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    Success is relative. When's a group successful, when isn't it successful?

    Also, there's a distinction between success or popularity in South Korea, and success worldwide.

    The larger popularity and recognition of K-pop worldwide has caused a lot of K-pop groups to do well, many more of them do as well as or better than K-pop groups used to do globally in 2nd gen era.

    You can also see it in album sales, even rookie groups and less popular groups are able to have album sales that equal or surpasss the album sales of most groups in 2nd gen era.

    In South Korea however, idol groups and idol songs aren't as popular as they used to be at the peak of 2nd gen era.

    At the peak of 2nd gen era, the Korean annual chart Top 20 was filled to bursting with K-pop songs and K-pop groups, and not just the same handful, but all kinda different K-pop groups, girl groups and boy groups.

    I think that was K-pop groups' most popular era in SK and with South Korean general public: K-pop groups and idols were everywhere, a huge presence in all kinda popular variety shows, they were a hype.

    The past years that hasn't been the case: only a few K-pop groups reach the Gaon annual Top 20, and only a handful K-pop groups are a recognisable presence to the South Korean general public, outside of K-pop fans.

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    As for titles, people esp (international) k-pop fans only seem to recall only a few Nation's titles and forget all the other many times a 'Nation's' title has been given by Korean media and public to Korean celebs and idols.

    Nation's titles that Yoona has been given among others are Nation's Center, Nation's Sister, Nation's Ideal Type, Nation's Visual, Nation's Hallyu Queen.

    Same for other idols and groups, the 'Nation's' title has been used far more times for Korean idols and groups than k-pop fans are able to recall or keep track of.

    I think it was more like Yoona in the first half of the 2nd gen era, and Suzy in the second half of the 2nd gen era.

    As for how they did in 3rd and 4th gen era, both have had their successes, Yoona with her movies and in China where she was hugely popular for several years, and Suzy with her acting gigs too. Both their music careers were unimpressive, sadly enough (although their songs were actually nice).

    Of course, they got surpassed in popularity by 3rd gen idols in 3rd gen era, as it should.

    The 3rd gen is officially over aside from bp/twice

    RV's Queendom might not have been Psycho, but if it's digital charting you're talking about, it peaked as high as and higher than TWICE's songs this year according to Gaon, on top of that RV's solo members did very fine too in album sales as well as charting (for Joy).

    That being said, it's good to see 3.5/4th gen groups rising to top tier heights and make themselves known as the new, upcoming idol elite :-)

    If you have more times between comebacks, the fandom can save more money to buy albums. While it sounds logical if you think about it, surprising amount of people didnt buy the thought at first.


    Sort of makes sense, although I think it's only up to a degree.

    In this case, I think the fact that practically all groups have seen a doubling and more in their album sales compared with their sales pre-2020, due to the fact of overall K-pop growth, might actually play a larger role.

    Wendy also has 180k album sales with her 'Like Water' album, which is already more than RV's highest pre-2020 sales, and the same for Seulgi & Irene's album sales in 2020 and Joy's album sales that have been fairly impressive for individuals.

    when some time ago Wendy posted IG stories with pilates instructor and her body looked toned down in comparison to the past I already knew then that she is doing well and she might be even more fit than before injury

    I loved all the RV girls' facial expressiveness in the MV, and all the RV girls really are glowing this comeback - Yeri even had some great moments, and Irene and Joy even felt like they walked straight out of a CF in some moments of MV and their performances - but Wendy's the one that seems to really upgrade in dance skills, performance skills and stage presence with every new comeback.

    Wendy's shining more and more, and reading the comments with performances, seems more and more people are starting to notice it :omgr: