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    I already explained this and I don't feel like doing it another time.

    In 2020 for Digital Singles in order

    LiSA – Gurenge

    LiSA – Homura

    Official HIGE DANdism – I LOVE

    YOASOBI – Yoru ni Kakeru

    Official HIGE DANdism – Pretender

    King Gnu – Hakjitsu

    Yonezu Kenshi – Kanden

    Aimyon – Hadaka no Kokoro

    All had more digital sales than Dynamite.

    In 2020 for Streaming in Japan in order

    YOASOBI – Yoru ni Kakeru

    Official HIGE DANdism – Pretender

    Official HIGE DANdism – I LOVE

    King Gnu – Hakjitsu

    LiSA – Gurenge

    Eito – Kousui

    All had more streams in Japan than Dynamite.

    All the rest of that, I am a bit too tired to even correct.

    I'll probably do it when I wake up if I have the energy.

    I am not really active on this forum and trying to explain the Japanese market to K-Pop fans never works.

    You lack the ability to read exactly what I am saying. What you are hearing is

    "Dynamite is only big because of Armys"

    What I am saying is "Dynamite is a hit song that will have better longevity than every single hit song in Japan that is relies solely on the GP. It will be akin to AKB, Arashi, TVXQ hits in the way it charts."

    Because you can't understand that distinction you keep writing essays about how its not Armys when that was never the point in the first place love. Tragic.

    Yeah, that's when I realized they were on the upswing was with Secret Garden. Just had no idea it would eventually translate to where they are at now. Like roseninja said, Queendom gave them a big boost.

    I mean, I'm not really concerned about who had it worse. I like both groups. But like I said, we'll see if BG is able to maintain some level of significant success like OMG has. I am rooting for them though.

    OMG hasn't had any album or release of any kind in one year since Dolphin was a hit. In which way did they prove their success had any longevity of any kind? They are in the same exact position of BG. Wait, in fact they waited one year after releasing a moderate hit to have any kind of schedule or release or anything to show the fruits of their labor.

    Disagree about Dynamite being fandom driven. It’s not Armys keeping it at the top of the charts, because by that logic, they’d be able to do the same with any of BTS’ recent Japanese singles.

    Dynamite is just really, really popular. It’s one of those songs you hear everywhere. Great streams, great downloads, great YT views.

    Love I never said it was fandom driven.

    I said hits in Japan don't have the same trajectory because they lack a fanbase to keep it in the public face via mass streaming.

    This phenomenon has only been observed when groups with massive fanbases have a hit in the country.

    BTS has struck gold with Dynamite. Not only did they produce a hit, they also have a massive fanbase too.

    The song won't die because the public likes it enough and when the majority public interest of the song dies off, they won't fall off the charts due to fandom keeping it afloat.

    NiziU's song has normal longevity for a hit song in Japan. Dynamite is abnormal.

    There is a reason why songs bigger than Dynamite chart differently. We are talking about Japan here.

    Please read.

    NiziU's song isn't as big as Dynamite, even comparatively. Dynamite nearly has double the amount of streams and downloads (harder for fans to "manipulate"). It's longevity isn't as big either.

    They literally have the same amount of streams in Japan and have the same certifications?

    Do you mean single downloads because Make You Happy has 287K Dynamie 250K?

    Are you using YouTube? I don't get it.

    Fans are going to carry the track love. That is how it works in Japan.

    There are several songs in Japan bigger than Dynamite in 2020.

    It just won't stay near the top of the charts because there isn't a hardcore fanbase keeping it up there.

    That's how it works in Japan. NiziU has longevity for a hit song in Japan.

    BTS is the anomaly because of Armys. They aren't the rule.

    This same exact thing happened whenever Arashi or TVXQ had a hit song.

    Massive Fanbase + Hit is always going to have better "longevity" than just a Hit.

    TWICE was ahead for GP until Dynamite.

    After Dynamite they are equal.

    There really isn't any "higher" you can get for GP relevance than where TWICE is right now.

    Both of them are sitting in the same seat at this point.

    BTS has a loyal fandom and a large fandom in Japan. They are better handled in Japan as well.

    Thus, their sales will always be higher than TWICE's.

    Even if TWICE had two Dynamites back to back. They wouldn't be able to rival BTS in sales.

    Just like NiziU isn't capable even though their song was comparatively big as Dynamite.

    Men will always outsell their women counterparts.

    It just how things work in modern Japan and worldwide. Not much more to say.

    Sakura pretty much saved them in terms of sales but they weren’t really that popular public recognition wise. They pretty much ruined their hype over there + their Japanese releases were... yeah then once NiziU debuted it was game over. Basically most of the K-pop girl groups had their fans taken from NiziU debut.

    The Walmart TWICE really stabbed everyone in the skull with their debut.

