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    Me: 24

    Mother: 49

    Father: would've been 49

    Step-Father: 43

    Brother #1: would've been 33

    Brother #2: 30

    Brother #3: 26

    Sister #1: 29

    Sister #2: 16

    Nana: 64

    Grandpa: 66

    I don't know about the others

    aannnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd you know this how? r u talking about white privilege or our little convo mama, u do know that if u dont like me or what im saying you don't have to respond...

    Oh I know this how? I'm white, I live in Korea, I work with all Koreans, I am the only non asian in know in SK, people tell me these things all the time, I do research, my close friends explain things like this to me, Koreans themselves have told me their own history, I went to school and learned about beauty standards through history, I live the SK life with white skin on the outside, other than that I am completely the same, and I get treated differently and sometimes, horribly. Not because I'm not the same or because I'm not from there, but because I am white.

    Anyways, at least you can convince yourself of these things even though you aren't white and you have never been to Korea, if I'm correct

    Seems you're pretty set on an opinion on something you have no experience on, not even worth trying to educate people like you

    - uneducated

    How it came about that people think Koreans through plastic surgery want to look white is because during the Korean war, a doctor was over there doing skin grafts, helping burn victims and this guy asked him if he could do his eyes to make them have double eyelids. The doctor did it, therefore revolutionizing the double eyelid procedure, and the reason everyone thinks they want to look white is because this doctor wrote a report on it, scientific procedure, saying how happy the guy was to finally look white.

    Koreans have always, for hundreds upon hundreds of years, had the beauty standard of pale skin, from almost 700 BC, before white people had ever made it to Asia. Pale skin meant you didn't have to work outside in the heat, it was a status thing when it started, not like 'oh pale skin is pretty' but more like 'oh that person's skin is pale, they don't work, so they are of high status'

    This has nothing to looking 'white', except maybe the army men, but that was what, a hundred years ago, barely even a dent in the Korean beauty standard's history.

    Also, excuse me, but here a lot of jobs want a photo before they will hire you, even though lots are trying to get rid of that practice, and because I'm white and I look white, have a white name, speak Korean with an Northern american accent, I have been turned down to my face for these reasons. And this is not just me, it is a constant struggle for white females to get work here, because we don't fit into their standards.

    White skin isn't what they are going for, they want PALE skin, and yeah my skin is white, but it ain't pale by any means. White people don't naturally have the small face or the jaw lines they want. Small noses, white people have bigger faces in most cases.

    Please, for the love of god, do more research, maybe actually talk to people living the experience before you pretend what you are saying is fact.