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    Well in 2023 hype boy had a full year of tracking so we can see how well it did.. and it was indeed a couple of spots above ld, but not close to ld's peak

    Now you’ve opened another can of worms I don’t want to touch lol “full year of tracking” 😅 you’re speaking like gallup conducted polls every month and tallied up all the votes after a full year to come up with a ranking like digital points, instead of what they actually do which is recording the public’s interest in a specific time frame in a year, which tends to reward newer cultural phenomenons (which are naturally fresher in people’s memories) than year-old events 😅

    I’m going off topic now but this is why i’ve never taken gallup too seriously (even when it benefitted my faves in the past) bc again, it’s all about timing, but i’m not gonna go deeper into this. Also i guess i need to put up the reminder that i’m not the one who brought up gallup first before you accuse me of bias or downplaying gallup’s importance when it’s not in my favour or whatever lol. I couldn’t care less about all this nonsense so if yall want to continue to argue about gallup some more, imma peace out ✌️

    So like that other stan you are also counting on the future instead of relying on actual, factual data even though it was also proven that release date wouldnt be a problem as both after like and pink venom made to gallup despite being released at the same time or after hb, and also despite the fact that attention ranked higher


    man it’s like you don’t read at all or have no comprehension skills :pepefacepalm:

    Of course attention ranked higher than hype boy in a poll made in august 2022, bc it was the bigger hit song AT THE TIME. Don’t know how many times i have to keep repeating this lol. Same story with after like & pink venom. They were obviously bigger hits than hype boy in august 2022. That’s not the gotcha you think it is lmao.

    The landscape has drastically changed since then tho, which is entirely the point, and why rigidly applying the same methods to different metrics without taking into account the variables in each situation doesn’t quite make sense and often leads to inept conclusions. I’m not even saying hype boy will definitely rank higher than love dive in its 2nd year (in fact i believe it won’t bc again, it’s about timing), and you’re well within your rights to call love dive the bigger song even now, based on other metrics, or even only your feelings, and I wouldn’t say anything. Just don’t bring up gallup and your “2nd year” shenanigans to back up your claim when the other song hasn’t even had a chance to show up on gallup for the 2nd time since it truly became a hit for there to be a fair comparison. It’s just unscientific and goes against logic and why i felt the need to speak up lol

    And how does that make hype boy bigger than ld by any metric... Love dive was ive's 1st cb lmao. and even in 2023 where hb rose we can see that there was only spots of difference between hb and ld, and in 2023 nj already was as old as ive in 2022 so your comparison isnt comparing

    I see your propensity to not read properly before trying to argue in hostility without being able to impart impartiality continues.. oh well at least you’re not nearly alone in that lol

    I already said in my first post I don’t have a dog in this fight, I literally never said a single thing about which song between love dive and hype boy i think is the bigger hit song in any of my posts, so don’t pull me in this debate. Frankly i think this is a juvenile and pointless fight like many kpop fights, but that’s neither here nor there.

    The point is i only criticised your absolute certainty in drawing the conclusion that love dive is 100% bigger than hype boy based solely on hype boy not making a gallup poll during a time period when it wasn’t even the biggest song released by its artist, and certainly when it wasn’t yet a huge hit. If you want to bring up love dive’s 2nd year on gallup, then it’s only fair to do the same for hype boy and wait till the 2nd poll since its ascension to the top to see where it lands. You can believe any song is the biggest song no matter what, I don’t care and have no interest in changing that. Just pointing out the flaw in your method, that’s all.

    Sis after like is RIGHT THERE. It was released after Hype Boy lmao. Find another excuse

    did you miss the part where i said nj was a 1 MONTH ROOKIE and that hype boy was not yet the hit song it is today at the time of its release because of attention? Hype boy only became a huge hit months later, like i already said, so how could it have already entered the list of biggest hit songs at the time the poll was conducted? Do we claim rollin not a hit song bc it didn’t make the gallup poll in 2017, its year of release, just bc it dared to become viral only 4 years later? It’s common sense (x2), use your brain pls



    There's a clear domination of Love Dive in 2022, something that even with Hype Boy doing well in 2023 didn't achieve. Hype Boy didn't even make to the list in 2022, while Love Dive, although a couple of spots behind Hype Boy in 2023, appeared for the 2nd year.

    hype boy didn’t appear in the 2022 gallup results bc the 2022 poll was conducted in august 2022, not end of year, and by that time nj hadn’t even been 1-month old yet lol and attention was still the front runner nj breakout song at the time. It wasn’t until a couple months after nj’s songs were officially released that hype boy emerged as the dark horse and eventually overtook attention in terms of virality and impact. If hype boy actually showed up in the 2022 poll as a 1-month song from a rookie artist, that would’ve been literally impossible lmao can’t even imagine all the sajaegi accusations in that scenario.

    I have no dog in this fight but it’s pretty disingenuous to claim love dive is without a doubt more successful than hype boy just based on the fact that love dive showed up on gallup for a 2nd year. You need to give hype boy 1 more year to see where it shows up on gallup in its 2nd year (meaning the 2024 poll) to make it a fair fight. That’s just common sense lol, come on.

    you hate to admit it but bluebeard is obviously the superior song to promote in the unforgiven album, judging by how infectious the beats are as a dance track and how catchy the choreo is that everyone and their mother knew that boom boom boom move while unforgiven’s dead in a ditch 🤭 (go find twice’s clip if you haven’t lol)

    Give it up old man your tastelessness can’t stop bluebeard from winning against your wishes 😌

    And Antifragile’s obviously the right choice for a title track, and i say this as an impurities defender. Ik you’re just trolling atp with your wacky “title track choices” that aren’t suitable to be title tracks at all just bc you like those songs but you need to be put in your place once in awhile lest you run around freely too much and infect people with your tragic taste 😌

    LSRFM is the best performing group in Kpop right now.

