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    And why df would they focus on eunseo? Shes not an idol nor was trying to be one... which might i remind you is the ONLY reason Garam is even getting any of this hate and why any of you are defending her :pepe-shame: y'all are hypocrites my god... so its ok for knetz to drag someone else for shit they did at 12 so long as it isnt the minor youre supporting? neither deserve the brunt of knetz hate and wanting to direct knetz to someone else who didnt start this entire sequence of events and is just keeping low is weirdo behaviour :pepewhat:i would understand holding her accountable to an extent if she tried from the start to target Garam by making accusations against her but thats not what happened...

    ... eunseo is not the one who started the accusations against Garam, a third party did then a commentator doxxed YES claiming she was the one who did so... this led to garam stans harassing YES which resulted in her attempting suicide and her parents hiring a lawfirm.

    Nah it's that you all choose to focus SOLELY on Garam, acting as if the situation is completely black and white. As if Garam did these things unprovoked, without reason, because she's a terrible bully. I don't even support Garam like that but you all see what you want to see so you can continue to hate on a 16 year old girl and somehow feel justified in doing so. I'm an adult so I'm not going to do that. She was already punished by her school, she paid the consequences for her choices. She also paid for them again when Hybe kicked her out. She's attempting to reveal the entire truth so she can have as normal of a future as possible. However, you all continue to vilify her as if she's the absolute worst FORMER idol in the industry. Talk about hypocrites, take a look in the mirror. At some point, you have to acknowledge that Eunseo played a large part in all of this.

    My thing is, why didn't those girls report her?

    They should have reported her to the school. It's weird to me that they didn't? Like when Garam had her case opened, someone should have also requested a case be opened for Eunseo. That was their biggest mistake.

    I'm pretty sure Eunseo did have a case open and got level 8 disposition (school transfer I believe). She switched schools before it went into effect though so it wasn't really a repercussion in the end.

    I never said they don't deliver good music. Nobody wanting to check out a not known group isn't the problem too. People are free to listen to whatever they want and they are free to not listen too.

    The topic about "they're the only group right now releasing good music" isn't on topic with what this thread tried to imply.

    I've seen like at least ten users today say things like "the bop we've been waiting for all summer" "NewJeans actually cares about the music" and I agree that their songs are good but there are a lot of other groups with great songs too. So claims like that are irritating. People are free to listen to whatever they want but we're also free to call out the hypocrisy.

    Omg, is this the nugu assembly?? :wow:

    Btw some using this thread to discredit big4 groups for what? Music? What you find amazing, others don't, but don't try to claim as if big4 don't deliver good music :|

    You can't expect others to give a chance to less known groups just bc you like their music, it's a sad reality, but no need to act so hurt just bc a group is receiving good ATTENTION when in the end every idol works hard to debut. Being from a small company is obviously more difficult, but not sufficient for me to just slander a bunch of idols from big4 over petty feelings.

    the problem with this is that groups that AREN'T from the big 4 DO deliver good music but no one wants to check it out. then a group from the big 4 releases a good song and then we hear the claims "they're the only group right now that is releasing good music"

    and the level of the punishment is so high

    This is the part I can't figure out. I see people referencing this but it was stated that it varies school to school. A level 5 punishment at her school isn't necessarily as bad as a level 5 at another school. Unless there's something I'm missing, idk why you guys keep using that as some sort of definitive proof.

    "The committee gave [Kim Garam] 'degree 5' punishment even though there was no physical violence involved. The School Violence Countermeasures Committee is not comprised of a legal court, but rather comprised of faculty members of a school, and therefore the committee's decisions vary per school based on the school's region, and also per presiding committee chairs."

    Not defending her but I don't know why everyone ignores this.

    I've always liked Giselle and never questioned her role in aespa. I won't deny she has things that add to the group but at the end of the day, a large part of their job is to perform. I'll always defend aespa when they're being treated unfairly, I'm literally a MY. But I will say that after seeing the stage the other day, it's hard to defend that. Any criticism about her dancing isn't unwarranted. However, people saying she's untalented or useless to the group :pepe-cut: