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    no matter how much you twist and turn it, nobody comes close to bts & what they have achieved.

    That’s definitely not correct. In music industry, BTS is the biggest artist NOW, but DBSK, BB, EXO were also BIGGEST at their time. BTS achieved the most at this time but 10 years ago, DBSK achieved biggest at their time. So they should have been deserved exemption. And that’s how controversy happened. I don’t want to mention other fields like movies, art, … because BTS can’t compare to other artists, actors. Any actors who acted on Parasite should be the one deserved exemption, they won Academy award, not fan vote awards.

    I'm not gonna discuss other country's laws. Whether they go or not isn't my business.

    However, the statement that you made "The only reason BTS is given it today is because politics deemed it something that can benefit them for today's younger generation of voting public." is something i don't agree with at all.

    BTS's impact is the sole reason why they are being so heavily considered. And none of the groups you mentioned have that impact. So no, they didn't earn this as much as BTS.

    The fact that there wasn't even a discussion about exemption when others enlisted is enough proof.

    However, military exemption can’t be just be judged by government. It is the law and they have a system to determine who are deserved for exemption and how it applies to everyone. The same for sport, maybe they require certain award in music for exemption. I can see something like BTS got a Grammy may sound more reasonable. There was a discussion from military about No.1 BB and how they found the achievements doesn’t sound good enough for exemption, considering how their No.1 was funded by oversea fan to bulk buy their music in the US.

    Back in 2019, superM can score an inorganic No.1 B200, so are they deserved for exemption? Back to now, BTS score No.1 BB100 with fan manipulation sale, got heaps of backlash from media. Very similar story with SuperM in 2019.

    Also, Culture impact/ economic contribution doesn’t sound like a proper requirement. Bigbang, EXO, DBSK and many Korean actors led the way for first and second Korean wave, they should deserve the exemption as well, but they did not. The first and second wave helped Kpop spread through Asian, it was a huge achievement 10 years ago. Economic contribution also controversial, if BTS contribute to SK economy, how about CEO of big SK companies? Samsung LG CEO, director , creative team also contributed to SK economy, should they be deserved exemption?

    They are soon in their 30s, their sound needs to change. Also, Fancy and FS already happened, you can’t turn back in time. FS sound more like their old concept, but still not really successful. So why not try in the West?

    2NE1's biggest songs were bigger than anything Miss A did really, and overall did better digitally than the Wonder Girls as far as career average. 2NE1 has a few songs that still stay in the Melon 1000 or regularly re-enter. Miss A and Wonder Girls usually don't. Shows how well the hits aged.

    2NE1 also was the only girl group that did extremely well with b-sides.

    They are paid dust be the people on this forum.

    No, WG overall is bigger than 2NE1, WG had 3 national hits before 2010, while Goan started in 2010.

    Same here. But it's as I said over the past couple weeks: BTS's strength has never been Melon top 10, it's the ability to just outlast that sets them apart from other groups. As of now, no group has more than 2 songs that have charted for more than a year on Gaon (BP, OMG, TWICE, W1); BTS has 7.

    I said the same thing like this few weeks ago and The fans still in denial. BTS longevity in top 10 is not that great

    MelOn account without phone number is not allowing you to stream song

    This remix should be the version sent to the radio and promoted on big playlists, the original one just too boring. Meghan part really made the song more enjoyable. BTS may need more female vocal on their song. The remix came out too late and could not change much to the bad chart performance of the original one on streaming sites.

    Which English songs by Kpop artists are getting the playlisting you're talking about? Even Butter was subpar for how big BTS is on Spotify, granted because they're not officially signed.

    BTS Butter was on the today top hits for months, same with PTD. BTS Has 2 songs on Today top hits , even the Butter remix (which stream decline despite of jus 1 week release) still on today top hits playlist.

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    NL gained more YouTube stream than Dynamite in its 16th weeks without a comeback? That’s crazy.

    And also BB and their shooters can suck it. Chart manipulators continue your shit. I can’t believe 1.2B just from US. I wonder what’s the number worldwide

    And Butter and PTS stream in the US is on the way out of top 200 US Spotify chart. I don’t understand why army’s are still in denier. BB has the right to call out the issue, they did the same for everyone. BB has given BTS a pass for Dynamite but fans has been manipulating more aggressively with Butter, while the streams kept going downhills.