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    Please do not speak to me.

    first of all, sorry to ves for going off-topic with the intent of this thread but you IGNORED me when quoted you telling you that what you said is rude regardless of the intent. I did not accuse you of being racist in any way, i simply stated the truth.

    what you're doing rn, is twisting OUR words. we wanted you to admit your wrongdoings and move on. but instead, you chose to continue to push your argument and even admitted to being the way you are, and are now trying to accuse us of something after other users informed you of why saying that word is rude and harmful.

    i don't think its appropriate that you're saying things like this when you're basically making the situation worse for yourself. if you feel that being called racist isn't appropriate and you aren't understanding why people are, then try to.

    It's obvious what you're doing and vile.

    I’m sorry, Ves, for going off topic as well. But, I also want to clear this up that no one was making that your personality trait. Even unintentionally, whatever you said still counts as a slur and people tried to educate you on that matter as well. Yet, you still tried to push the argument as well while admitting that you meant it as an insult (though you may have not intended to be racist), but regardless it was still a racist statement. You should’ve just realized that you were in fact at fault and apologized for your ignorance rather than pushing it. Again, no one was there to attack your personality or character— nor do I intend to remember you as such person, it was response to your behaviour.

    The user in question directly accused me of intentional racist abuse. Don't speak. Mods will make a decision.

    I am unsure what you are talking about. Have you reported the post? Is it a thread?

    Yes and started a conversation with a moderator but not sure how that works for this stuff.

    Basically some months back I called Stray Kids mutts or Stray Mutts or something like that. A common insult since SK antis call them things like Stray Dogs, yard dogs, Stray Mutts, etc based on the fact its demeaning and play on the Stray in their name. It's pretty common on twt and what not.

    Not exactly a proud moment for me, but it is what it is. I think I may have even been warned for it in the past.

    Now based on that several users are knowingly twisting my words and amusing me of knowingly racially abusing the group...some fucking how. Based on a supposed slur I only learned about today that isn't even widely known slur. I explained myself yet am persistently being pained as a racist.

    A hater or anti yes. Immature, troll, piece of shit, etc you can call me any of those based on what I typed! But racist? He'll no. This needs action. It's such a severe label.

    Being falsely accused of racism without any actual citations of me doing anything racist. This is wholly and totally not right.

    How can it be allowed to knowingly attempt to destroy a user rep based on falsely manipulating someone's words to mean something they had 0 knowledge of?

    This is vile, one of the worst things I've seen here. Can something be done about it? Even a verbal warning? It's atrocious.

    And yet this 'sold more in a week' has less sales, interesting. Didn't your fandom learn to shut their mouths when you got the big ratio?

    Idk guys, I can still find a seller on shopee with 279 More&More in stock... I haven't asked this one if they are certified by hanteo or gaon but I have indeed bought from them before. I should prolly just shut my mouth because I never pre order from oficial sites.

    Yes, you will find some smaller sellers or local sellers with the album, like the one's on Shopee and such a lot are not part of TWICE's official distribution chain so mass availability is very low.

    Looking at actual major sellers where the vast majority of fans buy the stock has been pretty much gone for 6 months to a year now. it's no longer available for purchase.

    Ktown4U is sold out. is sold out.

    Official Amazon sold out.

    Target no longer available for purchase.

    Synnara is sold out.

    Yesasia no longer available for purchase.

    TowerRecords Japan select store pick up pending stock(jyp printing)

    HMV Japan sold out.

    That's essentially every major Kpop retailer not having stock for, in some cases, over a year. Having a small amount of availability on resellers is one thing, all groups 'sold out' albums have this. Having no stock in the biggest official Kpop retailers in the world is a whole different story.

    If people want to say why would a profit-seeking company limit certain groups I don't think it's about intentionally keeping them down (excluding some very specific circumstances), more that finite resources exist within a company and you naturally fall down the pecking order in kpop unless you're incredibly anomalous (I'd make an argument Twice are and it's one of the reasons I fundamentally disagree with how Twice are managed, but JYPE don't see it that way clearly so it's not sabotage in their minds).

    The whole thing sums it up well. But this is a part I want to make a separate point on, at least an opinion from how I see it.

    I think the issue has always stemmed from the fact that Jyp Entertainment have not always given the impression that they fully realise how much of an outlier TWICE is to the company, and that they believe they can indeed replicate what they have with TWICE.

    I think Niziu is a good example of this. Ever since they were conceived the priority for TWICE in Japan fell far far below them. Look at how much Jyp invest in Nizui in that country and yes it had great results early on and that likely gave the company a huge boost in confidence that they could essentially play money ball with TWICE.

    But like a year later and the Feels is charting better than Chopsticks and their debut album sold like 200k, far short of the 600-700 investor predictions. That should tell Jyp how much of an outlier TWICE are. They are not an easily discardable group and certainly not replaceable.

    Sure if it was new issue but this shit is going for almost two years, how long can people say "different divisions", it's the same fk company and after that much time they should step in and do smth, but we all know it's intentional so they won't. :)

    That has become an automatic response for a lot of ONCE.

    When Scientist got basically 0 Korean variety, bad promo in the US, no promo for the Feels in Japan, no ability to buy Scientist digital single in the US, albums all sold out for months on TWICE shop, ONCE buying their own Youtube and Instagram ad's and so much more.

    Everyone just say's 'it's the division' like that is any better. Incompetence is still incompetence.

    Page Two with the cover designed by Chaeyoung, signed by Chaeyoung

    Or Twicecoaster Lane 1 : Christmas version, sealed and in mint condition

    Came here to say the same thing. The Chaeng cover is what I'm after but.

    I got the Xmas Lane 1 in late 2017 sealed but opened it as soon as it arrived.

    1 thing I want and would shave my brows and head for isn't an album, but a full set of the Superstar cards, that's pretty much not possible to get at all anymore.