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    The comment you replied to is talking about current ULs on Melon, not Genie in 2017.

    Most of the 2017 hits (Knock Knock, LIKEY, Heart Shaker, Peek a Boo, Red Flavor, AIIYL, Energetic, REALLY REALLY, Signal, Missing You, Beautiful, Yes I Am, DNA, Spring Day) all have 4M or more ULs on Melon as of today.

    Not Ko Ko Bop though.

    If you want to get an overall picture, it's no use fixating on just 1 stat or just 1 digital platform.

    Especially seeing how a number of the naysayers/antis/other-group stans/howeveryouwannacallthem seem to be quick to bandwagon believe all kinda fake news rumors that seem to shade EXO's achievements, but at the same time are refusing to regard all the facts and news that are painting a broader, more complex picture, one that showed that EXO were actually doing alright with their Ko Ko Bop comeback in a lot of ways, including digitally.

    How it looks like to me is that a number of other-group stans will categorically disbelieve anything that will show that EXO wasn't a goner and actually had a good comeback with Ko Ko Bop. And why? Because they dislike EXO or something? :wellr:

    During their year highest was 6.9 and what BP got was above korea aespa is doing very well but on youtube and spotify not so much

    In Spotify they already have over 3.1M monthly listeners and rising, which is pretty damn good for a new 4th gen group.

    In youtube, their MV is nearing 100M views and has 2M likes, and Aespa's worldwide google trends stats ain't too shabby either.

    Overall, they're progressing nicely for a group that's just 6 months old.

    and the Second reasons is that episode with the best ratings are the episode in the classroom, special episode outside of the classroom usually have less good ratings compare to the the ones, and aespa didn't have a classroom episode

    I didn't even know they vary their settings per episode, I thought they'd changed the format from classroom to this other place :wellr:

    Yes idol group doesn't generate that much rating so it is delusion to say it leave impact( only thing it gave is one of the lowest rating ever) by the way Blackpink manage to pull 4.6% with their first ever KB appearance in 2017 and itzy also mangae to pull 4.3% with their first appearance in 2019.

    Which were among the lower ratings of their years, but true, not the very lowest seeing how Seventeen and Mamamoo had even lower in those same years.

    The fact that so far ITZY had the misfortune to have the absolute lowest Nielsen ratings for this year is hopefully not a sign of deteriorating popularity. Tbh, not sure at all how Nielsen ratings should be interpreted in this context (Knowing Bros watching audience didn't like the episode? Or tune out when it's idols in the episode?)

    Luckily Aespa have experienced huge popularity spikings in other platforms and media :-)


    They did alright.

    These seemed to be the unique listeners for boy groups in 2017 in Genie:


    Actually Previous episode didn't have any guest but still manage to score 3% rating.

    What number did u expect since it is literally the lowest rating episode since 2019 alongwith itzy one... To say that it leave impact on KB when last ep did better without having any guest.

    Yes no offense but their rating where at 2.4. The second lowest ratings of the year after Itzy episode

    So the impact is questionable since their previous episode without guest did better...

    Seems like idol groups don't do that well when it is about Nielsen rating at Knowing Bros.

    Seventeen, Mamamoo and AOA were among the absolute lowest ratings for their year, and even groups like Blackpink and EXO didn't do that spectacularly either in Nielsen rating :wellr:


    Since everyone who was quick to conclude and judge that Exo Ko Ko Bop's streams were fake and fan manipulation, was extremely slow or hesitant to provide actual legit proof for those conclusions/accusations/rumors, I decided to do some googling myself.

    Since I'm no EXO-L, and only paid superficial, fleeting attention to those matters spoken of back then.

    This is what I've found so far:

    The only times Melon announced their chart reforms that I found

    * Feb '17: charts changed to noon refresh instead of midnight refresh

    * (early) July '17: Melon system reformation (artists barred from releasing songs at midnight)

    * July '18: chart freeze from 1-7 AM (Melon and other charts, in response to sajaegi)

    * July '20: change to the 24h chart

    When it comes to EXO and Melon:

    - EXO ‘Ko Ko Bop’ Scores the 2nd Highest Amount of Unique Listeners on MelOn for 2017 After System Reformation

    EXO’s ‘Ko Ko Bop’ scores the 2nd Highest amount of Unique Listeners by any artist on Melon during the first hour after the system change that barred any artist from releasing music at midnight.

