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    WOW THAT'S CRAZY !!!!!

    sh&hs's bars are insane !!!

    I think our last CB had only 20k pre-orders from China right ??... Huge improvement 😍😍




    BTW.... Does anyone know when is belift going to drop the total pre orders ??

    Twitter stans are a mess for every fandom not only your fandom. I try to keep away from every kind of fandom war but since I have EngeneMoa friends I seen it. The fact that you guys planning the fancall talk and not letting people just bury the issue. Honestly the answer for the last part is I don’t know. Maybe the fact that some users are heavy on talking bad about other groups. (My fandom is the same too, don’t get me wrong and I’m not saying all Engene are like that, but these users do exist). Maybe Enhypen antis make the issue bigger so it’s viral in turn Enhypen fans who defending them in the wrong way: by attacking others and it’s just keep going. I wish there would be a peace between our fandoms on twitter, it’s really tiring. We don’t need to be friends but just keep out of each other’s way.


    I know !!!... Both twitter & tiktok are real mess !!! But unfortunately they have became the most important platforms that we can't ignore anymore !!

    We truly don't hate txt nor any grp else !! But antis made the whole situation as a trash !!! Ofc !! Engene aren't an angel fandom either !! But kpopers just won't stop dragging our boys !!

    We were already silent for two days now !! But the whole situation is going out of our hands now !! normally..we will be worried about our precious boys !! Especially that they are all very active here on twt !!... We have no other solution but only proving that enha isn't the only grp joking abt weigh !!... I'm sorry... But that's the only way for making antis leaving us alone for a little !!!!

    ah right.... Sending death messages to 16y/o is the solution to solve the problem ??? need for excuses cuz that what are the lost of kpopers doing now !!!... They literally don't care about SN but only catching the golden chance for dragging enhypen !!

    Y'all keep saying that txt haven't the same situation & that Moas weren't calm abt it and tried to educate them& they really have learnt from their mistake...&that y'all know how much the members love each other and blah blah blah....

    Actually.. That's what engenes want to say !!!!... It's not like we're ignoring the issue !!! We already decided to talk to them via wv&fancalls just like u guys did and mostly not !!!!


    funny how ppl here saying that it's only a joke with other groups and that they know they love&protect each other !!!

    Truly hilarious...making it looks like enha have 0 dynamics !!.. Lol.... In this case... Then even enha always do their best to protect SN.....sunoo himselt said that every time SH go for chopping... He always bring food (or his fav ice-cream) with him !! u really think that he will do that if he's bullying SN ???... And no need for saying "Nah... No one called him this way and blah blah blah..and we know that enha aren't the only group huhuhu"...go and check twitter first !! ....all the kpopies are making this way !!! Avoiding all the threads of enha's great relationship and only focusing on those pics that most of them are out of context !!!.... Oh... Something is weird.... Why nobody talked about SN saying in the previous live that he's really satisfied with his weight ???... Did Y'all forget it ???




    Anyway... It's really ridiculous seeing ppl on twt trying their best to protect their faves from these joke that are totally similar to enha's issue.... But enha are still the worst no matter what !!


    He clearly does or otherwise he wouldn't be happy to loose 0.002 kg while looking totally okay. He already confessed how he's not satisfied with his eating habits since he eats "too much". But yeah, their jokes totally won't affect him at all.

    Then also when female idols like Liz are getting hate and not eating while her members do and clearly looking sad, we should all dismiss it since it's okay there.

    Them not realizing the issue will keep eating disorders in idol industry happening. I thought gg stans would realize it more, but I guess I expected too much from kpop stans

    Hmmmmm.... Did u watch the last vlive???? Cuz what sn said was that he's really satisfied with his weight unlike this article that I don't really know the date of its release!!

    (I have the tweet that translated what sn said but unfortunately... It's with another language... If u can translate them I will give u the link)

    Oh... Honey..... Write our fandom's name right first and then come and speaks abt the members' relationship-----uh???

    Wait.... U don't even know who's the leader?????!!!!... OMG.... U should atleast lie to make ur comment as a personal opinion..... U just made it a trash!!!

