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    they intentionally have debt sharks to disenfranchise people and make them lower class. Its how a capitalist society works, they need someone at the bottom in order for others to thrive. People are barely having any kids in SK because they don't want to financially struggle and live lower class so this was one of the solutions.

    they want people to make a mistake financially. thats why they don't teach finances at secondary school. they want you to be ignorant and mess up so that you can be in debt too

    To anyone reading this, You're better off being poor than taking out any kind of fishy loan. This is a cautionary tale!


    As Chinese officials continue to enforce the world's harshest lockdown, terrifying videos have emerged of large green garbage bags loaded with cats and dogs.

    In this horrifying video, according to the Mirror UK, huge trash bags sit on the side of the road, with live cats moving around within.

    The video was first uploaded on Twitter, with the comment, "26 million people in lockdown in Shanghai."

    "People are committing suicide from their balconies and pets from people getting tested positive for #Covid are being collected to be killed and slaughtered in #Shanghai / #China This is pure evil!"

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    Another video from last week showed a healthcare worker thrashing a pet corgi after its owner tested positive for COVID.

    The CCP are using the pandemic as an excuse to be fascist. killing animals is not about anyone else's health or well being!! Imagine if this was happening to your own pet ;(

    Um not even? Bright is Eurasian (dunno, we've never seen his dad but OK, let's say he's white), it'd make sense that the characters playing his sister & mum are Eurasian. That's it. The rest are all Asian. His sister has appeared in like two episodes and his mum is the villain. The female lead is Asian, as is every other character (i.e. the rest of the F4) w) who are much more prominent than those 2 characters. So you definitely have a problem with maths.

    Two episodes? A blasian is lucky to even get one line. There is also Luke Ishikawa (hes bad at speaking thai and his acting is not good, gee i wonder why he was hired??? :S ) and Pansa Vosbein

    My point still stands. Eurasians are supported more. They'd never put 5-6 blasians in one single drama and deep down in your heart you know it.

    and they also hired two other white people to do the OST. yet why wasn't Tsunari hired to do one song? Why wasn't Samina hired? Why wasn't a southeast asian hired???

    Don't speak on equality and then proceed to act like other people are not getting the short end of the stick. Do you ever care to think what Thai people who aren't Eurasian or chinese feel?


    And maybe the reason they don't have Blasians is because there's not actually that many Blasians in Thailand, whereas there's actually quite a lot of Eurasians? Thought about that?

    this is the classic line upper-to-middle class chinese people in Southeast asian countries like to use in order to gaslight SEA people who question the mainstream imagery in entertainment being pushed atm.

    Here are the real facts.

    Eurasians and Blasians are BOTH minorities. Eurasians on average probably make up less than 1% of the total population. There are more Cambodian ethnics in Thailand than there are Eurasians yet thai cambodians are erased while Eurasians are over represented in relation to the actual population of the country while Blasians (also being a minority) are not over represented in the same way.


    Maybe you should go start/discuss threads about Cambodian/Vietnamese media instead of spending your time hating on Thai entertainment.

    I love thai entertainment even though i can't understand it :-)

    So 3 out of like...40 (number of listed roles on MyDramaList) now counts as "half the cast"

    ...yeah someone failed their math class...

    half the PROMINENT cast. stop misrepresenting my point by adding in irrelevant extras.

    when was the last time they put 3 Blasians in prominent roles in a single drama?

    its just sad what they are doing. one biracial mix is CLEARLY preferred over the other. They are at the top of the hierarchy while the other is at the bottom. and people like me get gaslighted by people saying "it isn't a problem".

    blah blah blah

    You did not respond to a single point i made (so imma just ignore yours too), you dodged racist (and eurocentric) claims you made about double eyelids only belonging to Europeans and simply went back to making more what aboutisms + demonizing korea :rolleyes:

    To accuse me of "being a self hating SEA" for having a positive view of Korea. Well if i am self hating then why i'm i speaking out against the eurocentric representation in Thailand that erases SEA? You don't make any sense. Its a classic case of "fake concern". You don't actually care about Southeast asians "being discriminated against" or issues relating to them at all. Because you already support people like Bright erasing them ffs.

