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    I'm starting to get confused.

    This is what I found:

    ITZY – ‘Mafia in the Morning’

    • Release date: April 30, 2021.
    • The number of views displayed from April 30 to May 6: According to ITZY’s fanbase as well as the actual display data on the counters, the group recorded about 68 million views.
    • Number of views on Youtube Charts from April 30 to May 6: 32.2 million views.
    • The number of views from the ad: 36.4 million views – accounted for 53.1%


    It was mentioned in this article that talked about youtube views:…l-view-and-displayed-view

    What's correct, both numbers were about the youtube views of the first week, 96 million and 68 million? :whatb:

    edit: 96 million is the number of views after 2 weeks :wellr:

    MIM has been trending on YT global since first 4 days. How come Next Level has 56milions and has not EVEN entered top 100 at YT WW chart?

    Shut your mouth about Itzy views. Hot sauce is trending but a sure 3 spots behind.

    Relax. ITZY is successful. Breathe.

    That ads has been used means nothing, everyone uses or has used ads for their groups. It's just promotion, it doesn't mean a group isn't successful.

    Let's celebrate the different successes each group has, they're all successful each in their own right.

    I don’t think it’s the third performance

    They upload it on their channel like the other 2

    I already found it odd.

    So this is something completely different?

    edit: oh wait, I looked it up. Apparently Studio Choom is a K-pop dance specialised channel, and it's related to Mnet.

    A lot of K-pop groups have appeared on the channel. I didn't know them :)

    Honestly it just infuriates me people downplaying their views and saying shit like this CB was not sucessfull. Yeah, the first 6 days was about 50% ads but a group who can chart WW is surely sucessfull.

    I think I've said it multiple times already the past week: I don't see why people have an issue with ad views, makes using ad views a company, MV or group dirty or what?

    It's just 1 of the promotion tools a company can use.

    Everyone uses it or has been using it in the past, to promote their groups.

    There's nothing wrong with using it.

    It doesn't mean a group isn't successful, when ads have been used.

    I just can't with everyone seeing ads as if a group or their company has committed a lethal, unforgiveable sin or such. It's not.

    Not sure if it has been posted already, but I found this one:

    External Content
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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    (oddly enough this wasn't under the Aespa channel, but under 'Studio Choom' (?))

    At first I thought this was a teaser for one of the performance MV's that had already been posted, but it looks different.

    A teaser for a third performance MV?

    Cleanse your mouth talking about MIM views. Sm newest group has 100℅ ads seing as their somg is 56minlis bu UNABLE to chart at YT WW chart. I'm done with Itzy slander in this shit place.

    ? I found this:

    ITZY – ‘Mafia in the Morning’

    • Release date: April 30, 2021.
    • The number of views displayed from April 30 to May 6: According to ITZY’s fanbase as well as the actual display data on the counters, the group recorded about 68 million views.
    • Number of views on Youtube Charts from April 30 to May 6: 32.2 million views.
    • The number of views from the ad: 36.4 million views – accounted for 53.1%


    It was mentioned in this article:…l-view-and-displayed-view

    True, I didn't doublecheck everything they'd checked themselves.

    So if you're saying that article is incorrect, and its findings are factually wrong, feel free to post what they did wrong in their investigations.

    After all, it's better to work with correct figures.

    YG groups release so few songs than any of the other acts in kpop, so lots of their stuffs are not released and left in their hard disk forever. I know SM is very strict in that. But if someone really wants to produce his/her own music i think they will prefer going to companies who let their idols write & produce their stuff rather than going to SM imo. So i dont think idols in SM are not that interested and encouraged being producers like for example groups in YG, Cube or other smaller companies. On the other side there is no way that company would waste such a talented producer in front of their eyes imo.

    If someone loves to compose or be a songwriter, they'll likely join a company that gives them that freedom.

    Also, the number of idols that actually really compose and write songs and who're good at it, are often a mere handful, including in YG, with most of the members in the group not being a composer or songwriter at all.

    As for producing or co-producing, SM has less problems with that, enough SM artists have contributed in that way to their group's comebacks.

    Jisoo is more stable live than SM main/lead vocal. It's hard to he filler in small group than mega group like SM.

    I have no idea if you're either trolling or created your account as a 2nd trolling account, or if you're really serious.

    Also, there's also groups like SHINee, f(x), DBSK, Red Velvet and Aespa in SM, in fact the majority of SM groups have 4-5 members.

    And larger groups doesn't mean that other members are bad at dancing, performing, singing etc.

    This is going nowhere, tbh. It becomes running around in circles, don't you think?

    You do realise that you're doing exactly the same as everyone else in this thread, right? Namely defending and praising your biases when they get shaded and dismissed - just like every one else is doing in this thread with their own bias group(s).

    The only difference is that everyone has different bias groups.

    As for the fact that they've been chosen from a whole bunch of super talented trainees: this applies to all the companies, several documentaries even showed 10,000s of people auditioning at SM for a spot, and there are times they had hundreds of trainees. Out of all those many auditioners and trainees, a few get chosen.

    If that's the criterium, who remains out of 1,000s to 10,000s capable potentials, then there are no fillers among YG groups nor SM groups.