    &and now talking generally....aren't y'all aware that enha always joke around each other this way&not only toward Sunoo??? "&why is it always Sunoo who looks like the only victim??" that's the Q y'all thinking abt right??.. Simple answer!!!... Non of the others' member fans loves the drama and making their fave look so poor but only SN's ones!!!

    Need an example???... OK then...

    In one of enha's episodes...jay was also described as a fat person... They even made a filter of the room shaking after he jumped!!! And yeah... All the members were laughing so hard on him &having so much fun by teasing him (ohhh!!! Sunoo was one of them too!!!... So by ur logic of calling the leader out for laughing then SN is another bully guy too!??!!!)

    And also Sunghoon!!!.... I literally can't remember how many times they teased him for his faults in speaking & getting timid around others!!!....and much much more

    Do u really think that if theses stuffs happened to Sunoo instead.... Will the fans be calm as others?? May.. The twitter will be upside down again!!!

    So.... Do u finally understand who's the first reason of this drama now????

    OK... OK.. OK... Another episode of baragies' drama kingdom~like...aren't y'all tired of making ur fave looks this miserable while he said for million times in vlives to stop thinking this way??...yeah?!!..he said it... He said he is really strong and never been weak!!!..CLEARLY!!!!



    And now... Away from the topic being sensitive or not..... Aren't y'all aware that all the K-pop groups has done that before to their co-members for at least once????... But non of kpopers was angry though??... Y'all laughted and went like"ahahahahh...he called him a pig hahahha funny" (&and yeah.... There are many idols who really said that but nothing happened) ..BUT enhypen? NAHHH... F**K THEM!!! ...seriously???


    .And talking abt the topic now... Me as a person I found kinda rude for my culture!!! But not in Korea!!!... For ex:if any one dare to call me a dog I swear god I will slap with all the power I hold where he won't be able to move his neck for the whole week!!!! But in K-pop??... It's literally an official emoji for alots of idols!!??... And don't ever dare to LIE and said it's normal to compare someone to an animal for I-cultures....cuz it's a hella NOOOo!!!...but still... Y'all accepted the k-culture and started to call ur faves by a dog... Penguin... Pig... Fish??.... THEN y'all are another f***king bullies!!!! Right???

    SN said it for multiple times that he lives his members but all of y'all turned blind saying he's only pretending!! But also... When he show no sensitive reaction about what nk & sh said... He's again pretending??? That's kinda funny

    And talking about sunghoon topic..... Aren't y'all aware that it's Sunoo who talked about it first while laughing so hard???... Like seriously!!! Do u really think he will mention sh &this sensitive words all of sudden because he got hurted??? Really???? For me... There's only 2reasons for that...

    1: talking about it as a funny memory that he remembered where he really had fun!!

    2: he's enjoying the victim card that his solos is giving.... and want sh to get hated!!

    The 2nd one is literally impossible.... Cuz there are no reason for getting jealous when enha is the most balanced group out of 4th gen bgs!!!

    And's impossible for mentioning that after him getting really sad!!!... Cuz a normal person who get hurt from a sensitive topic... He will surely try his best to avoid it,forget it,&never ever remember it again!!!... But Sunoo??? He just laught abt it as much as he can!!!

    And that's another proof showing how much stupid is ur drama!!!


    So a 10-months old group sold 910k pre-order in just 20 days??? And there's still 4 days left for pre-orders!!! This is insaneeeeeeee I'm so proud of my boys😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    BTW.....will belift update about the final pre-orders sales??? Cause I already see them breaking skz record...the gap is only 20k they can even catch with ktwon4u sales only~ :wellr:

    The mood board shows a bit of how the concept and the vibe of the pics will look like. Here was the mood board for B: Carnival, Hype version: is that the moodboard concept?!!! So interesting ~~

    So...they may put scylla photo on scylla ver's concept moodboard :whatr::omgr:



    .BTW....I have another question....on the promotion calender there was "a concept film"...I was curious about it so i searched on B:C series and I found some short teasers with few seconds for each member in every was the concept films for the past album right? (Correct if I'm wrong)

    .....if it's so then I think things will change with this comeback... especially that we're having a teaser for each concept film and it will be SO SO WEIRD if they will realise a teaser for another short vid...that's why I think the methode will be kinda different this time.... how do u think??:whatr: