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    Radical thought... maybe, just maybe you don't have to be a BTS fan to like 1 or 2 of their songs. Crazy right. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan but I stream Mirror Ball a lot. Why? I like the song. A few years ago I wasn't a Bruno Mars fan but for some reason I was playing Treasure every morning while NEVER listening to the album it was on. Why? I loved waking up to that track.

    This is what a lot of one hit & two hit wonders build their careers off of (Though BTS has more hits), LMAO.

    1) Why are you ANGRY?

    2) How are you going to write all of this asking me a question in your first sentence, and then say in your last sentence, "Don't at me again."

    3) Why do you sound like you are taking this personal like I talked about your mother or something?

    I don't think the first acts before BTS closed the door for other acts to promote in the US but they made it clear on what to expect because even before BTS, many idols staged shows in the US that sold out. They never stopped and BTS is one of those idols.

    I don't think the first acts before BTS closed the door for other acts to promote in the US but they made it clear on what to expect because even before BTS, many idols staged shows in the US that sold out. They never stopped and BTS is one of those idols.

    I didn't say the "acts" closed the door. I said the US music industry closed the door behind them. No, they SLAMMED the door closed behind them. Then BTS came and kicked the door off the hinges. Having a show in the US does not= having an impact in the US music business. Any artist can (and have before being signed) come he and play a show, ANYONE.

    But they be allowed in the building UMG to negotiate? Will they be played on the radio? Nominated for awards? I don't think people understand what that means in the west.

    The first Korean artists I heard was Rain. My sister had his CD playing in her car. She got it from a friend who heard it playing from a shop in NY's China town. Then I saw (not sure the order) Se7en feat Lil Kim (Girls) & The Wonder Girls (Nobody). I later saw Wonder Girls on The Wendy Williams show.

    Next I saw the videos for Super Junior (Sorry Sorry) and Girls Generation (as they were called back then) GG. Saw SNSD on David Letterman much later (Think it was The Boys they were promoting) Kind of blew my mind to see so many people in a group. But I still did not fully get into K-pop.

    I watched K-rap. Always watched Tiger JK & Tasha (loved songs like Black Happiness). Then one Saturday the YouTube algorithm decided to recommend to me Big Bang performing I think it was 4 songs in a concert. I watched it, and loved it. It was the gateway into the rabbit hole that lead to me becoming a 2NE1 fan & being curious about the hole industry.

    I saw Psy's video when it dropped. Watched it and went about my business. 48 hrs later it went wild in US mainstream.

    I've said all of this to say that I was present in the West for most of that timeline and I can tell you 2 things:

    1) The industry was WAY more aware than the average "Western" citizen about K-pop artists coming here. Wonder Girls moved with Akon. Psy with Scooter Braun. Hell, even Will I Am had 2NE1 record an album (that oddly disappeared) + their MTV Iggy performance/award. Nothing stuck. And I saw people on THIS forum drag those artists for NOT making it in the West (all except SNSD; who their fans constantly claim never officially debuted here).

    2) Wonder Girls had a minor hit while Psy had a major hit. Still no one could tell you anything about them. They couldn't remember Wonder Girls name & said they all looked alike (I know, problematic) yet some knew the dance to Nobody; and they knew Psy but thought he was Chinese or Japanese.

    BTS is the FIRST artists I've seen be known as Koreans who sing, dance, (Rolling Stone now discussing their writing & producing) and sell records to a point where they cannot be removed from the western music conversation as a one & done joke. Where they are seen as competition; AND with fans who are a bit feared.

    And yes, the door IS left open behind BTS (the way it was NOT left open after those other acts came) for more of K-pop to enter the Western industry. And it shows by how many companies in the West are attempting to put something out in the coming years that has to do with Korean artists. But I do think other K-pop stars have the potential to rise in the West.

    Basically, Big Hit is living the independent label dream. They essentially own everything they put out. Jay-Z had to become President of Def Jam just so he could sniff the masters to his albums. BTS just walked right in.

    Yeah, it is really wild to see BTS/Hybe, who are NOT signed to a US record label, have Columbia(Sony) driving all over America to get radio stations play Butter. A lot of signed US artists don't get that kind of promo and complain about it on a regular. Blows my mind. Like, how?

    Absolutely. BTS/ Big Hit has changed the game forever. They pretty much did what Death Row Records was supposed to do back in the 90s.

    Few labels came close, like Def Jam, but never got put in the position that BTS is in. They pretty much have the keys to the music game.

    In the music industry, a lot of folks like to play follow the leader and BTS is the leader now.

    This is a theory I'd like to hear more about. What Def Jam & Death Row have in common? My mind tends to relate it more to the 1958 - 62 American music scene.

    compare the beatles to a kpop act, then kpop fans wonder why people consider them idiots

    The Beatles were not only a "boy group" but in 1962 England they were called an "Idol group" (funny how K-pop now uses this word). And many bands were put together back then (where do you think Ringo came from?), styled to a T (that mop top hair + suits came from their manager) with many them not even playing on their own albums (see: Session musicians for Beatles & Beach Boys) yet made great memorable music!!!

    And they have said multiple times that their singing style on their first few albums was an attempt to mimic Motown "girl groups". You know the very company & their artists that have "Influenced" J-pop & K-pop all these years later.

    Fun fact: Paul McCartney said he watched BTS go through what they (The Beatles) went through.

    I know you will probably argue for the sake of arguing (DON'T YOU COMPARE=missing the point/misdirect) but I thought it was important for anyone who doesn't know this to not take what you wrote as fact without researching. Sources: The Wrecking Crew, George Martin, Bernard Purdie, Brian Epstein, etc.

    Back on OP's point: The Industry is already copying their marketing. And those that are not copying are asking K-pop companies to make them a BTS. No those are NOT their exact words but its obvious as hell they see that IFPI list and want some of that coin.

    You'd be crazy not to think that everyone in the western & eastern music industry is not trying to study just how ONE Korean singing pop group is selling everything from vinyls in the US (#1 music market in the world) to revitalizing dying magazine sales (NOT teen mags) and helping with TV ratings + social media engagement. And why editors are whispering about their fear of ARMY?

    Again, they primarily... sing... in... Korean<- this will go into history books. Hell they are already in Guinness.