    There is definitely an anti-asian agenda behind all the trolling you are doing because You say almost NOTHING about improving the Thai industry and what they can do about making their industry less eurocentric and promoting better representation of Dark skin/trans/femme men etc. Its all about hating Korea while endorsing Eurocentrism in another less developed asian country at the same time.

    Its so clear to me that you are not asian at all and want to gaslight me into hating other asians so badly, and i shouldn't even bother. Bye.

    PS: Korea does not directly impact Southeast Asia. ITS IRRELEVANT. Thats why i could care less about the nonsense you keep posting. Its nothing but emotional clickbait. The real enemy has always been China and Western powers.

    You’re obviously a self hating southeast asian person who think very highly of Koreans.

    Self hating? I'm trying to get better representation of Southeast Asians + better dark skin/trans/femme men representation. You don't even stan a dark southeast asian person. You stan a eurasian, so how can you talk as if you are making anything better?

    I respect korea for giving half blacks like Hyunmin the same chance they give their Eurasians (as well as not 2nd classing asian representation). Korea is not perfect, but they are trying. We can't say the same about the thai industry.


    Also most Koreans do not have natural double eye lids.

    But some do. As well as many other asian races. Still not going to admit you goofed saying double eyelids is a european feature? Every race can have them. Black/Indian/Latino. Its not a eurocentric feature at all, yet you claimed it to be???


    What’s not a good look is you defending Korea when Koreans think Southeast Asians are less attractive than them simply because of their skin color.

    I don't even have dark skin, so i don't know what to tell you other than you are stereotyping. My father was dark skin and my mother wasn't. Asians are diverse you know.

    I'm starting to suspect your real problem is you are an anti asian White supremacist and that you hate that i'm speaking out about the Eurasian over-representation harming Thailand. So you're basically doing all these what aboutisms toward Korea that don't benefit the SEA community at all.

    Its really sad how i figured your trolling

    How do I worship Eurasian actors?

    Your avi and sig says hi.


    Also since you keeping bringing up “Eurasian”, please do also realize many of these Korean actors you seem to be obsessed with have gotten plastic surgery such as double eyelid surgery to appear more Eurocentric.

    Imagine claiming white people are the only people with double eyelids. Thats not only racist but also false.

    Black people can have double eyelids. Native Americans can have double eyelids. Indians can have double eyelids. Even my yellow southeast asian self has double eyelids too. Even some Chinese and Japanese people have natural double eyelids. Its not a eurocentric feature at all. To assert that "it is a european feature" is white narcissism at best.

    The fact that you find nothing wrong with thailand essentially "2nd classing" asian representation in their own country is not a good look. Just saying.

    Uhhhh whether the top actors are mixed or not it doesn’t change the fact that the Korean industry also whitewashes many of their entertainers.

    they pick actors that ethnically reflect their population while Thailand erases their own. Huge difference. Don't downplay Eurocentrism just cause you worship Eurasian actors.

    the blackface and minstrel shows in thailand are much worse.

    I mean I would say I agree, but every Asian entertainment industry is guilty of whitewashing and pushing stereotypes. Korea included….

    Korea's top actors are not "all Eurasian" too. So Thailand is objectively worst.

    Just look at the F4 drama. Half of the cast are Eurasians (Bright, Maria, Cindy) that were used to portray rich people and they made the lead asian actress tan her skin darker to look "poor".

    we're living in an age where dark skin rich people exist. where educated dark skin people exist. and the majority of thailand's population is definitely NOT Eurasian. Its both wildly out of touch with reality and inaccurate.

    I would never sit through a thai drama and watch them punk Trans people, Dark people, and Femme/short men etc for "laughs". Instead, I'm gonna stand by them and call the industry out.

    lThai media is full of people from all backgrounds. Most foreign idols of all nationalities come from rich backgrounds, not just Thais.

    Sorry but thats a bunch of bs. I always see a lack of dark skin representation. Lack of Khmers, Mons, Burmese and many other ethnic minorities. Eurasians really dominate their media representation. Just look at their version of the F4 drama. Half the cast (Bright, Cindy, Marie) are white while the other half is chinese.

    No southeast asian natives to be found in the top ten most followed thai celebs either.


