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    please tell us something you like about you (all members)

    NOA : The self-confidence against the performance.

    SIAN : Attractive voice and wide shoulders.

    KEVIN : Small face and attractive voice.

    GUNWOO : The power when I dance.

    LEO : Positive mind

    ON : Positive mind and voice

    ZERO : Charm that comes from the difference between on and out of the stage.

    KAIRI : Eyes and the smile during the performance.

    KIO : Big hands

    NOA : I’d like to save KIO first. He is the youngest and he looks poor at swimming. That’s why I will save him first.

    SIAN : KAIRI is so cute. He is just lovely. And he is so pure that he sometimes makes mistakes!

    KEVIN : 1. reduce swelling. 2.Taking vitamins 3. Listening to music

    GUNWOO : I want to cover 2 songs! First one is “he’s a pirate” from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The other is “A piano piece for her” that the actor, Kang Haneul played in the movie “Like for Likes”.

    LEO : I like the cartoon, “One Piece”.

    ON : I just want to go on a trip with my friends.

    ZERO : I think I have the best chemistry with KAIRI who is same age with me.

    KAIRI : 1.Love 2.Happiness 3.Budaejjigae.

    KIO : The bank account that the balance never decreases.

    Hi, guys! First of all congratulations on your debut! ❤️You really have a great fandom in Latin America, if in the future you had the opportunity to come, which country would you like to visit?

    thanks for working hard I love you!❤️❤️

    When we can go abroad freely, we definitely want to visit Latin America. Mexico, Brazil, Argentina. We’d like to visit everywhere in Latin America.

    Japanese members : The best one is Korean food. There are a lot of delicious food in Korea. It makes us happy.

    Korean members : If we can go Japan, we want to visit where our Japanese members lived.

    1. What or who is the greatest pride in your life?

    2. What motivates you to do your work?

    ▸3. Where do you find inspiration?

    1.Definitely it is T1419 itself. What makes us be proud of ourselves is to form this wonderful team with good members.

    2, 3. We usually watching other artists’ performance. It motivates and inspires

    Hi I just want to say that you have too much talent I know that really great things await you

    My question is: If you could describe t1419 in a word what it would be?

    If we need to represent T1419 in a word, It can be T1419. Because it is our goal to describe ourselves as T1419! Especially Our team name means our identity that our meeting and the voice of teens. So we think it is enough to explain ourselves. Isn’t it?

    hi guys, You are aware that in the fandom we call ourselves "TADAIS", what do you think about that? (T = T1419, A= first letter of the alphabet, D = fourth letter, I = ninth letter) thanks for answering!

    i love you ♡

    We think it is so great idea to come up with such a name with the number and English alphabet. How smart our fans are!!! We love TADAIS!!

    Would you like to learn Spanish? Do you know any words? I love you ... Te amo <3

    💟 Greetings and support from Peru 💟

    We want to communicate in person with more fans as much as we can. So we are studying foreign languages so hard. We are studying Spanish as well!! We will keep studying it so that we can talk with fans in Spanish, Haha.

    Hi! First of all congratulations on your debut!! I have a question for all the members, do you watch anime?? If so, which it's your favorite?

    P.d. Sian I love you 😎🤙

    All of members enjoy watching Animations.

    NOA : "Your name"

    SIAN : "Poke-mon"

    KEVIN : "One punch-man"


    LEO : "One-piece"

    ON : "Assassination Classroom"

    ZERO : "Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba"

    KAIRI : "Poke-mon"

    KIO : "The disastrous life of Saiki K."