    - EXO, which is usually just known for its physical album sales, became the first idol group after the chart change to debut at number one on the Melon chart, arguably the most popular chart in Korea, with “Kokobop”

    - Hanteo Chart Apologizes For Manipulating EXO's 2017 Album Sales; First Melon, Now Hanteo,Who's Next

    On October 18, Hanteo chart apologized for manipulating EXO's 2017 Album sales. They officially admitted that their employee manipulated EXO's album sales and Chinese bulk order numbers with an intention to show less count of sales.

    This was not the first time EXO was subjected to such unfairness. In 2016, Melon music awards denied an award which rightfully belonged to EXO. When fans demanded an explanation from the show conductors, they simply stated it was due to "Internal data".

    But on October 2017, Melon released the details of most streamed song in 2016, and it was EXO's Monster, with 190,898,389 streams.

    Granted, this was just a quick browse and look up, so maybe I missed some.

    But these were the actual, announced Melon (and other charts) changes that I could find so far.

    They were either before EXO's Ko Ko Bop release, or a very long time after.

    The reasons given for those changes were also all kinda different stuff, the only times that EXO got mentioned in relation to Melon charts and changes was that they were doing so well despite the chart changes (or that they'd been unfairly treated/robbed).

    Like said, I might've missed some announced Melon chart changes. If so, I'd like to invite those making the quick judgements and rumor repeaters to provide the evidence that states Melon changed because of EXO's Ko Ko Bop :-):pepe-toast:

    Exols were using a Melon bug that allowed them to stream many more times than the coupon was for. It was also before international fans were banished, Melon made changes after Kokobop to restrict international fans access.

    I think I've asked this several times now, but everyone who mentioned it kept silent: do you have trustworthy, valid sources that confirm this, that Melon changed stuff because of Kokobop?

    I mean, accusations/rumors by K-pop fans fly around all the time, and if they all should be believed then practically all successful groups have done sajaegi, only have high sales due to bulk buy and chart manipulation etc etc. Most of it turns out is just speculations, often with the flimsiest backing.

    So if there's any actual sources that confirm Melon has made changes due to Ko Ko Bop and not other reasons or much later, I'd be interested to learn.

    melon used to give free streaming pass for everyone and didn't need a korean phone number, exols found a way to multiple these passes to inflate numbers, melon changed their politics bc of it

    Do you have any trustworthy, reliable proof of this?

    The only thing that I can find when I search on Melon and Ko Ko Bop is that Melon declares it the most liked song of 2017 and how it won a whole lot of awards and achievements.

    The only thing that I found on Melon saying they changed their policy was much later on, when it was shown how some parties had used sajaegi and botnets to promote some less known indie artists and such.

    That's why I said I worded it incorrectly and corrected myself if you can remember and if you can check my other responses.

    If it's getting mixed feedback if it's a mega-hit or not, perhaps it's not as big as you thought. It's a regular hit, is that bad?

    I'm not so sure if mixed feedback is a good criterium for whether a song's a mega-hit or not.

    I can recall how SNSD's I Got A Boy was controversial too, yet it was hugely successful, did extremely well and even won Youtube's Video of the Year award above even big Western artists, along with some other awards and praises.

    But I guess they wanted to give their full attention to this song for a reason. I thought they had all renewed but it definitely gives the end of an era vibe.

    i was thinking the same thing, but i'm getting a weird vibe from this comeback, they seems a little sad in their interview

    Indeed. But since it was last talked about, Wheein had a solo album and Mamamoo had their comeback. So I think it's safe to assume everyone renewed and all is well.

    Seems that you people did have a point about that sad 'end of an era' vibe: WheeIn hasn't renewed, only the other 3 did.

    But all parties agreed that WheeIn would still participate in group comebacks.

    I'm kinda confused about why, as she's participating in Mamamoo's comebacks anyway, she wanted to leave RBW.

    Was it about things she couldn't do if she was still part of the company?

    This is another one of those iconic collaborations, SNSD and 2PM:

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    I've been racking my brains to see if there were any collabs between girl and boy groups, but yeah, since 3rd gen seems like those have gotten extremely rare :/