    Your response is already classified nonsense the moment you said Chinese are some sort of minority here that's 'only in the Bangkok area'. Thai Chinese have been a part of this country's core history from the very beginning. Try living outside the internet and travel in Thailand from North to South. You'll see that Thai Chinese are as common as seeing Italian Americans in New York. If there's no Thai Chinese, there's no Thailand as it exists today. Stop trying to invalidate our existence.

    i didn't invalidate your existence. I merely said that pure chinese/mixed chinese does not represent the majority in Thailand and that chinese people are East Asian by blood. If you are thai chinese, then you are mixed East asian then. A Tai person with no chinese blood can't be equated to a Thai Chinese person as East Asians are not native to Southeast Asia. Differences in labels and identity matter. Your identity is different than mine cause i have nothing but Southeast Asian in my dna (i was ALWAYS gaslighted by chinese people that someone like me didn't exist).


    Tais whom you claim are the majority also came from China originally, just a few centuries ago. Go to Northern/Northeastern Thailand and you'll see people with features you claim are 'not original Southeast Asians' despite having zero Chinese blood.

    i'm aware there are chinese passing ethnic SEA people. Some Filipinos and Korean people even mistook me for a Chinese person. Koreans/Japanese/Mongolians can be chinese passing too! :-)

    Also the Tais (like the Hmong) were driven out by chinese people. Its saddening how they continue to oppress them through neocolonialism


    You don't want to see 'real Southeast Asians'. You just want to see people that fits into your stereotypical views of what 'Southeast Asians' look like. So when a Thai person somehow don't look like your idea of brown skinned, double eyelid Southeast Asian, somehow we're not real.

    Well i am yellow skinned with double eyelids and i consider myself a real southeast asian because DNA testing confirmed that. Zero east asian blood :-)

    its just a known fact that the ones in the big 4 are chinese. Bambam/Lucas was mixed chinese and Lisa is Tai. I am saddened bighit did not keep Hanbin but it is what it is.


    what makes you think you're actually more qualified to speak on behalf of Thai people the Thai people ourselves? Go ask a Chinese NCTzen if they feel 'RePreSenTed by TeN'. Most of them would say "Isn't he Thai?" Ask a Thai person (or better yet Ten's family) himself if he's Thai or Chinese.

    i'm only calling a spade, a spade. Its not like i'm saying being chinese is bad. Thats just what he is. I see chinese people taking credit for him all the time, saying that the reason hes handsome is cause hes chinese and not SEA. Ten even says hes chinese, so i do not see the issue here.


    The reason you don't see pure Thais is because there's very few such people.

    there are pure southeast asian Thais. They may be mixed with different southeast asian ethnic tribes and still have no chinese blood. I know that Thai Chinese like to gaslight them out of existence because they somehow benefit from this erasure and rewriting of history.


    lol literally nobody asked for it. Instead of wanting 'the best for Tai people' - go deal with your own issues and stop your obsession with Thai idols. You literally comment on every thread about Thai idols, it's seriously creepy. :S

    Trust me. There are so many VOICELESS southeast asians in thailand who do not have the same privilege to go to fancy international schools to learn english like all the thai chinese. They can't speak for themselves on international platforms or advocate to have visible representation because they don't control their own economy/narrative/etc. Someone has to fight for their existence too dear. You obviously want to fight for the thai chinese, so let me fight for the southeast asians in thailand.

    Big Hit - Yorch's Korean is actually good so don't get a stroke when he actually debuts. James has identified himself as Thai-Chinese, but I guess you know him better than himself lol

    i'm pretty sure his "thai parent" is chinese by blood. and not southeast asian. Its mostly rich chinese who can afford to move out of the country and attend a international school. The regular tais are struggling due to wealth inequality.


    SM - Ten is Thai, as much as I or any other Thai. Try telling Thai-Chinese in Thailand that they're Chinese and see how well that goes you racist.

    Well he has no southeast asian blood, so i don't count him. Bambam is thai chinese (which means he can claim the southeast asian identity). Ten may be a "thai" national but the chinese will feel more represented by him.


    JYP - Nichkhun is still working at JYP. 2PM is still active.

    Really i didn't know. Hes been so irrelevant since his drinking and driving scandal.


    YG - Lisa is as Thai as any, and from what we've seen she's about to be joined by another Thai trainee for YGNGG soon.