    And Smart and Swan Song are better than Easy. Even the choreos are better.

    unpopular opinion maybe?, but I really dislike easy’s choreo lol. It’s so clunky and awkward and doesn’t even suit the song. There’s also absolutely no chance any of the moves would catch on so that’s another fail if hybe were actually trying to come up with a viral point dance for easy. Honestly i just find the routine ugly to look at jklkhjk it’s unforgiven all over again :pepe-shame: After antifragile, source music’s choices for their title tracks’ music AND choreo selection have been questionable to say the least. Both swan song and smart’s choreos are obviously better than easy’s; it takes no genius to admit that :violinist-pepe:

    war flashbacks to when suju's sungmin had to write an apology for having a wife(?), and then "fans" bullied him so hard he eventually got kicked out of the group even before kangin did, who was charged with a dui, TWICE. and then exo's chen had to write an apology too right? sm has been encouraging this kind of behaviour for years and never taken a stance to protect their idol if their profit is threatened; it was only a matter of time before karina, arguably sm's most relevant idol atm, had to be forced to do the same. not sure why anyone is surprised given sm's track record

    Ngl that thumbnail slayed more than i hoped the mv would lol. Not really a fan of the directing, and even some of the styling/makeup didn't hit like it should've. Their 2 best outfit sets for this song are still their showcase performance and the m countdown stage. Even the girls looked much more vibrant performing there than in this mv and that saddens me ;(

    I’m just salty this is the song that blew up when bibi has so many better songs. Even i am shampoo from last year is better and that one’s also a softer, less audacious song. Kazino is still that song tho and clears everyone :prisonerpepe: Her magnum opus methinks :thinkerpepe:

    2 max

    There's still arguments to be made that you're Yama's alt

    no there’s at least one more mamamoo stan here that’s equally obnoxious, they just don’t stay vocal as much lol and they wear other groups’ aesthetics too so they fly under most people’s radar as a snob and as a mamamoo stan. Rest assured tho the superiority complex and hypocrisy still come out blowing off the charts once they open their mouth :iconpepe:

    What on earth does this thread have to do with MooMoos? Huh?

    Just a tangential observation this thread reminded me of :pepe-shrug: Not an alien concept to go off on a tangent, as you’re aware, considering that that user brings up mamamoo in literally 95%+ of their posts when mamamoo had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, every single time. It’s honestly a talent lol. I’m practically a newborn compared to their skills, let me live :pepe-slash:

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    that tweet is misleading bc sakura didn't make everything the girls wore on stage lol; it was only her skirt, kazuha's headband, and yunjin's bracelet. still very impressive of course, but people are running away with the misinformation that she crocheted every single thing they wore :skull:

    this is why I said that we shouldn't compare it to the sports in my first post in this thread :)

    besides in sports you get injured by direct competitor

    here this doesn't happen, and there are ton of other different things

    i mean from the first sentence you said that a popular group will not be pressured in sustaining the same level of success anymore bc their next products will always make money for them, even if at a lower level, right? That’s where you’re already wrong bc that’s not how capitalism works lol and no ceos will outright claim they’re okay with not growing profits with every single dime they have. The people in charge of creative outputs in those companies definitely feel the pressure from the higher-ups, it’s just a different type of pressure from those struggling to make ends meet.

    Sure from a financial perspective nj will never have to work another day in their life if they don’t move want to and they’ll still sell records if they put out farts, but you’re disregarding the fact that at their level, they aren’t striving for the same thing as the nugus. Their reputation and pride are also on the line with their products, and those criteria matter more to them than simply making a few quick bucks. Of course for greedy ceos and shareholders and whatnot, profit is the only thing that matters, and the artists have to meet their demands somewhat, but they themselves definitely don’t care about making money as much, especially those who are passionate about their art. So whichever aspect they deem more important to them now (be it artistry, quality, popularity, success, or whatever) that’s what’ll matter to them the most. And for someone as meticulous and ambitious as min hee jin, she definitely cares to stay on top of the field whether it’s art direction or success. That’s another type of pressure she has: with herself. That was the point i was trying to make.

    I know you didn’t bring up the sport comparison yourself but i was trying to address the mentality that you think “gold medalists” have

    like I said there is no way for NJ to suddenly become nugu or even mid tier

    even if next songs won't be as good they will still be high high, at the very top, I would even say at the podium, medal position if you really want to compare it to sports

    i don’t really care about competition in kpop and who’s supposed to come out on top bc this isn’t a sport, but that’s a very naive and frankly wrong assessment you have regarding “podium positions”. I can guarantee you no athlete who has tasted the glory of earning gold medals is ever satisfied with only winning silver or bronze medals later on. The well-mannered ones will be polite and cordial towards their fellow medalists, but not a single one will think “oh well I didn’t win 1st place again but at least i still got a medal”. That’s a mindset only people who have never been in their place think they’ll have, ie. fans lol.

    Kpop / the music industry is a different thing tho so I won’t comment on that. I do think a number of musicians/artists who used to be mega popular and on top of the world are gracious about newer acts inevitably surpassing them on charts/trendiness/popularity. But there’s definitely not a small subset of them who are bitter about that too. It’s human nature after all.

    and you called me Tasteless!!!

    it seems the majority of both kpop fans both within LSFM and NJ seem to agree with me on this one my friend!!!

    look whose tasteless now - seems like someone has gotten a TASTE of their own medicine!!!

    nah i sleep well knowing my superior taste trumps the plebeian masses’ :pepe-flirt::iconpepe: :siptear: