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    Already see all the Aespa antis come out from nowhere dragging them on here and other social media platforms.

    Seeing the girls get dragged for Sm just throwing them out there with zero prep and zero care. People don't sing live on the floats, let alone try doing massive dances. The girls were obviously not prepared, extremely uncomfortable given their clothes in what would be freezing at the moment in NYC (their clothes hello?) and were told to perform Savage. Couldn't dance comfortably on what is a moving float in very tight conditions and the expectations is for them to perform like it's nothing? Totally disregarding the conditions they are in.

    People using this as a drag like "Aespa needs to work on stage presence or they need to do better" are honestly pathetic, They just performed infront of a live crowd last week Sk with absolutely zero issues. Sure just turn a blind eye to sm setting the girls up and blame them. Now am seeing people drag for song choice which again Aespa has absolutely zero control over. This whole situation is just sad. From Sm doing this to Aespa, Camera works and now all the antis using this as fuel for their hate.

    This is a rant but I think Sm really dropped the ball with promoting Aespa internationally and still are. I understand debut years are the most chaotic for debuts but it's also the most important in my opinion to growing a fan base.

    With the girls not allowed to use vlive (Since hybe acquired the platform), zero variety show type content on their YouTube like Sm does for Nct and they didn't come from a survival show format which seems to be really popular internationally. The girls only possible form of interaction to grow is Bubble which they use alot, But I feel like the platform is for more existing fans than creating new ones and targets Korean fans only. The girls seems like they really want to interact more but Sm gives them no alternatives to Vlive. They only did stream for huya (chinese platform) But then nothing for growing int Fandom. Am honestly happy that there is a international fanbase for Aespa even with how horribly sm promotes them.

    Sm gives bare minimum promotion cycle and content I feel like general international market hasn't really been exposed to the members. Heres a take but creating a youtube series or letting them stream on vlive honestly would attract more potential fans than putting them on Kelly show or Macy. I don't think the girls are lacking in entertainment or personality(has 1 fluent English member and all can speak at decent level), there's just no content for them to potentially go viral from fan clips on youtube etc with English fans. Winter alone just from Knowing Brother gotten over 25mil views in total from all the clips which was some weeks ago. But the fan clips are all in Korean and there just isn't anywhere near the same amount of content for potential international fans.

    TLDR Sm seriously needs to do better, it's like following a group who been out for years rather than literally rookies with how sm promotes them.

    Since OP like numbers I took quick look on youtube- Use winter hangul name and search by views on their knowing brother.

    1.random clip with 6.4m views-All Korean comments

    2. 20 sec clip of winter explaining her upbringing being from a military household 2.5m views

    3.showing off her odd talents 2.1m views highlights 2mil views and trended number one on KR youtube

    5.Winter singing which alot of Koreans are praising as the best idol singer since Iu/Taeyeon

    6.hell check for urself search her hangul name on youtube shes literally viral in Kr I link it for you

    Note this is literally from a episode that came out just LAST WEEK and are full of Korean comments+many more videos with alot of views.

    As a Korean American I think OP doesn't understand that ratings for these shows target audience is mainly a lot older demographic. The cast and feel of the show is all on the older side of things at least for Koreans. Which shows with trot singers/older actors/celebs having far better ratings hell Jyp park jin young has better ratings than every other kpop act. This would be like going to the average American household and be surprised that the parents/grand parents aren't watching Justin Bieber on a variety show. People seem to use GP or ratings for these shows to drag groups but in this day and age youtube is far more consumable than sitting and watching a tv show, does it really matter that 40/50/60 year olds aren't watching your idols?? Skim a few comments on youtube and I find a lot koreans just don't watch these variety shows but rather watch clips.

    Is there really no public interest in Aespa as a group (bearing in mind their success on Kr melon has been insane) when sub 1 min clips are getting millions of views while not even being a year old group and haven't been on much variety shows? No there defiantly is a lot of buzz around Aespa in Korea. Karina and Winter especially just off few comments I looked through, people saying they aren't interested in Kpop but are fans of them. Their recent encore with 1.7m views Giselle and NingNing are getting a ton of praise and reconigition for their singing