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    Lol what? And why is Korea spaced out with dash marks? Girlies careers after being idols literally ONLY reside in SK where 90% of their fandom is. There is nothing wrong with a group having more Korean fans to international because where do you think the cf, brand deals, and acting gigs will be coming from? Hybe/ador has the means to schedule international events for NJ when they get their popularity up overseas because there WILL be demand, trust me, especially in North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia as long as they keep this momentum. And why does anyone in their right mind believe that kpop needs to seperate itself from its home country to last? I’ve seen your comments about that and it never made sense to me. Korean pop music has survived before globalization and will continue to do so within the country regardless of kpoppies desperately trying to force diversify it 🤣


    Make no sense whatsoever to start groups that will rival your own groups… but whatever… at least this one is for Japan.

    From a business standpoint, it makes sense but other than that it’s sort of moronic if we’re being honest as if the group plans to go global, they’ll be on Korean platforms similar to xg competing with Korean groups in Korea and the international market. If people start favoring those jpop groups more, Korean companies sure will be in a pickle as the industry depends more on foreign currency because the market outputs more than it can chew and less Koreans are becoming interested in idols. The Japanese market will benefit and more foreigners will be interested in Japanese music which failed to have the same type of following as its Korean counterpart which does absolutely nothing for hallyu.


    I'll be personally pleased to see their market collapsing. It won't happen overnight because they have a fairly big and wealth population, but will happen eventually, good riddance

    Seems like a them problem now lol. Thing is, they’re trying to compete against kpop groups with the koreanized ones like jo1, niziu, ini, hybe Japan, and etc in collaboration with Korean companies but those are simply collaborations and not done on their own accord which means they still don’t think it’s necessary to actually compete. Without Korean intervention things would be going 2x as slow. People like sky hi with his group be-first are trying to change the Japanese idol scene but that means the whole industry who have to be on board but it’s ran by old stubborn men so…:pepe-shrug:

    This is what jpop fans and Japanese people don’t understand. Even America with the largest music and film industry has been exporting their soft power for decades despite being able to support themselves lmfao. This is why the Japanese film/drama and music industry is collapsing on itself. They were told years ago to stop being so prideful with making money only in the domestic market, but to eventually expand out as there are overseas fans waiting to consume content and their birth rates aren’t looking so hot right now which means the economy is in jeopardy. I understand the concept of wanting to cater and make things for them and by them, but that’s not reality right now. Nobody but to blame but themselves at this point if they get to the point of no return. Let this be a wake up call to them :pepe-tea:

    It was the youth with youth and Chuang Chinese idol survival show series where kpoppies declared cpop idols/trainees were better than their Korean counterparts in everything when we know that’s false on average by simply looking at China’s domestic idols lol. They have the population but not the infrastructure in place.

    It honestly doesn’t take a hardcore bp stan and rocket scientist to see that there is some disconnection in the group in terms of continuing idol activities lol. Based off their actions and responses during interviews, you can obviously see that the passion isn’t there like that anymore. Wouldn’t put it past me if a while back bp and yge came to a mutual agreement to lay off the idol work for work outside of that domain but blinks ran with the narrative that yge is holding them back. To think that they don’t have any say in what they do despite being in a contract and the company’s money maker is dumb. And who tf wants to work harder and not smarter especially if the work they’re doing isn’t their passion? :pepe-use-head: :pepe-tea:

    Lol what loss will everglow have if they lose Yiren? She was a visual and really nothing more besides being one of the most popular members which revolved around once again, her visuals. Koreans might not have as much of an issue being interested in the group if she’s gone but still being under a Korean branch of a Chinese company is an issue. If they find another Korean company with no Chinese affiliation, EG can actually see some fame for once in Korea. Koreans aren’t dealing with Chinese kpop idols anymore due to political, historical, and cultural clashing. Seems like a lot of kpop fans love to look at things from an emotional and not logical standpoint. I say good riddance… :pepe-tea:

    Wouldn’t kim miso be the first morrocan to debut in Korea?

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    We're talking about facts, not what ifs. No non-Korean national can ever become an It girl or boy (maybe a Korean-American or Korean-Australian, but definitely not a person of different Asian descent).

    I mean you’re kind of right though. There has never been a non Korean IT girl or boy to my knowledge. Being foreign will hold both of them back, but people continue to throw around the IT title so loosely applying it to idols who aren’t actually IT as it’s not only determined by viral fancams but selling power and influence. Right now the only IT girl is Wonyoung lol

    They are Korean group after all mostly making money in Korea, no matter how the fans still denying the importance

    This is what they don’t get 😂 Saying how the Korean market isn’t important is a coping mechanism and projection. Don’t know how many kpoppies I’ve seen dismiss the Korean market for overseas markets when they’re stanning a KOREAN group who’s initial target market even if they’re leaning more towards an international audience is KOREAN hence the songs being sung in KOREAN. Make it make sense.

    and some people said that domestic popularity doesn't important. Well, this guy proves them wrong

    People who continue to say this are stupid and probably stan groups who have little to no domestic fans and are worrying about their favs futures lol. Losing the Korean market as a musical act based in Korea is a “mission failed”.

    I never connected them to yg though? sry to say this o straight forward, but, are ppl dumb?

    Literally everyone and their mom was because of the company’s logo baring some sort of resemblance to YG (both having G and black and white colors) and the practice room they were using smh lol. Yge denied having relations with the company xgalx and group but the rumors of them being ygngg is still spreading around. Some still think they’re a kpop group and not a jpop/global group. So yes people

    especially kpoppies are dumb as it’s nothing new :pepestare:

    I think you all have a misunderstanding of the group/company. its clearly said that xg is a global group, not a jpop or kpop group. its the reason they sing fully in english and not japanese or korean. so I think promoting only on social media is for them to make a mark globally. I think their yt views were really good for a new group. better than most new kpop groups to be honest. they hit 13mio views in only 1 month, thats great. some established kpop groups dont get nearly as many views on a music video. if you want to reach a global fanbase its only natural to promote on social media only, if you ask me.

    Clout chasing using yg’s name and kpoppies still not connecting the dots is what catapulted them to that point if we’re being honest lol. You don’t know how many people still think they’re yg’s new gg. Without that yg “connection” it would have been twice as hard to get the amount of views they were getting with under 300k subs. Of course they’re also using ads.

    This comment under the allkpop post explained it perfectly and I agree. People will take it as a hate comment but I wasn’t the one who made it so…lol.

    “Myao is a huge I don't know if that's even a word but she's just as obsessed with Korea as some English people are obsessed with Japan ... maybe even moreso.

    I can only imagine that working against her in both countries. She lost a lot of fans in AKB because of it and she's not even popular in her own group. Plus her divided loyalties between Japan and Korea might cripple any meaningful success there (She admits she isn't staying and will return to Japan). She also has her age and aging looks working against her in an industry that is all about age and looks.

    She's very talented, but I think also a bit ... disillusional. I mean she does have a rose colored view of Korea and being a bit narcissistic doesn't help.

    She has spent the best parts of her life (15-29, nearly her entire twenties!) under the shelter of HoriPro. I think she's in for a shock when she quits. If not for HoriPro pushing for her knowing she's a I don't think she'd even have appeared on Produce48. The AKB name will carry her, but probably not very far. It'll hurt even more after a few years with little-mild success and returning thinking she can just carry-on in Japan as usual.

    She's going to end up working at a restaurant or a Konbini like so many other x48 girls who thought if they went solo they'd find big success.”