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    Lately, I see people dragging 4th gen idols for doing plastic surgery and I noticed a trend of people saying why Suzy is legendary amongst idols is because she’s a natural beauty , a way to downgrade 4th gen idols but it’s not true . The most natural beauty in Kpop is Sulli. If you look at Suzy from debut , you would realise she changed a lot people say it’s maturity but maturity doesn’t give you bigger eyes , a more pointed nose and a forehead better than before. I realise that JYP was a great company when they brainwashed the whole Korea about Suzy. You won’t believe how much Suzy used to curse a lot when hee chats predebut was exposed but now people in Korea see her as perfection






    Similiar to twice to be honest, their digitalis were only #1 for like two years then 2ne1 and sistar came in top

    Their album sales were great but so was Kara and 2ne 1 but they had the best album sales out of girl groups at that time like I said , parallel version of twice with solo activities so the groups recognition wasn’t falling

    Tell me is the biggest Korean idol hit song

    According to Koreans. It was everywhere even people on their deathbed knew it. The man is absolutely disgusting but he didn’t like 2007-2009, SNSD was non existent compared to wonder girls power . You are too salty to jyp girlgroups for no reason honestly . Korean comments translated below



    It was even parodies in Korea similiar to gangnam style abroad


    Yuna persona is literally very strong on stage and she’s gorgeously pretty not cutesy pretty that men prefer , that’s why she’s more popular with women

    When Yuna started selling out stuff , I came to a conclusion that she has a lot of girls that like her and I’m very happy.

    Her and Karina are liked by women so taste.

    But in the international sector , Yuna and Karina seem to have more fanboys into them so I’m confused

    I think some of you are shielding her too much, this girl was paid close to 80 million won for sponsorship ads while displaying a fake product

    She milked her whole life based on a concept given to her by her company. You guys are equating her to idols having concepts but are the idols lying about their family backgrounds claiming they are “gold spoons” ?

    I personally didn’t fuck with her because I’m someone who believes if you actually have money , or wear designers , you don’t say it loudly and proudly “empty barrel makes the highest noise”

    For me, the scandal is very humiliating for her , you all are worried about the wrong thing “knetz cancelling her” is not like she was an actual celebrity ( she was an influencer who happened to have a heat wave but which will be closed down now ) she now has the stigma of a girl who wears fakes proudly and faking her gold spoon life and having connections with a Chinese agency , companies could sue for her for what she did and that would get her blacklisted from the fashion industry for promotion but yeah act like it’s nothing because western fans always trying too hard to act like they are the chill fans and Koreans are the crazy one s when both sectors are batshit crazy when issues concerns them

    Take note, she’s someone who wants to open her fashion brand , I know for a fact if she had come online and said some celebrities/ influencers wearing the fake of her products, international fans will be the first to bully. Stop worshipping people you don’t know and try to be more rational in thinking

    Why are people bringing up private accts, even the ones that have public accounts have private accts . Joy’s privt acct was hacked not too long ago and she has a public acct

    The public account is what’s needed to make Money

    It took 8 years for Bts to have their accounts.

    Tbo why is that bad management?

    BTS shouldn’t be an example, they are literally the biggest boy band in the world and also female idols have a shorter lifespan in the industry compared to male idols so very wrong comparison besides all twice counterparts have opened insta accounts.

    So frustrating, then fans try to rationalize their dumbassery. Just the stupidest company, running against YG for the title.

    My problem is some onces trying to act like it’s all right , with things like our girls are popular in other countries more than some gg members well yes as the members of 2nd biggest Kpop gg is expected but your girls are not trendy it girls or individual brand on their own that they could have been . Fight for your girls rights

    Their management is so shitty and bad. Twice is going into 7 years with no personal Instagram because of that brands can’t announce the girls as main ambassadors because they don’t have personal accounts. I just saw Nayeon’s Louis Vuitton posts , it’s quite obvious they like Nayeon so what’s jyp doing ?? Why is jyp doing this honestly

    I feel like they are making sure they stunt the individual growths of their artist and limit them to just been known as a member of the group so they can resign with the company since the individual brand is low because that will explain why Twice started doing individual stuff in their freaking 6th year when a new era of Kpop has begun ( The 4th generation )

    It’s crazy that a company that pushed Suzy so much and was known for pushing can literally do this. Suzy was really a lucky person.

    Or is the jyp pd nin scared of someone becoming the face of the company rather than him because that’s what Suzy did to him.

    I just had to write down my aggression after going through Twicetagram even Wonyoung had a personal account . I wish all these groups just dump jyp entertainment like GIT7 to knock some sense .

    Opinions on this?

    Just shut up. Yuna was never the promoted one at debut by jyp , it was solely based on her visuals that all her hype came from, what are you on??

    It’s about preference, Yuna is on the same level of tzuyu and suzy, how would she be on their relevance when she has neither solo promotions nor a big hit like twice cheer up. All your comments have been in one way to be back handed to Yuna and it’s all lies

    Yuna is the least promoted in her group. You said itzy isn’t trendy/popular in Korea but later you said Yuna is popular because she’s from a trendy group .

    There’s also nothing like it-girl aura , before all the it girls were it girls, no one was talking about any aura so I don’t understand the Ryujin doesn’t have that aura

    MITM actually was as a result of how corny Yuna’s rap was . It was a hot issue in Korea and where she got the nickname the idol more actor than actor . People were searching because of that so it was riding and Yuna’s popularity was rising with it

    Nope, you said after WG were taken up to America and came back, the public wasn't eating up anything from them. That couldn't be any further from the truth. WG returned from America in what? 2010? That literally means Miss A's entire career lol with mega hits such as BGGG, Breath, Goodbye Baby, Touch and Only You. And Wonder Girl themselves had Two Different Tears, Be My Baby and Like This, all of which happened within the time period you outlined yourself.

    What’s your definition of mega hits please? The

    only mega hit of miss A was bad girl good girl . Only you was a decent HIT

    Also you want to compare wonder girls actual hit song charting like so hot , irony , tell me and nobody to be my baby ,two different tears , like this . It’s true that compared to the actual groups momentum , the public wasn’t eating up the songs which apples to twice and itzy now .

    Wonder girls was still doing international ventures till 2012 not 2010 though they released those Korean songs .

    A question, are you korean? I ask because i saw many times this type of "analysis" from ifans who only know about Korean preferences for what they listen from others ifans o they just assuming things, and in the end they dont know shit.

    What does Korean have to do with knowing a song isn’t charting? I can read Korean because I take courses in it so some of these analysis is based on Naver comments and post on Korean portals

    Because their songs are hits ? That’s why they have a lot of fans hyping them right now . It has nothing to do with looks

    The fact she has a lot of mentions despite her group not doing well isn’t it obvious she fits the standard of the public