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    I do think that Wonyoung and Yujin were likely able to negotiate more favorable terms for themselves. It's only logical. Contracts for newly debuted rookies with no experience or notoriety are always given less leeway because the company is trying to make back their investments. But Wonyoung and Yujin already made lots of money and gained lots of popularity prior to signing their artist contracts with Starship.

    this whole thread just shows me how weirdly obsessed tokkis are with IVE and Dives. Since the start of IVE's comeback, I've seen nothing but tokkis try and center themselves in the midst of it, even when literally no one mentioned them, they insert themselves. Claiming that IVE is copying them, dismissing UL because it's the one achievement they don't have over IVE, ptetending like that Coke song is more successful than I Want etc. I can't even believe someone even admitted they do it because they enjoy getting a rise out certain dives. It's giving Janis Ian (iykyk), and that is embarrassing. #Bring back shame.

    Oh nvm I misread u.

    What other people do is really none of my business but in my opinion, there are so many cheap alternatives for lightsticks that I really just don't understand the people who bring another group's lightstick when the whole point of kpop lightsticks is to represent Fandom support for a specific group.

    I mean, you went out of your way to buy a lightstick in the first place for the group you love, so surely you must understand the significance of it, right? Otherwise, why even buy your faves lightstick if literally any other one will do since it doesn't matter?

    And sure, Idols probably wouldn't come out and say it themselves, or wouldn't police the issue, but I'm sure they'd much rather see lightsticks that belong to their group than some rando's waving in the crowd. This is just common sense.

    I mean, if you're a sports fan you wouldn't wear a rival teams Jersey to another's game, would you? I mean, you could, it's technically not illegal or anything, but dont be surprised if other's find it in bad taste. And quite honestly, the excuse that "Well, light sticks are too expensive" just comes off as being too lazy to care imho. The most logical reaction an idol would have seeing this is probably that this is some other group's fan who just happened to have a ticket or this person likes them, but has another group they prefer over them (which is not the kind of messaged I'd want to send to an idol performing on stage).

    If not a cheap alternative, then I'd just go empty handed rather than show up with some other group's lightstick. It's not as if lightsticks are a requirement for concerts anyway.

    Edit: grammar

    Exactly how much percent of shares is Kakao even selling here? Some are making it sound like they are completely selling Starship while others make it seem like Kakao will only be selling around half of their 60% in shares in Starship, which if they do, then Kakao would still be the largest shareholder in Starship (providing that whoever buys their shares don't buy up all of what Kakao is offering and then some).

    I don't think so. I just don't see why. I want to ask "with what money?" since HYBE is already in debt because they've already bought so many other labels, but at the same time, they did get their money back after that attempt to buy SM. But I just can't see for what reason they'd purchase Starship? Other than IVE and ig some Sistar IP what else? They do have an acting division too ig, but why would HYBE need that in particular? I mean, I know HYBE did purchase a bunch of other small labels previously like Pledis but still...

    I don't know maybe I'm just too stunned at this turn of events. Kakao was talking all this big talk about IVE being used for Kakao America branch but I guess they are going to use Aespa instead. Still, I am glad to be rid of Starship and to get new management but I worry that if they do go to HYBE their sound and style might change.

    Then again I also don't know who else other than HYBE would be interested in purchasing Starship either. Tbh other that IVE I just don't see the value in Starship, but perhaps someone more educated in this field would know better than I.

    Because he is. The only song I am surpassed was OMG. It didn't surpassed any songs of Get Up, because they were released after I Am :dancer-pepe:

    His argument about them only needing to getting "a little strong" on international side is quite funny because in reality the gap between both group of international side is what put NJ so much ahead of Ive. You can put all Ive discography together and it would still be behind the daily streams of Super Shy, yes just one song. New Jeans are making five times their streams, they are not in the same level on global scale only in Korea (and barely)

    I am a girl, like the majority of IVE's fan base.

    Top groups for 4 gen ggs in global.

    in SK, they are the same as IVE.

    Facts. In only 4 months I AM has already surpassed all of New Jeans releases this year. If not for Ditto that came out ending of Last year IVE would already be #1 on circle chart. Plus, even IVE CF song is still charting and rising on the charts. The same CF songs people were making fun.

    IVE also still has stronger individual name recognition as well.

    The only thing IVE needs is better international promotion, something that Starship completely loses at. But we will see if they manage to do better this time around.

    This is why I don't really like this forumula at all. I also want to know exactly why Brook was given so many lines. And also why the parts where issued like this. This was supposed to be a group evaluation but it honestly felt like Brook and her back up singers. At least if we had footage of them preparing, I may be able to understand why the parts were chosen as they were, but as it is now, it just looks bad.

    And for the dance evaluation, Adela can actually sing really well, which is why I don't understand why they had the dancers all lipsyncing instead of using their actual vocals like other survival shows usually do for dance evaluations.

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    Iike this was a missed opportunity for girls like her to truly show off her skills.

    This formula HYBE is doing really sucks.

    5050 and BG have a similar vocal style and keena looks like minyoungs daughter but their career couldnt be mir opposite to each other.

    Creating a copy of a former group worked well for yg but i doubt that will be the same with a small company.

    I really have no idea what BG/YG and 5050 have to do with each other here. The two's cases or situations have absolutely no connection.

    Alright, hate to say it because I hate boy groups and SM's tackiness and lack of self awareness annoys the crap out of me, but this song is actually bop. It's unique enough that is sounds fresh without doing too much. My only gripe is that the styling is bad and SM still could have tried harder to give them their own unqiue identity. They still look like NCT.

    This looks good. Those teasers look like they finally hired people for their creative department. My only question is... whatever happened to that English promotion that was supposed to happen in September? Is "Either Way" gonna be it?

    I swear I better not see another article from Kakao later talking about their U.S promotions. I'm starting to wonder if they're turning into YG dropping articles every minute about the collab with Columbia that never seems to manifest.

    EDIT: wait, I just checked the calendar. Oct 6 and Oct. 13 are BOTH Friday releases which means it could be for U.S promotions (Baddies) especially.