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    hello im new ig- i mean yeah i definitely am i just made this account-

    uh but yeah my name is Aliana or Ali uhhh my birthday was yesterday (exactly 1 hour and 36 minutes ago)

    i would prefer not to reveal my age on here cus i dont know if theres an age limit on here and yeah-

    uhh im Aliana on Kprofiles forums and xissunn on why is it censored-

    my pronouns are any but i mostly use she/her and im pansexual and genderfluid

    uh yeah if you want to know anything else just ask

    uhh acorn yes :akorns:

    oooo and melon :0 :melon_think:

    dang the devil emoji thing looks wack :evil:

    anyways uh yeah :pepe-clown-gear::pepe-hehe: