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    Whoever you may stan even if they're good vocalists, doesn't mean you know shit.

    Anyway, I wanted to add and correct you that at the start of the song that Taemin sang, that's actually a stylistic choice - a rock style vocal. That's not an example of vocal regression. He did fine there. If you have problem with that, that's just you having a problem with his vocal tone. Not his fault.

    I like this way better than Don't Call Me. This is their signature sound and they look and sound natural in this.

    i have known SHINee since their early years, Jonghyun's and Onew's voices have always been my favorites in the group. besides, i don't know if it is just my imagination but i feel like Taemin's voice regressed in the past few years, it is especially apparent when goes high. he sounds fine in his lower register though.

    He regressed a bit -not drastic- (likely due his hectic schedule resulting in his vocals being taken care less especially juggling his solo, Shinee, Superm, etc. working non-stop unlike his hyungs who were on a break , went to the army and now fresh out of military) but he still retain most of his good vocals technique as before and is still a competent vocalist. He sounds fine imo. This is like Onew who also regressed around 6 years ago before he went to get surgery after that for his vocals nodules and now sounded better and pulling vocals better than before.

    However, I believe when you mentioned you don't like Taemin's and Key's voices, those have nothing to do with vocals. The correct term you might be looking for is vocal tone (voice). The sound/color/voice, etc. whatever you call it. It's subjective, it's what they're naturally born with. Just because you don't find their vocal tone pleasant, doesn't mean they don't hit the right notes (nor is it a vocal flaw). It doesn't have to do with vocal skills and techniques. Even during Taemin's vocal peak 5 years ago when he showed tremendous growth and adopted some impressive vocal techniques that even other main vocalists were lacking, there are people that didn't like his vocal tone (voice). Vocal tone is subjective. Some people like it, some ppl don't. Same for Key.

    Meanwhile, Onew for example has a very popular vocal tone that is liked by most people. Onew is like naturally blessed with a vocal tone that's well-liked by many people. His technique is good too.

    Now, there might be some idols'/singers' voices that you may like and may sound good to your untrained ears but it doesn't mean they have the right singing techniques nor do they hit the right notes/adequate technique. For example, it's common that alot of people find themselves liking certain singers who's actually nasal (without realizing it because they like the vocal tone) when nasality is actually a vocal flaw. Another example, (not really nasality but other types of vocal flaws) alot of ppl might have an opinion that they really like Rose's, Park Bom's, Jimin's, etc. vocal tones, but technique-wise, they're not good.

    An opinion of a good vocal tone(voice) doesn't necessarily mean good vocals. Likewise, for an opinion of bad vocal tone =/= bad vocals.

    I can see why the public and knetz are grilling him. The main issue here and why he got serious backlash is bec

    He broke the Covid19 protocols when everyone else are working hard to prevent spread of the virus,

    He visited the the type of places that is a hotbed for the virus especially during pandemic where you should be avoiding and ..

    him being a VIP member at a shady and illegal place.

    Not to mention he's known for having pride and upright with his squeaky clean spotless for almost 20 years so this stupid slip up of his is causing everyone to ridicule/criticize him including companies dropping him from his endorsements contracts. His reputation is getting a bigger hit.

    Also 3rd highest first hour ul in 2021

    Also the top 5 for bg since chart reform. Top 4 is all bts and then there's shinee at no.5. This is good and isn't shabby at all. Chart reform has made it tough for bgs to enter 24hits/melon real-time but shinee managed to enter it in just 3-4 hrs which is amazing. And ranking keeps going up with 85k ULs on melon already. Especially impressive for group that is well into their 13th year after hiatus and some members went to military and all.

    I'm actually surprised and I didn't expect it. I just thought the song isn't that public friendly.

    I guess so except Miss A was succesful while Astro is nugu.

    Miss A was pretty popular and plus alot of their songs were hits with gp and on digital charts in the early days, so yeah true to an extent however jyp kept pushing Suzy and her fame completely overshadowed Miss A to the point of neglecting Miss A in later years bc Suzy blew up. I later years, Miss A flopped, undepromoted, neglected while Suzy thriving. Plus none of the other members were as popular as Suzy. I do remember A male fans who guested on Happy Together when Miss A were celebrity guests and he kept talking abt Suzy and acted like Miss A members didn't exist which was such a blow to Miss A's other members.

    Now with L, he didn't exactly blow up like Suzy or Eunwoo. Plus whatever individual gigs and acting projects he had never overshadowed Infinite's popularity and reputation. Other Infinite members were popular and doing well too. There wasn't a big disparity of popularity among the members unlike Suzy - Miss A, Eunwoo-Astro. In fact I think Sunggyu was the most popular and Infinite as a group was popular too.

    It depends on the severity. If you were bullied and see this person who bullied you suddenly become famous, thriving and well-liked , I can understand why the victims would wanna call these bullies out. It's revenge and putting shame to these bullies who were ruining your life while seeking justice. imo deserved...the past is coming to haunt these bullies.

    Oh I remember her. Around the time when Jonghyun passed away, like maybe around a week after that, she (actress, her name is Janna Nick) and fellow her celeb friend(comedian-actress) laughed at their own jokes. If I'm not mistaken, they were talking about Kpop and in their joke-like conversation, Jonghyun was brought up all of a sudden. And one of them was like, "the one who committed suicide, right? Lol" and they both laughed. It was during public livestream they both did together, like IG livestream, or something like that. It was absolutely disrespectful and insensitive!

    She made an apology afterwards after receiving backlash back then. Alot of Malaysian Kpop fans were angry and dissapointed in her. But Idk why she brought it up after 3 yrs, and now her apology looks insincere the way she's trying to gaslight Kpop fans with her sarcastic tone, and calling Jonghyun "si mati" which means "that dead guy/person" which is like an informal and insensitive way to address a dead person. It's lack of respect. The proper way to address a dead person with respect especially if the dead person is a non-muslim is "mendiang" which means "the deceased". This is what I was taught in schools and even in news programs and articles, if there's a non-muslim person who died, we would address them as "mendiang". It doesn't matter if muslim or non-muslim, everyone was taugnt to be respectful to anyone.

    It would be better if she just leave it in the past but now she brought it up, being insensitive and insincere abt her apology. So all the backlash is bc she brought it upon herself.

    She likes to speak in informal tone and being non-serious with her jokes for kekeing purpose, cause she thinks she's "funny" 🙄 without thinking the consequences that she could stir up mess and she ended up looking dumb and insensitive.

    I used to like watching some of the dramas she was in during her early years as an actress but she became more annoying and irritating as years go by as became more popular. She's like one of the most popular female lead actress in the country in recent years with quite a number of collabs and endorsements. Last year I was trying to collect hearts on Mubeat and Show Champion apps and I just couldn't stand that I kept seeing her ads being played. I always found myself rolling my eyes and I just skipped her ads instantly everytime.