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    N word isn't that big of a deal in kpop tho, Giselle got away with ease so ahyeon would also had been just fine, there was no need for her to disappear

    Well... Giselle's rough couple years is partly due to that, a lot of people weren't happy about it. The other part of it was her not matching the other members in terms of dance performance proficiency. However, once she really improved her dancing, notice how you don't really hear much hate towards her these days. So it's pretty much a big deal until it isn't, and since Giselle apologized and hasn't made the same mistake twice, there's only so much that can be said. And I say that as a black kpop fan.

    When it comes to Ahyeon though, I agree that I don't think that's the reason why she hasn't been seen. If that incident had become as big as the Chaeyoung Sid Vicious shirt incident, I could see YG cutting their losses and sending her on her way. If she ended up leaving, it's probably something completely unrelated unless YG really didn't want to take their chances, since there's also the big elephant in the room regarding Blackpink.

    I think kpop fans are too sensitive when it comes to their idols and honestly probably would be terrible at managing idols of their own if they worried to much about sounding nice or not criticizing their idols. Maybe that why a kpop fan has never successfully opened their own kpop company.

    This is why as much as people used to dislike him back in the day, Simon Cowell is a very necessary "evil". Because if you can't handle harsh feedback from someone with experience (opinions and the delivery can be wrong, but nevertheless) who's talking to you face to face, how are you gonna survive dealing with the sea of anonymous people saying all kinds of reprehensible things to you, simply because there's a little to no risk of reprisal? And that is extremely true when it comes to kpop, a genre where chronically online fans live vicariously through the people they obsess over.

    People were bashing the hell out of Sneakers, and many often forget that these idols use the Internet too. Of course they're gonna see what people say. And it's ironic, people have said they're "falling off", but when they're being given constructive criticism to improve, now it's too much. JYP gets memed on for understandable reasons and isn't always correct, but he still has insight that's worth considering.

    When there's money and reputation on the line, you can't mess around, that's the reality of the business. Of course, there's limits to this. And there's a bigger discussion to be had regarding the amount of pressure that's placed on these idols. But if something ain't it, it just ain't it, and sugarcoating it never helps anyone in the long-run.

    I personally think chan saw what xome toxic stays did and chose to take a break. Hes akways said he doesnt care what management thinks. Pretty sure this was his choice.

    But yeah the protest trucks are wild I cannot fathom why fans do glad they haven't worked towards Seventeen Josh poor always be like I don't care if my bias dates let him be happy bit turn around and sabotage them over rumors or if they actually date... it's exhausting seeing such behavior.. I can't take these people serious sometimes.

    I have that same opinion too, I think it was mutual decision. Of course, we can't prove it, but it wouldn't surprise me if he had more of a say in that than people think. Can't blame him either, I'd completely understand.

    That whole situation with Josh is unfortunate, and this is why there's a lot that needs to change in the industry. And it starts with the companies. If they stop doing this whole boyfriend/girlfriend nonsense with the fans and stop trying to make these people look so "perfect", we'd have less instances of things like this happening. And the companies encourage this kind of behaviour out of fans because they know the more passionate a person gets, the more money they'll spend. Of course, all forms of entertainment has this element, but Kpop in particular really leans into it.

    Tying this back into this thread in particular, why is "media play" even a concern? Every fan wants their favorite artists to be successful, but why make two groups compete when both can co-exist and succeed just fine? There's room for everyone. Isn't it actually a good thing that multiple acts can achieve success? That means more people are catching on, and when that happens, everyone can win. But the issue is that some fans take their favorite's wins as their wins and also take their favorite's losses as their losses as well. And that's probably why it gets so personal.

    I actually wonder if and how many idol friendships got ruined thanks to fans being like this. It must be mega awks to see your fans bombarding your friends page with hate and your company telling you to ignore it.

    Honestly? Unfortunately, I'm sure it's happened. Or at least, people can't hang out publicly or interact because people are going to flip all the way out in the worst way possible. Take G-Idle for example. There's no way that they don't talk to Soojin or hang with her anymore after the whole incident happened, since it's not like moved or passed away. But if they're ever seen with her, we all know what's going to happen next.

    If idols had more free agency to tell people to shut the fuck up sometimes and these labels actually stood by their artists and put their foot down instead of shitting themselves every time people get irate over the smallest of things, imagine how things would change. You never let the lunatics run the asylum.

    I'm glad you mentioned Stray Kids, because it's a perfect example of how fans can be an idol's worst enemy sometimes.

    Now, I'm not gonna demonize most Stays, I believe most had enough sense to not act a fool. But look what happened when it came out that Chan's Room isn't a thing anymore. Fans will scream and yell at these companies to protect their artists, but when they actually DO take measures, they don't like it. Because beyond posting a press-release about saying "Hey, if y'all say anything mean about Chan, we're gonna sue you", what else can they legitimately do? Companies can't take everyone to court, that's like shooting a harpoon at a school of fish and thinking they'll never swim there again.

    And then when the guy goes on Bubble to say "Hey guys, it's all my choice" (admittedly not addressing it directly, but clearly a reference to what was going on at the time), what do people do? They say "Chan's just saying that to protect the company!" or "JYPE is forcing him to say that!!!"

    Now we've officially reached a place where no matter what the guy says, people already have a narrative in their heads and will act on that until they get what they want. Not once considering how he may feel about it all, they just assume he's helpless and think a protest truck is going to be what saves the day.

    Ultimately, people take kpop too seriously sometimes. And I get it. But I'd be lying if I didn't get exhausted by seeing what happens in here sometimes. :skull:

    I wonder the same thing makes 0 sense. When you find the answer please come tell me lol

    Literally pictures of Minnie, Jihyo, Mina and Lisa hanging out were posted, and you still have people out here having whole wars about who's charting higher and stream numbers... Meanwhile the idols themselves are hanging out together drinking Boba and watching Tiktok memes. It's weirdo and chronically online behavior lmao.

    If I spent my time hating on a celebrity on the internet instead of doing something productive, and my friends found out about it, I'd get cooked. :skull:

    There are no winners in a fan war -- everyone needs to go touch grass. Fighting fire with fire because someone said something stupid just makes all of you look childish. And it's the idols you stan that catch the backlash, never the fans themselves.

    Using sales and streams as a measurement of a group's skill and music quality is like saying McDonald's is objectively the best burger chain in the world.

    While apology letters are the bare minimum, it could be the most eloquent apology written and hit all the important points necessary... And still be insincere. What matters most is what that person does moving forward.

    The obsession with "Korean beauty standards" might be one of the weirdest things I've seen in Kpop, as if Koreans walk around with a checklist deducting points. And most of the people who care about this aren't even Korean.

    Fam, this is what rappers do. We'll rap about you and I not being in the same tax bracket in one song, and then we'll talk about the woes of the world and how capitalism is smoking all of us in the next. But you want to know what makes both of those work? One word: context.

    If someone's writing a song about accomplishments and achievements, and the song has an energetic or bounce trap sort of vibe, braggadocios lyrics make sense. But if someone's making a song about how leaning into their accomplishments too much can make themselves become blind to a gradually decaying pedestal, then you'd write lyrics that are more self-reflective and critical. And more often than not, many rappers have those exact type of songs on the same album. In most cases, they're not taking a holier-than-thou approach -- they're including themselves in that commentary as well.

    Humans are never just one thing, sometimes we wanna get hype, sometimes we just wanna sit and just think about life. There's a time and place for everything, and taking a couple lines out of a verse without taking the full context in mind not only does the song a disservice, but your argument as well. Do you think Suga is gonna buy a Rolex and then 15 minutes later cry about inflation and capitalism? No, because you can still enjoy luxuries in life AND think that there are also a lot of things in life that are objectively unfair. Rarely are things purely black and white, that's the point.

    Lol you act like she murdered your family. It's kinda cute how bent you are over an idol you dont even know


    Not to mention it hasn't even been fully a year into her idol career, there's nothing wrong with having ambition. People are just weird and like to project their insecurities onto others instead of addressing it within themselves. Every musical legend had to earn their way to that status, it wasn't given to them at the very beginning. But that's how it goes, people like to be toxic and disrespectful and not remember that there are other people on the receiving end of those words.

    They should be embarrassed for their flop songs not the actual hits. Like we saw what kind of reception their hand picked songs did, which I didn't hate btw, I thought both MS and SMF were fine, not great just fine. But still, the reception was whack. It is by far their worst performing tracks both domestically and internationally.

    No artist is going to want their songs to flop. But I would much rather they perform the songs they want to perform instead of forcing them to sing songs they're tired of singing simply because they "did well on the charts". They've been doing that their whole career. And guess what, even after Jihyo said she felt embarrassed sometimes to perform those songs? They still performed TT instead of Basics at their latest concert.

    As an entertainer, you're gonna have to give a little to the consumers, because that's just how that is. But at the same time, idols (or ANY creatives for that matter) shouldn't ever be a slave to said consumers because then you get them phoning it in simply because people ask for it.

    But again, if you don't want to spend money for a ticket, that's well within your right and nobody can (or should) force you otherwise.

    I don't think Jihyo is disrespecting the songs themselves but the fact they have to act overly cute to perform it. Jeongyeon and her in particular have always been vocal about that (even during their debut era)

    This is well illustrated in the video where they react to MAMA 2018 stage & so on during covid lockdown. Jihyo saying "we had many good songs that year" but you see half of the members cringing and leaving when having to react to "TWICE song"

    And it makes total sense because as a person grows older, their perspectives tend to change. I'm sure they all have a deep love for those old songs, because those are what got them to where they are today, but I don't blame them if they've outgrown that kind of style.

    Honestly, it's entirely possible that even during those eras there were members that probably weren't the craziest over it back then too.

    Let's swap Twice with Blackpink for a minute.

    Imagine BP removing all of their early songs like BBY, PFW, AIYL, D4, KTL, puttin them in some short medley and instead doing bunch of b sides and covers. And then Jennie goes on to Bambam's show and say that their early songs are embarrassing to perform. Sounds totally different innit?

    Because you'd disagree with Jennie but you actually agree with Jihyo.

    The difference is that BP and Twice are polar opposites in terms of musical output frequency, musical soundscapes and as a concept. We're also forgetting here that Twice has performed those hits again and again over the span of their career, and it's completely understandable if they want to change it up. They never said "we're never performing these songs again, FOH". But if Jihyo feels awkward about performing some of those songs, she has every right to. I wouldn't be surprised if Jennie felt tired of performing certain songs as well, it's not that big of a stretch.

    In the early days of a group, let's not forget that most of them aren't the ones deciding the concepts or writing/producing the songs. But even if they were all aboard, feelings change over time, and that's perfectly okay. This comeback all around feels like a true "next phase" for Twice, which is why it really doesn't surprise me.

    But I mean overall, it's your money. If the tour has nothing to offer you, it's better to sit it out and save your dollars instead of reluctantly spending it and have a sour time regardless.

    I'm just confused how "girl boss music" and "Hollywood wokeness" correlate. Because for one thing, there's been plenty of women in the Western music industry that have been making confident, sexy and rebellious music for decades. Many of which are certified legends. Two, people love to toss around the word "woke" but don't even know what it actually means or where it came from. And three, since when is diversity a bad thing to have?

    Twice is an 8-year old Kpop group, with members in their mid-to-late twenties. Of course they appreciate the songs and love them, but people grow up and their perspectives and tastes change. I'm around the same age as them and while I do like their older music, their discography from Fancy onwards is what really grabbed me. So when Jihyo said what she did regarding the super cutesy songs in that interview with Bambam, I completely understand. It's common for artists to get tired of performing certain songs all the time.

    If they don't want to do the old songs because they've been performing them literally every tour they go on and want to do something new, they should be allowed to make that call.

    I don't think they will seriously boycott TWICE. They'll throw their hissy fit but will eventually come around. At first, I understood their tamper tantrum but as time goes by, they're not really helping Twice as much as they used to and I can't blame TWICE for going to countries that have shown them nothing but overwhelming support and demand.

    Right. It's a business, what business is going to leave money on the table? When Twice toured last year and it was extremely successful, JYPE must've seen that and thought "You know what? Since we have a strong base in America, let's start promoting even more there." Plus adding in the support internationally regarding sales and streams, and well, it's hard to see why they wouldn't shift gears a little.

