJ because they just want to screw over MHJ. (Please Hybe prove us wrong!!)

    No, they didn’t trust her because initially BSH wanted 100% of ADOR. This entire saga is how they never trusted her and didn’t think much of her. Hybe is just really cocky. They didn’t expect her to fight back this hard.

    Its not that bsh wanted 100% Ador...

    100% Ador belonged to Hybe, they created the company and they put the money, Mhj was put as ceo for them, offered her 20% low prices shares and on top of that , bsh lend her the money to get them, you dont do that for someone that you dont trust.

    And if were hybe, i would screw over nj too...if you are going to support the person who tried to steal a company in which she did not have to invest a single penny, claiming being mistreated for a lack of greetings after all the support that they got from hybe, you are the exact same thing than mhj and you deserve the same treatment.

    I think it's because it seems like one of the things they are asking is for BTS to leave the company which is not for the fans to demand anyway. I'm not sure so anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.

    And those fans are stupid, i dont claim them, thinking that you have a say in what an adult person choose to do with their life, if they stay, ok, if they decide to abandon the company, ok too.

    They know better than anyone what they deserve, what they want and what they recieve.

    The shaman forced BTS to military service so NJ could debut properly? That is one powerful shaman.

    Why guess the intention of the trucks and wreath sent when you can search about it? Yeah we all know how articles targeting HYBE are disappearing while those against BTS remained. So their fans would get angry and defend the company but the K-army saw right through it and sent the trucks and wreath. They said that they are supporting BTS and not HYBE and to stop using them as shields in their mediaplay.

    The point is not if shamanism is legit or not, the point is that MHJ thinks that shamanism the ill intentions remain.

    Because i dont care what k armys do or even worldwide armys, even more is its about sending trucks to companies, something childish and ridiculous but at the end, everyone is responsible and conscious of their own actions.

    I was the first one here who said that hybe did mediaplay when the mentioned Bts in regards to mhj stating that bsh copied her with them, even if it was true, the intention of getting the fandom by their side was clear.

    The articles framing bts were to coincidental, that added to the text messages talking about mediaplay war , even mentioning journalist that could help or shaman saying they had to end bts not like sm..texts,by the way, that she confirmed that existed but just exposed illegally, so, we are not going to play dumb and think that she had nothing to do with it...

    Korean armies must be mad and sending trucks at MHJ right? Oh wait they sent it against HYBE instead.

    They must not have read the same translations as you all did right? Oh wait they don't need to because they can directly read it

    along with understanding the context and knowledge of their own country's culture.

    What bullshit comeback is this?

    All the translations from different sources say the same and of course , culture can justify the shaman existence, what cant justify is the malice of going to one to ask her or plan something to take someone out of the way.

    Maybe the truck sent to hybe asking them for Bts protection means that they better fuck up the bish who did that and used mediaplay to bring up rumors about BTS sagaegi, cults and what not..because from who were those malicious reports? We all know it.

    I'm calling it early that when Jin returns he will ask MHJ to work with him on his album. Will you still support him? or will you show your true colors and change your pfp to Bang Si-Hyuk instead.

    Armys that are enough mature will support his decision, since that its his life and his career, we dont have a say in what he does, but that does not mean that we will start to liking her just because of that, since the disliking, at least in my case, its not for going against hybe but because you can see her malice and dishonesty miles away, and because any decent fandom would dislike a person who went to a shaman to ask her to do something to take away the group that they support from her path because they are an obstacle while she benefits from their name..

    Honestly, K-pop fans are really hypocritical. If we put BTS (since in this case, their fans are the loudest) exactly in this situation instead of NJ, with the same case and timeline, ARMYs would devour Hybe without even listening to any of their statements. Those ARMYs who keep saying she's irrational and her win means nothing here and on other social media would trend the news everywhere that their Ceo is right and it's the end of Hybe. They wouldn't care if that Ceo was rumored to be spreading negative news about other groups and idols. I mean, for them, no real evidence means nothing.

    This situation is simple: fans will follow who their faves support. Not only ARMYs but all other fandoms as well. In cases like this, rarely do morals come first for both fans and non fans. Everyone will trying to spreading their ideology to others.

    In the case of BTS, its hybe the one that has to thank them and be grateful, with nj is quite the opposite, they are the ones that should thank hybe for the massive investment that they did on them , the connections and the platform.

    Bts members have the right to complain because they worked a lot and under unfavourable conditions, they built hybe. If they were in the same position than nj, armys would believe them, not just because they are their fans, but because we know their trajectory and because they are not 18 years old brats who get everything served in hand just for them complaining about how they are mistreated just because big boss dont greet them in the elevator, if that its their big problem in life, they should have some shame and stay quiet at least, out of respect for people who really had it bad or worse than them, not even BTS get the promotion and the investment that they are having, humility is not their thing, it seems...

    no, she'll say it's impossible nowadays for creatives to not take inspiration from already previously created content from others. which is true but it's something she does not allow others to do with her content.

    She is not going to admit that, her ego prevents her to do it...

    For her, nobody did what she did ever and you are not going to change that mindset, even if you put in front of her 1000 "inspiritions", because she is not in her right mind, and i dont say this as an insult, or because i cant stand her or whatever, for me its pretty obvious that she is not mentally stable and i am being quite considerate and soft with my definition...

    In a position of power, she is a time bomb.

    She should seek mental help, but not for her depression, she has bigger problems.

    2. she'll become apoplectic if someone brings out that mexican band jeans font.

    She will say that jeans copied her, how she is the GOAT, will mention another suicide remark following some statement about being poor since she is not that lucky of getting a salary of millions......(Irony), but if she had cash, she would throw money to people on the streets and then she will cry without tears

    Honestly, people believing that she is genuine, deserve to be in the same mental institution than her

    1. Please, someone make an edit of her with the mother Teresa of Calcutta attire...

    2. Now she wants to stay quiet...she should address too all the "inspirations" that she took for nj