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    2yr I like you a lot, but this is offensive to blinks. Have you gone to do the same thing in the army guild or are you on their payroll?

    Eh, I tried to edit my OP to show I was grateful for the guildies who don't stir up trouble, but I was too late.

    This thread was moved to KLounge anyway, gg.

    I'm in the BLINK guild but I'm a mod for everyone.

    also, i'm not a paid mod, for any guild, at all.

    Some blinks or that's what claim to be make stupid comments. Agree on that but they aren't in the guild mostly. It would have been better to make this thread on the main forum instead of the guild. We have never bashed bts in the guild.

    I'm really glad this is the case. I made this thread to try to avoid any BLINK vs (any other grp) bashing from any of us. The thread was moved to KLounge, so hopefully that helps.


    I've been keeping an eye on blinks here and I don't think anyone of them bashed any armies, the ones who did i already kick them out of the guild.

    ofc, I know it's kinda a moot point now since this was moved to KLounge, but I really want our guild to do well and be good examples on the forum. Instead I'm getting criticized and my motivation being questioned bc some think the thread was meant as an attack on our guild members. It wasn't.

    Thank you for being awesome <3

    i agree. can we move the thread pls

    It was moved to KLounge.

    Thank you for starting drama here. I don’t bash BTS but i need to see threads like this in a place that supposed to be a safe place for blinks?

    BP gets bashed all the time but we are not crying about it.

    This was a terrible idea and this is just an invitation to to bash blinks for stuff they haven’t done.

    You misunderstand my intentions. I mistakenly thought that it was going to be more "Yeah let's keep it classy!" instead of "2yr is saying BLINKS are triggered children!"

    Blinks have bashed before, and those members are gone with Shy 's vigilance. The thread was an attempt to avoid any one who skates that line of being inflammatory and troll to avoid getting banned.

    The thread was moved to KLounge.

    A safe space for blinks, and yet it looks like a mod is in with armies to put a muzzle on blinks here, even though I have not seen blinks here bashing BTS.

    What kind of power dynamic is this?

    Check yourself before you accuse me. I've been nothing but nice and I try really hard to be fair to all, not just BLINKS. Your post is an unfair accusation. There's no power dynamic, I really wanted to help avoid any potential bashing. I edited my OP to state I'm glad for the blinks who don't bash.

    Aren’t you a mod for the guild? Can you just delete this post?

    Our “safe space” is getting invaded because of this post.

    It was moved to KLounge.

    Why are you in our guild? Do you see blinks all over the ARMY guild trying to pick fights? No.

    2yr This post was a horrible idea. Now you’re causing fights in our guild. If you’re going to post something like this, do it everywhere, don’t put it all on one group.

    I'm in the guild for the same reason as you. I'm trying to avoid any future fights. If you see it differently, that is your opinion. The fact is it's against forum rules to be inflammatory.

    I edited the thread OP to indicate a thank you for the blinks who have been civil the whole time.

    "they did it first!!" is that about right?

    It's not favoritism, everyone is responsible for their actions.

    honestly i didn't even see it was posted in your guild, i saw the thread on the right side ribbon. I'll stop posting, but I'm really curious to see how our mods are addressing your comments in here :)

    Have a great day!

    I'm a fan of BP but I'm a mod for all groups. Yours was an honest mistake, made moot by the fact this thread was moved now to KLounge.

    Wait and why are there armies in a blink guild.

    You guys have actually stood by and let armies invade a blink guild.

    What is going on here?

    Some users stan both BP and BTS and may not even be in a guild. The user who posted said they didn't know and apologized.


    I low key agree with blinks here

    Army’s bash bp all the time

    Instead of posting it on the guild you should have addressed all the offenders separately

    "They did it first!!" someone already said this.

    Doesn't make it right.

    Also most of the blinks in the guild mind their own business and don't post much on the main forum. Only some of us comment on the main forum.

    I'm glad of this. This was my attempt to try to avoid our guild members from having triggered responses to troll threads. Really.

    I cannot believe this. So blinks cannot even have their own space without them being told they should not be bashing anyone especially bts.

    Have you told that to the armies who bash BP. I don't understand what is happening on akp.