    More like shes MORE thai than all the others. I feel so bad for her. To be the only southeast asian Thai ever to be given an opportunity to be in kpop (thankfully Tempest Hanbin is joining her) and yet east asian chinese people want to smudge her identity away :(

    It must be tiring to tell others constantly that people with southeast asian blood exists in thailand.


    maybe it's a bit too complicated for your IQ to comprehend, but there's no such thing as 'real Thai'. There's Thais of all heritage, from Tai, Chinese, Indian, Malays, Mon-Khmer, etc. It's been that way for centuries. All of them identify as Thai first - they were born, grew up in Thailand, speak Thai as their mother (and often only) language, have Thai nationality. If Ten or other Thai Chinese don't count as Thai then basically half the country and most of Bangkok are no longer Thai according to your logic

    Tais/Mon-Khmer are a majority (or at least a mixture of the two). The Indian population in Thailand is NON-EXISTENT. Malays (only 2-4 million) are more of a minority than the chinese. Chinese/Mixed are bigger minority and are only in the bangkok area. The reason they get represented in kpop more is because they're all more affluent

    The reason Lisa (the only southeast asian) got the opportunity is cause her mom married a rich white guy.

    I only called Ten chinese because he said so himself. He has no southeast asian blood.


    Also what does the 'average Thai' relating to Thai K-Pop idols have to do with anything? No shit they're rich, it's expensive to become a K-Pop trainee - this is true for almost all foreign trainees. Even Korean trainees mostly come from upper middle class background nowadays. Yorch, Bambam, Natty all came from normal middle-class backgrounds. And looking at their predebut life, we can relate with them just fine, no need to try and speak on our behalf. I know you have a history to pick with Thai idols but dragging them down isn't going to make your situation any better. Good luck with your issue and go touch some grass

    they bought their way to the top. this "pay to be a celebrity" model is so messed up don't you think? I heard its even like that in thailand. Which is why many of the celebs are chinese or european. Yet in Vietnam i always see lower class citizens being given chances to be in entertainment.

    With korean trainees, they have a VARIETY of different class backgrounds. Thats the difference with Thai idols.

    i'm not dragging them down. I want the best for the ethnic tai people. I love Thailand :-)

    BIghit - Y: Hasn't debuted yet and i wonder about his chances of debuting cause his korean is not good, J: is likely full chinese and his cultural ties to "thailand" aren't there (his thai is bad, you said so yourself). He represents Hong Kong more.

    SM - Ten is chinese, Lucas has been KICKED OUT

    JYP - there are NONE atm. Look at the upcoming girl and boy group for proof.

    YG - Lisa (is the only REAL tai person)

    Cube - Is not "Big 4"

    So i was right. YG is the only one. You were exaggerating.

    And quite frankly what average thai person can relate to these rich chinese kids who are silver spoons and go to international schools to learn english. Its appalling the classism i'm seeing.

    No, I'm talking about how you generalised her fans as poor and insignificant. You have no idea where her fans come from so all you achieved was throw low, racially charged insults at people from certain regions just to push a guess.

    well i'm talking about the votes being rigged by her brother's fans as facts. So you STILL played yourself by not getting the context right.

    the other situation i was guessing on because of the situation that happened in the OP. Its not like i said this was a FACT dear. Shes not popular in korea, that we can CLEARLY tell.

    Maybe if she made it in the group the right way and was not forced in, situations like the OP wouldn't happen don't you think?

    There's nothing factual about what you said.

    You mean about speaking about how a certain contestant's brother's fans rigged the votes? Its common knowledge. Search up the articles on it.


    Just a few posts earlier you yourself said it was only a guess when someone asked if it was a fact,

    yeah, you're conflating two different situations i was speaking on. If you want to demonize. At least get the context right.

    Your initial post just reeks of racism and I quote 'a bunch of poor people from Latin America and Pinoy/Indo', which is outright implying and reinforcing the racist stereotype that many people have against them that is they are poor, insignificant and unimportant because they are only good at streaming.

    How can i be racist when my country is poor too? Ain't nothing to be offended and oversensitive about. Just stating a fact.

    Stop the needless whiteknighting.

    also love how you didn't address the facts i made in other post and decided to make a "what aboutism" to the first post.