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    Yes, I really did. The main problem was that I didn't have any money and a job to live alone. I remember how I had to take a mortgage in order to live somehow the first several months. I found Mortgage Advisor Essex and here I was given that loan. Then the task was to find a job and earn some money during this several months. And I found the job. I had been working insanely hard to gain more money so that the half of my budget I could spend on clothing the mortgage and the second half I obviously saved for food, accomodation, etc. In conclusion I would say like that: it will be hard the first months but then everything is going to be much better, I promise!

    The presentation is very great. I would also like to work in such an office. I moved to Singapore two years ago, and I am working at an American Company that deals with transporting things, shortly logistics. They are renting a serviced office in Singapore. The offices are so small, but the range of the furniture is so great you don't even notice that it is small. Everything you will find in the office is related to our work, and the only things that are not related to the work are the PS4 and the table tennis that we have just for relieving some stress.