    If K-Onces seriously boycott (which I highly doubt), then nobody should be surprised if the next comeback has the international fan base in mind even more from then on. Of course, this would be devastating for the girls. But realistically there's still plenty of K-Onces that'll show up and support.

    Agreed, disrespecting Soyeon for her songwriting is such a basic b**** take

    Truly. Let me tell you something, as someone that ACTUALLY knows how to write lyrics? She absolutely knows what she's doing, and I think people really underestimate how difficult it can be to write lyrics in a language you don't really know. Now sure, she could get help from some of the members that are more fluent in English and her English stuff obviously isn't perfect. But one weak side isn't enough to discredit her whole skill set, and it just reminds me that many people have no idea what they're talking about. Music listeners don't have to be experts, it's absolutely not required, but some of the takes I've seen...

    I remember when Jennie's Solo Remix dropped and I saw people saying the lyrics don't make sense. And I'm sitting there thinking... What?????? Like look at this in particular (color-highlighted the rhyme schemes and multi-syllable structure):

    Been gone and came back, comin' for the payback

    Asked them how you like it and it's lookin' like they hate that

    W, no L's, covered W and Elle, and it's none left on the shelf

    Get in trouble by myself, solo, oh well

    All me, cross seas, Coco Chanel

    This is a well-written verse from a technical aspect, but this part specifically shows that Jennie ACTUALLY knows how to write. There are rappers in the West that don't do it to the degree she's doing it, with the rhyme schemes that she's doing it in while implementing wordplay AND references to BP's discography. This verse is essentially an update on her life and perspective three years later -- after her being dragged through the mud countless times, after Blackpink's debut album, after reaching even greater heights.

    The obvious change from "I used to be your girl, now I’m used to being the GOAT" to "Used to be girl, but... Never mind, I used to!" is almost like she's saying "I'm so far removed from you by being on my own, it's not even worth mentioning." And THEN she goes into how she's been shining with Blackpink. She's so successful, she can afford to lose something and replace it without a second thought. And like in the above snippet, she's essentially saying "Yeah, y'all made me Public Enemy #1 for no reason, but I got the last laugh by selling out everything I touch... While I'm chilling a gorgeous estate." And then wraps it up with a nod to Blinks for being there for her through it all.

    All of this should be pretty straight-forward if you listen to it, but you'd be surprised how many people I've seen say "ThIs dOeSnT mAkE aNy SeNsE!" And I have to wonder if that due to people hearing the music but not truly listening to it OR it's just trolls being trolls. I suspect it's both. But to summarize my overall point... I think there's a lot of people that underestimate women as a whole as songwriters in Kpop, and it's a shame because they're every bit as capable and witty as their male counterparts. And it gets messy because things like that get dragged into fanwars instead of having a bigger conversation about creative control. Hopefully it changes in the future, as we have more girl groups debuting with idols who know how to write, although there's still a long way to go. I'm optimistic though.

    If you've written a song, you are generally considered to be a songwriter. Plain and simple. I'm not sure why people feel the need to discredit others by finding some weird argument that doesn't make sense at all. Even if you didn't write a lyric but you contributed to the song by laying down vocal melodies, that still counts, because your input is part of the end product. This is why a song can have multiple songwriters, it's not always just one person writing words down on paper, many people can be involved in the creation process.

    do you realize how special and unique Soyeon is?

    Very few GG members actually produce a song and it's a shame.

    And what's crazy about this too is, Soyeon gets hated on anyway from some people because of the role she plays. Even in the West, there aren't too many notable women that are music producers. So to see what Soyeon does at the level that it's being done at AND succeeding with flying colors, that's something to be respected. Especially in Kpop. G-Idle as a whole has three producers, but not every group can (or should) be like them, and I think that's perfectly fine.

    For me, I would love it if one of the Twice members wrote a title track, and I'd be hype if they also started going into the producer lane as well. I could see that being Dahyun or Jihyo (many members could, honestly), but the argument OP is making is crazy. Some of Twice's most popular songs are B-Sides written by a member. If title tracks were the only things that mattered, then there'd be no point in having albums.