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    Thanks. I am up for getting correct. But were that first six months of their career. I also asked that. Anyways that is selective company

    You had just said you don't know if any group had occupied that many places on Gaon/Circle before, then talked about the first sixth months after, so I didn't think you wanted both factors. Considering no group has really used New Jeans release strategy, can't really compare the first 6 months in that way. There was no Gaon when 2NE1 debuted, but their mini likely would have had all or most of the songs chart in the top 10 since all their albums performed that way.

    Regardless, it is selective company.

    Do downloads count as digital for this thread?

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    Yeah guess it counts.

    Timing based chart though. A fair amount of those songs ended up not being the best selling from that year.

    In September 2010 2NE1 held the first, second, third, and fourth spot on Gaon digital. The entire top 4. The previous week they also had four in the top 10 as well.

    In March 2014 2NE1 had 4 top 10 songs on the Gaon weekly chart, 5 in the top 11, and 9 in the top 20.

    Just to answer your first statement.

    You were rude, and that was why things escalated, greatly on my end, but it is what it is.

    I've been following kpop and charts since 2008, so I understand. However, even in the early 2010s PAKs were controversial since SM acts were functionally ineligible for PAKs. Really made it hard to compare any songs since it shut SNSD out. While certain parts of the internet and media hyped them, there were still tons of parts of the internet and the media that also didn't really care much about them. I think it really depended on where you got your news and where you discussed kpop as to how much PAKs actually meant.

    When New Jeans makes bigger or more unique records, the superlatives will certainly be more welcomed, it's just way too early now.

    I can't stand Hype Boy, but I agree it's their biggest song.

    Well, if you're comparing on PAK hours for girl groups, more than 720, since that's roughly how many D4 would have if based on the current ichart system. For boy groups, Love Scenario would have had even more than that.
    If it's Gaon points, Melon longevity, etc, it's hard to say as far as "chart history" since those have changed so drastically over the years. I would definitely say beating all of the records set after songs released after July 2020 would be required though.

    I think you're not remembering fully accurately. 2019 was when Fancy, KTL, Psycho were released. Hip was also quite successful. 2019 was a weak year for ggs for sure though.

    2020 had HYLT and Lovesick Girls which together garnered almost two billion Gaon Index points. Also had Dolphin and Nonstop which together garnered almost as many. Four massive girl group songs among others. 2020 was a strong year for ggs. However, those were all before the changes with regards to ichart and PAKs.

    For your other point. Melon has gotten harder to reach #1 but the songs that get to #1 stay there a lot longer, which is actually easier as far as PAK hours since there are less sites needed for a PAK and the most difficult one to get #1 on is more "sticky". I forgot which user pointed out visually that the songs that have reached #1 since the chart changed have all lasted much much longer at the peak than pre-2020 chart change songs.

    Besides PAKs, theres not really much for records New Jeans is making. The songs are huge, but still. I'm all for praising New Jeans and groups that are doing well, but I wouldn't ever describe a song as biggest in Korean chart history without it being deserved, and it's been such a short time to say that.


    And on an unrelated side note, as you are a Mamamoo fan, Mamamoo is the only group I've ever had the chance to meet and briefly talk to for a hi-touch event. My bias changed on that day.

    I remember listening to Hype Boy and Attention, and as much as I enjoy Attention, Hype Boy was the clear winner for me personally. Then I saw the massive amount of song and dance covers across the globe and was confused as to how Hype Boy wasn't their most popular track.

    Then the rise began. I even made a thread about it here on AKP the night it first began to push up the charts and past Attention. And now it's almost 6 months old and still top 3, and would be top 1...if not for their own songs. Wow.

    I really need to know if this has ever happened before. I'm pretty sure it didn't with any 3rd gen groups. I chart watched all the time for the peak of that generation, and I don't recall anything like that.

    One group's song blocking their own other song from #1/PAKs happened to both BTS and Blackpink, but the top 3 thing to my memory hasn't happened with 3rd Gen.

    2NE1's Crush managed to occupy like 9 of the 10 spots on the melon daily chart or something crazy like that long ago in 2014 though. 2nd Gen though.

    It's top 3 in PAK hours ever, so it's literally not exaggeration to call it one of the biggest songs in the history of the charts. If getting that many PAKs was so easy, then why are they the first girl group ever to do it? The chart reform didn't happen in December 2022.

    I think the "Ditto is big but not that big" is a really strange hill to die on, looking at the numbers it's accumulating.

    And we haven't even had a real conversation about its monster sibling Hype Boy yet.

    PAKs used to rely on about 10 different sites. The smaller ones often got blocked by other fandoms. Sometime between 2020-2021 almost all of those small sites went defunct or were removed from ichart, which is why most of the songs that have insane PAK hours (Dynamite, Rolling etc) are from that period and why songs from before that have a lot less.

    For example. D4 was #1 on all of the *current* daily charts for 30 straight days, but back in the day there was *one* site accounting for less than one percent of the market that blocked more than half of those PAK days, turning 700+ PAK hours using today's ichart into around 185 hours on that ichart. That is why New Jeans is the first girl group to do it. It is a huge song, and you could say one of the biggest songs in the last two-three years, but "chart history" would be including songs before that when the PAK system was much different.

    Outside of PAK hours there isn't anything super historical about the song. It is big, but nothing from Gaon or Melon indicates it "one of the biggest songs in chart history" *yet*.

    Hype Boy is doing amazingly.