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    If going by precedents, I think BTS is like ABBA.

    They definitely brought Swedish music industry into prominence, that even Kpop often gets production done there.

    But that's not going to make Swedish music prominent and growing successful.

    Like with Korea, the population limits the market.

    Sure future there maybe few more prominent acts, but this might be the peak, after which Kpop will be a part of Western allied industry, and not very distinctive.

    More about business, production,

    More "Behind The Scenes" than "BTS" ☺️

    If the precedent repeats.

    More likely

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    IU and a bunch of acts paying filial duty to KPop's Domesticist and turning inward

    That is a nice picture.. do you know who all are paying filial duty? I see Twice, Seventeen.. who else?

    Other than Laboum, no one yet

    Laboum's win, was a freak event due to that marketing plan. While an interesting event, not even Laboum will think they have won over IU. At least they ought not to.

    Still that is all you have got, in your unremitting quest against IU.

    But I do like her as the 'Sphinx' - the inexplicable phenomenon in Kpop,

    Idol groups dominate K-pop, IU is the exception.

    Super successful Korean soloists are not K-pop, IU is the exception.

    Sure there are other successful soloists in Kpop, yet she out-charts them significantly.

    So the "Sphinx"

    You are still at this.. ?

    Wiz*ones are spending the money they collected for Parallel Universe on her and Eunbi.

    Her being the next IU depends, can the Wiz*ones remain organized behind her -doubtful since there are other ex-IZ*ONEs, become something like BLINKs.

    OR she getting the immense love of GP, like IU has.

    Too early to say either way.

    How are her digital ULs? if good, then there is potential.

    LHW's career actually stalled .

    CWS didn't become prominent until many years later.

    JKY is just remembered as the guy who beat IU in My Mister, 4 years after he had starred in her music videos.

    CWS got Actor of the Year in 2014, same year as he featured in IU MV.

    You got to make up your mind - does IU cause careers to stall or gets overwhelmed by later popularity. Just that there are such variations, itself means that she alone is neither a jinx or a lucky charm, but just yet another project in an actor/model's career.

    It is one thing to analyze her impact on the industry with historical comparisons, that actually does bring some good perspectives.

    But these kind of pop-psychology crap, gets boring.

    She prefers no name actors since the actor should not overwhelm her.


    Park Bo Young, Choi Woo Shik, Lee Hyun Woo - were already well known by the time they acted in IU's MVs.

    And you are going to compare an Ad CF, with an MV, to fuel your nonsensical theories.

    And if unknown, associating with IU, might give them a big boost in terms of visibility. Jan Ki Yong is an example of that.

    How many times has IU won MAMA SOTY lol. Why are we all talking about IU like she has a chance to win. Award shows will give it to an idol group. At most IU will get gaon song of the month.

    MAMA no, but are you aware that she has won Daesangs at MMA and GDA?

    Here is a list,

    🏆Song of The Year "Good Day" (MMA 2011)

    🏆Song of The Year "Good Day" (KMA 2012)

    🏆Artist of The Year (CDMA 2011)

    🏆Artist of The Year (MMA 2014)

    🏆Album of The Year "Palette" (MMA 2017)

    🏆Digital Daesang "Through The Night" (GDA 2018)

    🏆Digital Daesang "Blueming" (GDA 2021)

    Wherever digitals are larger part of the scoring, IU is a major contender.

    It is physicals and votes that are fandom driven, taken by idol groups.

    But agreed, it makes better business sense for award ceremonies to focus on fandoms, that's where the money is.

    Im back to thinking the song will actually be in english.

    Though I don't think it is worth it, and if she tries, then it needs a vehicle like how Titanic was for Celine Dion.

    I am wondering how Hotel Del Luna is doing in Netflix US. If its doing well, then that might open up the audience for her, as it did in many Asian countries.

    And a "moon" themed English Song, with HDL vibes might be her testing the waters.

    Anyway we will see.


    I think many who express this opinion about IU are amateur fakers, who think having that opinion makes them into some sort of experts or superior taste in music.

    But actually it only shows how shallow their understanding is. OR more likely that they have heard couple of her songs and went with this rumour.

    IU's body of work is pretty good in its variety, as much as any mainstream soloist or even better in many cases.

    But anyway, her immense success makes these opinions irrelevant.

    Well define Kpop first?

    Is it by language, performers nationality, producers, or the registration of the label?

    Korean language songs will not succeed, barring an occasional viral hit.

    Korean-Americans are not enough of a market, like Latinos.

    English language songs - sung by Koreans, produced by Korean owned labels can succeed, but will take time over a trajectory, but will result in Kpop losing most of whatever makes it distinctive.

    And it is not to be forgotten, that Kpop is itself of Western origins.

    Some what like baseball, while an occasional star baseball player from Korea will be admired and recruited into American teams - MLB, Americans aren't going to follow KBO league games on regular basis.