    SNSD had way more songs than 2ne1, have much more members so credits gonna be more for sure, that comparison is then doesnt make sense, what makes sense is how much u contribute to your own music

    and how much it is selling, lets say A group had 20 songs and they have credits on all of their 20 songs. While B group has 50 songs and credits on 30 of their songs. In this situation saying B group has more contribution is misleading just because they have more credits tho. What u have showing me is bare minimum tbh. What SM group has same amount of contribution to their music as groups like BB, Winner, IKON (YG) and SKZ, Day6 (JYP), BTS, SVT(HYBE) tho?

    I'm not so sure it's fair to compare like that.

    B.I. of iKON might have complained that only 1 in 50 of his songs were accepted by YG, but YG's nothing compared to SM whose policy it is to categorically dismiss practically everything their artists come up with in songwriting and composing, at least for the first years after their debut, since SM's philosophy is that they have separate teams for producing and songwriting.

    Luckily they allow their artists more the further they are in their career, up to the point that a group like Super Junior can have their own sublabel where they're responsible for practically everything, the whole process from beginning to end.

    But the fact remains that SM of all companies is by far the strictest in barring their artists from contributing in songwriting and producing, especially in the early years after debut.

    Yes it's precisely the issue at hand. (G)I-DLE are credited as artists for the K/DA songs therefore these songs' numbers are added up to (G)I-DLE's monthly listeners. Which obviously inflates them significantly.

    But there's no way to tell who listened to K/DA and only K/DA during a month.

    I didn't know it worked like that in Spotify, that a song contributes to multiple artists' streaming and monthly listeners.

    I'm kinda curious, where can you find the streaming numbers, do you have to be logged into Spotify?

    And is it per song per month, or accumulative only and per group?

    Read what I already commented to alex in my other comment. The problem is in this particular case league of legends definitely altered the numbers for gidle. I am a lol player and have the baddest in one of my playslists yet I dont listen to idles discography at all.

    I genuinely wonder why they are even counted when only 2 out of 5(6?) members are on it. It makes wonder why jennies and roses solo as well as their features with gdragon, seungri & lee hi arent counted as bp streams :/

    Correction: I thought you meant Soyeon's and Mihyeon's participation to K/DA songs last year and 3 years ago, as a popularity boost (G)I-dle got from it. There's nothing wrong with that.

    But if K/DA songs are included for (G)I-dle's discography in Spotify, even now, then it becomes a different story. I agree that this skews (G)I-dle's monthly listeners and streams.

    Not sure if listening to POP/STARS will count for both K/DA as well as (G)I-dle in their streams and monthly listeners (would that mean that 1 song would add monthly listeners and streams to both groups?) but if so, then that's a serious advantage.

    ofc comebacks can and will have an impact. That still doesnt make it an accurate representation of an artists popularity. You literally need to listen one song ONCE during a 28 days period to be counted as a monthly listener. Now compare to someone who is an actual fan and listens the artist regularly and contributes let's say 200 total streams. Which one is more valuable?

    I think no one can disagree kda is boosting idles monthly listeners quite a bit unless logic and math aint their forte. This doesnt mean they are flopping, just that this number is flawed

    Basically you're saying that a large or hyperactive fanbase can massively increase the Spotify streams by continously listening to a song, thus skewing the streams towards fan favoritism, compared with monthly listeners that'll show the support of casual fans and non-fans who're interested in a group's songs over the months?

    There are a lot of factors that contribute to a group's monthly listeners and streams, whether that's a hyperactive 24/7 non-stop streaming fanbase or extra recognition having a group member collaborate in 2 songs of another popular group or artist. Why one should be respected or acknowledged and the other dismissed, is just odd and too much of a double standard. All those factors contribute to a group's success and popularity.

    (G)I-dle is still at 4.3M monthly listeners, even now after all those months, that's consistent and praiseworthy enough.

    Sorry but in the Hollywood era no Asian made fun of American people

    Today if you go to America you can even get murdered for being Asian

    This is the most unvalid point I have ever seen

    The fact that some people in the West are racist or ignorant, doesn't mean that other people in the West can't admire celebs, idols and icons that have a different color or race. Or want to copy their style and looks.

    Also, not every people in the West are like Americans when it comes to race and racism.

    While racism and racist prejudice is everywhere, in a lot of Western countries (ie with a lot of white/caucasian people) racist conflicts and prejudices have been far less intense and widespread than in the US.

    Monthly listeners are irrelevant. You can get that by someone listening to one of your songs by mistake on a random playlist. Idles number is only high because of kda. Compare the baddest streams vs dumdi dumdi or their last comeback and that's the explanation

    Monthly listeners aren't just based on one song, but also on a group's complete discography, so the larger and better the discography, the higher monthly listeners will be too.

    However, a comeback always makes a huge difference in monthly listeners: you'll see a huge boost that a group will get, and afterwards you'll see the monthly listeners slowly decrease with each month, until the next comeback when it'll get a boost.

    The fact that for example RV's monthly listeners are still 4.5M even after a 1.5 year hiatus is a credit to RV's discography.

    Also to compare, in late Feb iirc, ITZY's monthly listeners were like 3.5M, now they are 5.5M. That's the impact a comeback can have.