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    Yeah, don't remind me of these three games. I got mad with these releases. With C&C I kinda expected because EA, but with WC3 Reforged was the nail in the coffin on my diminished trust in Blizzard. I'm very apprehensive about Diabo 2 Resurrected even thou the company doing the remake seems honest. In the end it's Blizzard. They may fuck the client like they did with WC3R. The graphics and other stuff I could forgive, but the multiplayer and custom map side of it was too much.

    TAB is pretty thin in content. It had so much potential if it had more map variety and robust custom map creator. I do play the challenge of week if I feel like it. I'm afraid of playing Factorio. It seems I gonna sink 1000+ hours on that.

    Yeah, games nowadays is all about controlled expectations. I kinda knew Cyberpunk wouldn't be all that was promised and it was still disappointing. I'm liking what I see from Humankind. I won't buy it on release. I just wait for all expansion package later like I'm doing with Civ VI. Civ V on release was a bit light on content too.

    Remains to be seen but I hope they give Diablo justice. ActiBlizz is a stain on the gaming industry in a different way EA does. But for now when I'm itching for some Diablo-like experience the best alternative seem to be Grim Dawn or Path of Exile(though I'm not big on online games so haven't tried it)

    As for Factorio if you do end up liking the game, yeah it'd be a huge time sink as a single savefile could last 200+ hours easily so not the best idea if you don't have much time.

    I didn't watch any gameplay reveal on Humankind (just the trailer and comments on the game review) in the past few years I've preferred diving into a game blind as I find it more enjoyable. Less expectations too. I see there's generally positive feedback on it though so that's good, if it does well on release I'm definitely getting it.

    Looking at DoW 2, 3, WC3 Reforged, and later command & conquer games it seems RTS is just terrible with sequels and remakes...

    Me too! Although it's unfortunate TAB runs out of content pretty quickly. Wouldn't hurt if there were more unit, walls and tower variety and/or end-game buildings. As for ONI one major gripe I have is on the automation side of things. If it had the same efficiency as Factorio it'd be great, but other than that it's a really good time sink.

    I am looking forward to it, but I'm reigning in my expectations with future game releases especially after the disappointment that was Cyberpunk 2077.

    I love Civ games. I'm still waiting for a good pack for Civ VI. I occasionally playing Civ V. I'm more of a RTS fan and play Age of Empires 2 with some regularity although not competitively. I used to be somewhat competitive in Starcraft and Warcraft 3. I'm really pumped for AoE 4.

    I thought Civ VI was fine but tbh I don't have as much playing time in it compared to other games.

    It's sad that RTS had become more of a niche genre today, though. I liked games like AoE, Age of Mythology, Battle Realms and Warcraft, but I'm leaning more to sci-fi/guns & lasers than swords & bows. As for SC and SC2 I have some experience though far from competitive level ;D

    I only went that far with MOBAs.

    I'll be sure to check out AoE4 though, I wasn't aware of a new installment in the works. Hopefully this sparks some interest in the RTS genre.

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    Done! And just to add, there's a lack of study materials and apps about Korean/한글 etymology and I would definitely be interested if there was one. It's both interesting and helpful at the same time so I'm kinda disappointed at the lack of study material.

    I have always been a big fan of Civilization, particularly V with the mod Vox Populi. I'm wondering if there were any fellow K-pop fan who plays it as well?

    On that note how about grand strategy/Paradox games or 4x games? As a fan of RTS/RTT and isometric rpg it's rare to find someone else interested in it and K-pop at the same time, I've been in my fair share of forums and I notice there's little overlap between more dedicated gamers. Kinda interesting and I wonder what the implications are, is it that gamers are not interested in K-pop or vice-versa? Anyway, just a random thought that I had.

    People retired for smoking weed and being in relationship and having bad friends (or w.e. stupid reason was there for Wonho-it was from just group through) too. So I dont think that it's right way to look at the things.

    Just bc of the gambling and tax problems a lot more generally popular soloists had to go on the long hiatuses.

    Yeah, iirc Kang Hodong retired because of tax evasion, lol. I feel neutral about this topic but kinda leaning to one side simply because it irks me how some people view this strictly on a black/white perspective. We don't know a lot of what happens behind the scenes yet people speak with certainty like they know someone's character. Conspiracy theorists and SJWs are a growing cancer in the modern society.

    I created a thread about Slice of Life anime recommendation, it turns out there're AKP users who also love this genre as well :omgr:

    But yeah, it's kinda rare to found slice of life lover, anime fans dominated by shounen fans.

    Lucky star I guess I already watched it. Danshi koukousei no nichijou is kinda my favorite to the point I even watch the live action version :teeheek:

    And how was the live action adaptation? I tend to avoid those since most are butchered beyond recognition. Dragonball Evolution still haunts me in my sleep.


    Tbh, majority of anime fans in AKP love shounen anime. While I'm more into slice of life genre like non non biyori, barakamon, yuru camp, fruit basket. I'm kinda lost in here :cryingr:

    My guy. As someone who likes slice of life, I feel you. I haven't catched up on new shows in the past few years though, too many hobbies, too little time. If you haven't seen Lucky Star yet or Daily life of high school boys it's highly recommended :3

    I like anime and manga but I don't consider myself as part of the anime fandom because I'm a casual stan and I wouldn't get super duper deep in the characters. I do have my favorites though.

    I think that the anime community is pretty nice, there are a lot for them to talk about. I think the shipping is a little weird and there are some odd people but there are in every fandom. :)

    Shipping... is a little weird? I find it amusing that you point this out in a kpop forum xD

    I listen to a lot, mostly video game, films, and creepypasta narration podcasts.

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    >DLC podcast

    Don't know what it is but I'm assuming it's by EA, lol