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    The only one who has been acting poorly is you. You must live in a fantasy world to be making up so much shit as if people can't read the posts you've made and realize the real truth. Unlike you, I don't need to make something up and call it the "truth" - your bullshit is apparent to all.

    I think your own delusions are starting to leak out at this point, Ves. You can keep failing to come for me though.

    Sure, I'm the one acting childish when you're the one that admitted to pretending to be a Once and calling them all uneducated because you are caught up in some fanwar. Calling you out on your bullshit and letting you know how transparent you are isn't a sign of me being childish. Another word of which you seem to have no grasp on. Please go purchase that mirror.

    It was an experiment, and for a while, it was successful. It was interesting being a pretend part of that fandom, even for a short time. I'm not gonna lie about who I am once someone makes a guess, so I admitted my identity. Your own behavior has been poor. I would address your own areas of lack before failing to come for me.

    I didn't say anything about you until it came to this now did I?

    And also, I'll say this now. I may not be johnny, but this is also MY forum. As I have a vested interest (I practically built some of it) you being a douche to the users of my forum is my business. It doesn't mean I have a chip on my shoulder. It means I would like to make sure people aren't shitting in "my house" and if I find some mess that needs dealt with, then I'll do what I can. That's all :finger-heart:

    It was very clear what you were doing.

    You can think I'm a douche if you want, I don't really care much about your bad takes. I believe you are just pressed by the truth and my own opinions.

    You did improve the forum when you stepped down, so thank you or that.

    Telling the truth is saying all Onces are uneducated? It's not me who's who has a gigantic chip on their shoulder. Sorry buddy, it's not me who people are going to pity here and if you think it's cause people can't stand the truth, you are in grave need of a mirror.

    So triggered by me, wow the effect I have.
    It was long before that statement was made that people got their knickers in a twist. Factual statements about melon charting was what started all of this. Granted it got out of hand, but you entered a conversation you weren't even a part of just to stir things up more. Seems you have a chip on your shoulder. People can pity me if they want, it has no good or bad meaning to me, just shows that they have bad reasoning and judgement.

    I won't lie, I am concerned for your students because you're absolutely toxic here. That classroom is real life. Glad to hear you won't hold it against any of them cause that's certainly not the case here where you'd let an entire fandom bother you so much that you'd resort to being such a douche and then bragging you're proud of it. It's just SAD

    This forum brings out the worst in me and seemingly many people. That is true. I'm not so much bothered by people as they are bothered by the truth I guess.

    If telling the truth and just replying to attacks is being a douche, sure. The fact you're so bothered by me, when you weren't even involved, is the sad part lmao.

    Oh yea, we know all about your opinion of Onces, your hate-baiting by ignorantly trying to stereotype an entire group of people as uneducated and copping to pretending to be a Once to try to spread your idiocy ALL for a fucking FANWAR definitely takes you out of the smart running.

    Hopefully your students are somehow shielded from that pathetic chip on your shoulder and lord help them if one of them turns out to like Twice. I mean you ARE in Japan and they are quite popular there so...

    You sound angry. Calm down and take a breath. It may help you.

    Among my students, on the rare occasion they have an assignment where pop culture can be included, Twice is almost never mentioned. It's almost always boy groups. I haven't seen anyone here talk about Twice for several years. I wouldn't hold it against any of my students, as far as their grades, if it turned out that they had bad taste in music lmao.'re the one talking shit about me, and when I reply it's my fault.

    I actually had you on ignore until a friend told me you are talking shit about me.

    Just go to work if it's morning and deprive us of your greatness.

    I literally just said you were fooled, which you were at the time.

    You called me dumb, so really you opened yourself to this. I never said anything untrue or attacking you before that. If you can't take it, don't start it.

    Replying again, eh? Lmao.

    Seems you care immensely.

    Thank you for the sarcastic praise, but once again I am not saying I'm the smartest person on the planet, nor among them, just that you set the bar low.

    It's late morning here, hun. lmao

    You didn’t ignore me then and aren’t ignoring me now. Considering your language it seems you’re getting quite worked up 😂

    Throughout history, plenty of smart individuals talked shit, started wars, etc, so your claim doesn’t seem valid.

    You asked about my students, and I was disproving your point once again. So don’t make statements when you don’t want to receive a rebuttal.

    let me guess, now you will quote me every time I say something, then do your utmost best to say you are smarter than not only me, but everyone else on this planet.

    Because you are a teacher...I feel bad for your students mate

    You’re replying to me and every message in the same way I’m replying to you. You also spewed the first personal attack just because you were fooled lmao.

    No, there are certainly some people that are smarter than I am in this world. You would not fit in that box.

    I keep getting great performance reviews, and my elective classes always have a waiting list, so I guess my students like me just fine. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    heh, you're cute when you're being dumb.

    Out of curiosity...did you really think that I did not know who you are?

    And I'm not talking Pray4U, talking about your other first account.

    Seems kinda fake, plastic almost if you ask me.

    It’s funny when people below my intellectual level make statements like that.

    Considering your replies when you assumed I was a once, you were very easily fooled. You would not have replied in such a manner if you knew.

    Pray4U was my first ever account. If another user got the best of you too, that’s on you.