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    ? Why were so many posters feeling triggered in this thread? :whatb:

    I thought it was a given that quite some 3rd gen groups were winding down/disbanding/losing members/moved past their peak, while 4th gen groups were showing a significant rise in popularity.

    This taken altogether, even incl the meteoric rise of groups like Brave Girls and Oh My Girl, makes this year feel like a transformational year, a transitional phase when the winds of change are blowing.

    Although what some people posted was a good point: for the moment, you're seeing these changes happen more on the girl groups side of things than the boy groups (although GOT7 disbanding, iKon losing members, and iKon and Winner only shadows of what they used to be are some early signs on the bg side).

    And I think we've also seen that transitioning to a new status quo doesn't mean that the former gen groups are suddenly out of the picture, especially when it comes to boy groups: after all, 2nd gen groups have also been around and active for much of 3rd gen era and often doing well, only not at the high peaks they used to be at in 2nd gen era :wellr:

    Her album sales easily outpace those of most other female idols and, even more, those of most other current girl groups, incl a number of the Top 10 ggs :yesr:

    ... :?::/ ... lol, in fact, scrap that 'a number of': Wendy's album sales even outpace the majority of the current Top 10 ggs, Wendy outselling all those full girl groups, Wendy did that :siptear::eyebrowsr:

    I have this odd idea that 1 of the reasons that Yuri and Chaewon got added (and Chowon and Kaeun dissed X( ) was due to Yena's close relationship with Yuri. The whole situation has really made me dislike/distrust Mnet and the companies of the IZ*One members, and look differently on some of the members.

    Adding members after a group has debuted and gathered a fanbase often leads to a lot of conflict and agression and hate towards the new members.

    Everglow isn't that big yet, so maybe adding Yena to the group won't have any huge negative impact.

    ? I just saw a sortlike thread with the same sort of questions, am I still dreaming?

    Anyway, like said, the contracts of the top 3rd gen groups are reaching their end, so you'll see groups disband, lose members and/or do less well than at their peaks.

    You're also seeing other and newer groups rise to prominence like is happening now.

    Those trends will continue.

    I think this might be the time where transitions start to happen, like it did in 2014-2015.

    Contracts of the top 3rd gen groups are reaching their end, and groups will start to disband or lose members.

    A number of them will do less well than at their peak.

    Other groups will rise to popularity, among them 4th gen groups.

    I really hope Cube and Lightsum will be able to utilise Chowon's full potential, she has proven she has strong, unique vocals and a unique aura (that can lead to an exceptional stage presence), it'd be a shame if they're not able to make use of it and make Chowon shine to the fullest.


    I was shocked by their talent since its a really hard song to cover.

    That was Chowon together with Nayoung (another PD48 candidate), and it was a great video where they showed off their vocals

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    Whoa. Old thread resurrection :whatk:

    Since the time this thread was active, Wendy followed Seulgi&Irene and outsold most girl groups and other female idol artists with 174k album sales.

    Joy's debut so far is going great too with good album sales and she's doing great digitally, Hello's at #14 in Melon and a few days ago 4 of her songs were in Instiz iChart Top 20.

    Considering that Red Velvet have been doing well even during a 1.5 year hiatus, I'd say they have a solid #3 position as girl group.

    We'll see how things go when they get their comeback.

    You're right, I said 'debut' but I meant 'rose to popularity'.

    Sistar debuted in 2010 but didn't make that big of splash in their first years, compared with other groups that debuted in 2009-2010.

    Sistar's hit songs followed later, and Sistar's peak era was when 2nd gen's top groups were slowly coming down from their peak era: Wonder Girls' fame had faded while they were in the US, SNSD and KARA were far more active in Japan than South Korea - from early 2011 to early 2014 SNSD only had 2 Korean comebacks - 2NE1 experienced longer and longer hiatuses after 2011 and T-ARA fell hard due to an unfair scandal.

    Which left the field wide open for other groups like Sistar, AOA and Girl's Day to rise.

    Ok, I can't decide. To me IGAB should be included into any discussion about Bohemian Rhapsody level of songs :/

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    For that matter, a few other songs come to mind too.

    So let's just say that SM and SM groups have a fondness for producing Bohemian Rhapsody style songs of greatness, and that IGAB and Tempo are part of that handful of phenomenal BR type of songs :yesr:

    • Sistar debut as a Starship NGG would be huge too (assuming that Starship is as established as it is now, since Sistar kinda was the one that made Starship)

    Cosmic Girls/WSJN didn't do that well, even when Sistar was on the peak of their popularity and Cosmic Girls debuted as the 2nd Starship girl group after Sistar.

    Immediate success isn't a guarantee for Starship girl groups apparently, so I feel like Sistar's rise to success if they'd debuted in 4th gen era would be heavily dependent on the hit songs they'd produce over time.

    Sistar also debuted in a calmer time period where the 2nd gen group dominance was past its high peak and they started to take longer and longer hiatus breaks, while the 3rd gen groups hadn't risen to their high peaks yet.

    I'm not so sure if they'd have done as well with the strong competition as it is now, with a lot of groups at peak level.

    SNSD and DBSK would have been phenomenal, if they'd debut now, they'd have seen explosive growth within the first year.

    DBSK's high vocal/dance/performance talents were extraordinary, SNSD's vocal/dance/performance talent would be on a high level too and they would be completely unmatched by any 3rd/4th gen group on the variety level easily winning the hearts and minds of Korean general public.

    Big Bang would most likely do very well too, Wonder Girls too.

    2NE1, not sure. People have gotten used to girl crush, so they wouldn't stand out for that so much, and I feel K-pop fans would have started to expect different visuals and looks from an YG group now - the bar on visuals has been raised in general since 3rd gen and 4th gen.

    But if they had Teddy's songs, they'd do well.

    T-ARA, Sistar and KARA, would be slow starters. Only when they'd start getting hit songs, recognition would follow from the general public and K-pop fans. Same for 2PM and Super Junior.

    But as soon as they'd start to get recognition and a few hit songs, they'd do well, just like they did in 2nd gen era.

    Search MMTG on YT

    2PM performed "My House", Nine Muses did "Dolls" and After School performed "Diva" and "Bang"

    I did :-)

    Just watched 2PM and AS.

    I found it a bit painful for Kaeun not being there - she got excluded by Mnet from IZ*One, and now from this by her former After School members - but it was great to see AS being able to perform this.

    Was it a one-time thing? Or will more 2nd gen groups follow?