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    Is it possible to lift the ban from my alt account sandybee? I would rather use this one instead of the one I use now until the issue with my original account is solved

    sorry about that. we are working on resolving the issues. if you are having issues still, please try going to, then logging out, and then log back in, and then access the forums. this should be an interim method to resolve your issues. we will fix this shortly.

    Try to logout from AKP ain site. Then come back into the forum and login. It's troublesome and I think they are working on a fix for it

    Both methods don’t work, I end up with the same issue.

    Is there a possibility to merge accounts? Cause it works if you e-mail and password.

    Does anyone else got this Login issue where you are in a endless loop of logging in ?

    If I can’t get my old account back I might leave the Forum, this is really annoying. X( ||

    There is a huge login bug. You end up in a endless loop of logging in, while you are logged into the main site, you aren’t logged into the Forum. It works if you use e-mail and password, but I end up in this loop as soon as I want to login with my old account that uses Facebook.

    Please this needs to be fixed.

    Hello this is sandybee3, I once again can’t login into my old account. Every time I login it works on the article section but not in the Forum. I tried all tricks, yesterday it worked magically but now it doesn’t again.

    The system doesn’t seem to support the login through Facebook. How can this be fixed? It did work yesterday. Why is there a auto logout anyway?