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    The projection of these 2nd gen stans are very appalling and telling of how bitter they. during the era of 2nd gen they keep on posting and bragging about their faves achievement in Japan and China. number this number that (even some of the delulus continue to brag like tvxq owns Japan and bigbang in china).

    it is that they are no longer posting is because they already have nothing to post. bigbang is busy taking drugs to make music. one of the tvxq guy is wed and banging his wife. the GGs of the 2nd gen are dead because nobody cares about them (in the music scene. GG girls are still famous in acting variety ect. as well as Suzy)

    so the audacity to call out 3rd/4th gen Stan. for being proud of their faces achievement. (seems like their parents were never proud of them hence they can't understand the feeling of being proud for someone else)

    so miss me with BS. you don't have the moral high ground

    YG stans are not needed in this thread.

    This is a thread about the greatest kpop label of all time SM ENTERTAINMENT.

    hold up. I may agree with your OP.

    but YG is the greatest. imagine doing bare minimum with group promotions and get great result. all the artist survives a lot of scandal (barring seungri and the ikon dude. if you think about how much scandals YG have every year it is quite a feat.). even surviving the great burning sun scandal all because of BP.

    and SM really does sucks with naming. I mean what the fax is even Fx and Girls generation. and don't even talk about the cake one and the other one that's sounds like an enema

    the EGGS are really incredulous.

    yes SUJU are really maybe no. 3 or no. 2 during their era. but if think about the market share for Boy groups (this will be just estimates) BB may have 30%, TVXQ may have another 30% but SUJU will most be probably trailing behind them with about 25%.

    while during this era BTS almost have 90% of the market share and EXO are left with scraps to contend with other group.

    their last comeback have a lot of album sales but flopped digitally. while this doesn't happen to SUJU in their era.

    get a grip girl. aren't you ashamed that despite all the shit EGGS put ARMYS and BTS into. EXO are just like a spec of dust in the existence of BTS.

    SUJU would always be legendary, while EXO will just be another anecdote in another groups autobiography

    EGGS can't accept the fact that despite the numbers of their oppas they are felt pretty irrelevant in all honesty.

    SUJUs impact in the industry and the country are irrefutable. when you talk about the era of 2nd gen SUJU always come into the mind of people. unlike during this era which BTS totally eclipsed EXO.

    Sorry2 was a national hit in Korea as well as a lot SEA countries but EXO biggest hit growl was not. able to do so in SEA countries.

    I don't think you know but a lot SUJU members are pretty big deals in the entertainment industry

    LEETUK for hosting

    HEECHUL for variety

    SHINDONG for directing

    SIWON for acting

    if you want to talk about relevancy in politics SIWON are frequently being part of delegates to meet presidents and prime ministers

    It's her YouTube channel. It's her instagram accounts. She should be able to post what ever she wants too. Not just this! They also used her weibo account to promote groups activities. When she has an interview. She always has to mention her members! While all your fav talks is all about herself. Don't tell me companies don't know the questions before bc they are actually the one who allows

    How do you know that she wants to post something more. you are just being pressed because of your delusion. you are making Lisa as victim when she is not. these are just your presumptions.

    lol Jennie always promote the other girls. Jennie loves Lisa and Lisa loves Jennie. so I don't know why her akgaes are attacking jennie

    Lmso. That's bc the company needed money at that time. You want me to remind you of what happened last year? Lisa gets jobs bc she is famous. Not bc she gets better treatments like your fav. Look she is the only one allowed to open her YouTube channel on her birthday. Lisa has had a youtube channel in 2 years. They don't even allow her to make a video saying HI to her fans. Some fans don't even know if it's her real channel. They thought it's a fan accounts that took the videos from her instagram. And she is not even allowed to make a video saying thank you to her fans on her birthday. Your fav always has privilege. Everyone knows this

    What are you even saying. you even said it yourself Lisa has her for 2 years. she even have back up dancers for her vids. maybe it is what Lisa wants, she want to dance. do see the company stopping her??

    her works in China is only possible due to her ethnicity. is Jennie is also the same she will be also be promote there

    Thx to YG. Hes also controlling lisa in social media platform. Shes the only one who's not allowed to do IG live on her instagram. Shes the only one who never does vlive alone. Shes the least promoted member when it comes to Blackpink's official channel. Her Youtube channel is always updated every 6-7 months. This is what you call Organic? Yeah. Be proud then. If this is not sabotaging. Then I don't know what is

    LISA has the most solo work in the group what are you even

    The fact that you are reducing Lisa to just a dancer when she is capable of so much more. You are allowed to believe Jennie is the star of the group but do not downplay Lisa like that. You're going on block so don't reply to me again, and if you hate lisa so much I suggest keeping her out of your mouth and mind. You'll fare better.

    Stop twisting my words, and stop using Lisa to shade Jennie when we all know you are a full BP anti. Where did you see me saying Jennie is pushed? Being a center is an official position, and in bp she holds that title.

    sis I'm not twisting your words

    Jennie is the OFFICIAL CENTER AKA FACE of BP. but she is also more than that.

    LISA is the OFFICIAL MAIN DANCER of BP but she is also more than that.

    if you hear the name of Jennie the first thing you think of yeah she is the girl from BP. but if your Lisa the first thing you think of is she is the great dancer with cool swag.

    I mean no offense but Lisa has established more of her name as herself than a member of BP. and Jennie is more centered on BP. that is why I'm saying Jennie is the face of BP while Lisa is well the face of Lisa

    I don't even know why other blinks are attacking me. but this is the truth

    It is not sheep mindedness it is following the law. that's is why I'm saying who are you to decide which law is which. if it is deemed not upto date it is the law makers job to change.

    if you don't follow the law then there will be . what are you proposing is anarchy.

    if you really care about the women of Arabia then encourage lawmakers to change the law. don't encourage women there to drive. because they will be the one to face the repercussions of your dreams wanting to be put into reality.

    I believe that there are laws that should be changed. but as long as they are the existing law they should be followed.

    ex. if I believe that it is immoral for a person to own a property he does not use. I claim ownership on that property would that be right?

    Probably for them their friendship is more important than money coming from those kind of fans. This law is hypocritical and immoral and seems like BTOB members disagree with it lol

    then they should just quit the entertainment industry altogether then. it just quite hypocritical of you to want them to continue to want them display of affection for this law breaker

    it not for you to decide which is immoral or hypocritical or not. that person is an adult, in legal age, in full control of his actions. knowingly broke the law. that is what "immoral" is. knowing that is not in accordance to the law but continue doing so for years because you think that you are above the law.

    if he think that smoking weed is that important he should have quit the industry got a residential status in a country where it is legal.

    in all honesty I can't tolerate people like you who thinks its ok to break the law "because you think the law is wrong". but for as long as law is a law. it is absolute. if people like him who are public people and deemed as an estallar example of a proper citizen breaks it, who will