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    Please i don’t even know what’s happening

    To sum it up for you with my limited knowledge, the drama "Snowdrop" is based on the 1987 Korean protests.

    The person Jisoo plays is a real-life woman called Chun Young Cho. Chun Young Cho was a woman who wanted to fight for the democracy of her country as, during that time, South Korea was under the influence of a military dictatorship and their "democracy" wasn't even considered democracy as then-leader Chun DooHwan ran a military regime, which was believed to be achieved after he took the power of the presidential seat after the assassination of President Park Chung-hee, meaning he wasn't even elected. When he was in power, he replaced the National Assembly with a military Junta with himself as a member. South Korea, especially young adults, were unhappy with this, therefore people, like Chun Young Cho, protested for their rights. I can see how many South Koreans were unhappy with this. Not trying to compare situations, but this is terribly similar to the current situation in Myanmar where the military takes advantage of the government for their own agenda.

    Also during this time, Chun Young Cho was married and had a son, so many netizens were upset that they were trying to manipulate/ water down her legacy just to fit into a love story.