    Sony's power.

    lip sync? never heard of her :pepenomad:

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    I liked this cover. Just doesn't have the same skill or power as the original.

    Not to mention its missing the powerful powerful adlibs Beyonce had the last 10-20ish seconds.

    Girl you can never predict anything. TWICE was having regular comebacks and they got fucked and fell far behind everyone else after being #1 or #2 in so many aspects. JYPE as a company is complete dog shit and so is SM. EXO had no guarantee because even if they were doing well, they could suddenly decline or fall behind if the lime light fails to shine on them and SM being SM would've ruined, damaged, or erased their careers anyways. It was a done deal for EXO tbh. Best not to think about "What could have been" and rather "What happened".

    Whoever said that lied or was just playing dumb. I know you are making up quotes to give Rose some praise but this isn't the gag you think it is. Girls' Generation was far ahead and dominating the physical game scene from 09 - 2014. TWICE was dominating the physical game scene from 2016 - 2019. The only time that the sales were ever close and competitive was only the start of 2020. Then the Chinese fanbase for almost every single top group exploded. K-Pop became bigger than the year prior. BP alongside BTS was the primary groups to reap those benefits due to their image, position, and status. Girl Group sales have never been "close" or "competitive" for the past 20 years. 2020 marked the time where IZONE and TWICE were fighting for the top spot. Something unseen before. Then BP saw the most growth and managed to blow them out of the water. So yes if you mean a narrative that lasted for 10/480+ (0.02%) months of K-Pop then yeah. If you mean overall? No, that was never a factor or thing.

    On a side note: This is a new era. GIDLE sold 200K, Mamamoo 175K. Stray Kids is about to outsell TWICE at this point. NCT sold 1M,so did SVT & BP. Almost every single top group had a large boost while some didn't. Groups like TWICE, and GOT7 unfortunately were the ones who didn't get to reap much of any benefits. Primarily due to company mismanagement and care. People got to understand the K-Pop we knew prior to 2020 is gone. Thing are happening fast and sales are rising at an astronomical rate. Chinese fan bars are buying more than ever before. Buying 250 - 500+ thousand albums for groups at a time. International fans have more access to albums and streams on spotify are growing for many people. I think its about time people accept that the old ways are gone. Those who still want to interested can embrace the new era!

    Err TWICE and BP aren't in the same boat.

    BP has actually had legitimate solo opportunities.

    Whereas TWICE has zero.

    Not saying that BP are getting all the opportunities they deserve.

    Just that are in the 1st circle of hell where as TWICE is in the 5th circle.

    Neither are in heaven though.

    Not my quote not loading ugh I am too lazy to redo this.

    I just think we've come to a point where the word is so prevalent in American music, which is enjoyed all over the world. People are used to hearing it and mistaking it as a casual, harmless slang word, completely unaware of the hateful, repulsive origin. Even if they were to look it up, the "definition" of the slang version found in American songs would be "homie" or "brother," something along those lines.

    Non-American schools will definitely teach about American slavery, but they won't go into specifics about derogatory terms the way American schools do. The difference is that they're more focused on their history just like we are with our own history. That's just how it is everywhere. I'm sure there are derogatory words that spawned during troublesome times in other countries, but we don't know about those words because that's their history, not ours.

    Things have gotten better in K-pop in regards to this over the years, but it's a gradual change. It's not going to be a 180-degree flip overnight.

    Literally white musicians are more popular globally and none of their songs have the N-Word in it.

    It suddenly seems like people are bad at math and common sense.

    "If only black people are saying it then I CAN TOO!" Wig

    Listen, a dozen of celebrities have gotten in trouble in Korea for saying the N-Word or something derogatory in the past 5 years alone.

    If someone does something, they already know. And looking up a slur won't come up with the translation as "homie".

    It will literally direct you to wikipedia pages lmao. What in the hell kind of fanfic.

    You can sit here and infantalize Koreans and do all that typical K-Pop fan shit.

    Don't say the word period. Like its so easy.

    Black rappers aren't saying slurs in other languages or about other races in their raps on a wide scale. It is that easy.

    Anyways, I am over this conversation so I won't be reading anymore.

    It is what it is luv.


    Listen most white people say the word in this country behind black folk backs.

    People in other countries don't care. Korea already showed their ass when Sam tried calling out black face.

    Koreans don't care and won't ever bother to learn.

    This is some nugu as group so they'll probably get more attention from it, so they won I guess.

    It doesn't matter. Thankfully bigger/newer groups in K-Pop have avoided clowning themselves over the word.

    So it is what it is.

    Black artists have been using the word in their lyrics for decades. If a non-english speaking fan wants to get their Dre on then where's the harm? Not her fault that it's in the lyrics as she learnt it. There is absolutely nothing malicious about this.

    People are way too sensitive these days I swear...

    The way you thought I would read any letter of that.