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    Korean chart is not irrelevant. YG just don't want to promote them in Korea anymore, that's why Koreans don't a give a damn about them.

    Name those groups who sold more than 300K and done worse than BM in multiple metrics.

    Yes korean charts are largely irrelevant because kpop turned into a global music genre years ago. A kpop artist can be unknown in Korea yet still tour around the world filling 10k venues or even more. Why would a company put more focus on one market if you can attract people from all over the world? Besides that YG is promoting BM in korea for this comeback as the group is now complete again.

    Any semi popular kpop bg sells more than 350k in a week.

    If you exclude korean charting which again is largely irrelevant in modern kpop they are doing well not just for a new group but kpop groups in general. Also they have been groups that have done worse than BM in multiple metrics and yet sold more than 350k in a week. Besides that BM has been memed since their debut last year and from my observation more people are now willing to give them chance after their 'real debut' which surely boosted sales after the first days.

    YG tried to hide/deflect the individual contract situation regarding Blackpink members. YG always does this stuff when they are fcked. Let's be real all 4 members left YG individually. No matter how you spin it this is humiliating for YG and shows that the relationship isn't great.

    Yummy yummy blink tears :pathead:

    Most blinks are actually weirdly super happy about this situation because now the girls are apparently freed from the evil YG empire that imprisoned them for 7 years while making the girls ridiculous rich. Not seeing the bigger picture that YG got a shit deal on their hands while their music department is in shambles. YG has no control over BP anymore and can't rely on them. YG would be next level dumb if they don't invest everything in their new groups now. I can even see YG push forward the debuts of their new bg and that japanese new gg.

    Chances are in a ideal work 1 year BP , 1 year solo stuff

    6 months of touring every 2 years or something.

    True but I just can't see that happening. I have some doubts if YG even wants a Blackpink comeback. All 4 members not resigning for individual activity is quite humiliating for Yang Hyunsuk and if you know YHS you know he's a big narcissist. Just making money from the Blackpink brand while not investing resources in BP could be fine for YG.

    You are doing the same though. You are only seeing this from the perspective of Blackpink and not YG Entertainment.

    This is an awful contract situation for YG. If there's going to be comeback it will have to be under YG's conditions otherwise it's not profitable for YG. YG needs big concert tours to recoup the money invested in a BP comeback. Album sales aren't going to be enough especially now that BP very likely has a better contract meaning YG receives even less money from Blackpink content.

    Now the question is do the girls even want to do big tours while they manage their solo activities simultaneously? Do the agency of the girls want them to do big tours for YG? What if for example Lisa's new agency wants her to do a solo tour instead? There are so many variables now and the stars have to be aligned in the right way for a blackpink comeback. Surely you will also have 2 or 3 of the girls trying to get into acting and that is going to block a lot of time for a possible comeback.

    What you will probably see next year is YG trying to milk fans with the Blackpink brand in every possible way without direct or only little involvement from the girls. Merchandise, mobile games, VR & AI, a remix album and more stuff like that.

    Also even if there's going to be a Blackpink comeback it will likely be low effort from YG because it wouldn't be smart to use your best ideas and songs on a group you don't have 100% control over anymore.

    You mean a downward trajectory right? Though I wouldn't blame Newjeans for that. Kpop hasn't been this irrelevant since 2017/2018. Kpop companies are just much better in milking existing fans these days.

    The music part of Kpop has lost so much quality over the years which is down to companies investing more in their marketing budget than the music. Hybe is the biggest offender of that.…s-next-plans-for-treasure

    Isn't it weird that YG suddenly remembered that he has groups to debut or take care of? And going in front of camera no less to announce it as well. And announcing it for August, with Baemon debuting in September shortly after, the timing of it is just so suspicious. Almost like big shakeup is coming and investors need to be reassured that YG has a future pepe-ooh

    Of course this could be due to BigBang news as well, since investors were worried about that, so who knows. But Hardy might be cooking something :pepe-full:

    This is just YG blaming the mismanagement of the company in the past 2-3 years on him not being in charge. He's just feeding his huge ego. To be honest the Babymonster promotion have been very successful and if YG manages to turn Treasure around maybe there is some truth to it.

    The song was in the 60s last week so i think the MV really shot the song up. power of Twice beauty

    Youtube views are part of the criteria for Billboard Japan Top 100 which explains why it went up.
    Twice receive a lot more views on their mv's compared to japanese artists since mass streaming is not a thing in japan.
    Anyway the song is nowhere seen on Spotify Japan Top 50 which is understandable as it's another generic Twice song. Twice have actually lost their title as the most popular kpop group in japan at this point. Blackpink made more money with concerts in Japan than Twice and Hybe artists are charting a lot better on Spotify Japan than Twice.

    In general I don't understand what JYP has been doing with their groups in Japan for the past 2-3 years.
    NiziU went from the next big thing to dead group within 2 years. Twice losing their top spot and what is Itzy doing exactly? Stray Kids is the only JYP group improving their popularity in Japan. Really poor management from JYP.

    No, it doesn't.

    If you don't provide official data, then it doesn't prove anything.

    But, please know, I also understand that you may choose to not believe the information in the OP because it also does not provide official data. If you don't believe, I get that, but none of what you have said provides substantial evidence to completely discredit it.

    Yes it does. Please use your brain. years old

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