    Do armies have control over everyone or what?

    "They did it first!!" Getting tired of seeing this style of response. We can have a safe space, but why do we have to bash any other group?

    I haven't posted to armies, I'm not in that guild. This thread was moved to KLounge anyway.

    Why did you make this in the BLINK Guild? This is like insinuating all the BLINKs in the Guild were attacking BTS when it's not true.

    I don't really want fans of other artists in this guild, and I've said multiple times that this is a safe space for us to appreciate and talk about BP without antis and non-fans ruining the fun and positivity. I don't really want any drama or calling out of other groups/users which is exactly what is happening rn.

    I agree with the post, I just don't understand why it always has to be BLINKs vs ARMYs. I think it should've been made in the Lounge or something, because most of us here don't even mention BTS anywhere...

    This was moved to KLounge. To be direct, I posted this thread here FOR the blink guild, someone posts an opinion elsewhere on the forum and people get triggered and butthurt.

    This was to avoid drama but really the responses have been surprising. I edited the OP to indicate I was thankful for the BLINKS who don't do the bashing or react horrifyingly to bashing threads/posts, but it may have been too late. You're right though, I should definitely have prefaced my OP with that I appreciate the guild members who DON'T cause trouble. That was my mistake. Since I'm responsible, I'm trying to answer each post.

    when did bts say that akp users bash them :wow:

    search the forum, bts members are saying that mostly blinks bash them. since i see that complaint often, i have the need to investigate and see if we're responsible. sometimes it might be a fake blink who joined just to create drama and make fake threads or posts - but - if any of us are falling for that, it's on us.

    so please you guys, be careful and think before you react or post.

    i get that this is the internet, but there are real people behind the screens and usernames. treat others with respect and kindness.

    I don't ban on discord, that's going to be from a different admin/mod. but if i see it on the forums, whoever does it will be on my shitlist.

    i'm sick of bts always saying that we bash them. if it's true and i see it happen, whoever is doing it is going pay for the stupid discord drama pinky and i went through. tldr: we were told we suck bc they think we can read discord 24/7 and don't catch every.single.instance of bts bashing by anyone who says they're a blink.

    if we say blinks are better, then prove it.

    behave in a better way. /endrant

    WHY DID YOU DELETE THE THREAD ON OUR GUILD ripia, 2yr .WHAT THE FUCK. WHY would you delete the whole thread?!!!!!

    The thread was a bashfest and was bringing even more drama from the thread to Discord and Vice versa. There were users taking screenshots trying to expose people. That's not allowed either.

    You've read the rules, haven't you?

    Follow the rules and lose the entitlement. Thanks.

    Maybe you're surrounded by people who have totally different personalities from you and think differently. Maybe it seems like no one really cares so it becomes a gnawing feeling of being misunderstood and feeling alone.

    it's ok to feel like an alien, like you don't fit in or understand people. you don't have to vibe with everyone and it doesn't mean you're doomed if you don't fit in. Understand that most people are caught up in their own lives and only will be superficial in their interactions with anyone not in their immediate concern.

    it's common with the overwhelming saturation of social media to think you're missing out on some grand people party, but it's not even a thing. we're only seeing what you wrote in your OP but no one here knows what you've been through. if you had a traumatic childhood (abuse, bullying, toxicity) it can really make you want to isolate since you don't want to trust anyone enough to hurt you. then ofc once you've pushed everyone away, you're going to feel alone.

    sometimes it's the people who you consider your friends and even from your family. when everyone treats you like shit or takes advantage of you or is always hypercritical of you, it can hurt even worse than being alone.

    even all this wall of text i'm writing could seem pointless and boring to you if you've already disconnected and detached yourself from it.

    i highly recommend you seek the help of a mental health professional. it's important you find someone who can make you feel happy who cares about you and encourages you enough to help you not feel so alone and like an alien. try to find a hobby group and take the initiative in reaching out. not everyone will immediately warm up to you, but keep trying and take it one day at a time so you don't feel overwhelmed.

    there isn't some free pass from hardship in life for anyone. so it's something you'll only see improvement on if you make a genuine effort at.