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    Apparently Courtney said this will be the last time they will be asked about the show together as a group. I wonder WHY they hesitated so many years for a reunion and then end up doing such a shitty thing? The actors seem to be pretty close, Idk why they insist on burying the show's memories this hard?

    Hello, AKP keeps giving me a notice for adblock use. I use a VPN because Allkpop is not reachable in my home country sadly. It didn't let me to check my notifics or post for minutes today, I'm worried it will keep me from posting forever later. Is there something that I can do?

    This is....confusing.

    I like horror stuffs, go to haunted places, I love climbing trees, doing sports, martial arts, wearing sneakers on daily basis, driving motor bike and exploring, listening to rock songs while doing house chores.

    But I also love cooking, gardening, growing flowers, love cute stuffs, wearing colorful dress with frills, wearing light makeup, I love classic music and....TXT :teeheek:

    Wish I was interested in that many things lol

    What's the difference between feminine and girlish tho?

    im girly as fxxxk

    Except i dont do anything with my hair or wear makeup but that's because I'm a slob....I wear short skirts like on a daily though..... Literally all my interests are girly....I have a light blue baroque like chair in my room and like Prada and Miu Miu ads all over my walls I love astrology

    I only like girly pop music and K-pop Boysi and I used to play the harp

    Your room sounds like my dream lol

    My fashion is mostly simple t-shirts, plane jeans, simple sneakers and hoodies, but I have long hair, love to wear ponytails, have a lot earrings with heart shape or flower shape, my bedroom looks quit simplistic except for the fact that I have a pink fake fur rug and a makeup table. My living room also has only white furniture as like my bedroom but you definetly see a girl/woman lives here by just the fact I have a pink blanket on my couch, pink pillows on my chair and I am getting a pink carpet soon for the big free space on one part of my floor while under my grey chouch is allready a small pink carpet. I also own a lot dishes with flower pattern (even tho many stuff was gifted to my trought my family. Most of my plates are leftovers by my great grandma cause as she passed away my family decided to not trow her dishes away and as I moved to my first own apartment my grandma said I could have these dishes). I have a simple looking kitchen and bathroom wich is all leftover by the people who lived in my apartment before me, but I definetly did a small things by adding for example a cutting bord with a rose-patern on it hehe. I think my color-theme around the apartment is: white and light wood for the furniture and extras are white, black, grey, light blue and light pink. I am also inspired a bit for my apartment by those unboxing videos from Youtube where people have those "kawaii" bedrooms hehe wich you can totally see in me having a small cutsy items (not too many cause the people in such videos overflood their rooms with stuff, I try to be a small bit more on the minimalistic side but not too much cause too much minimalism dosn't looks good in my apartment). So yeah IDK hehe

    I'd say that's all much more on the girly side lol

    What? Why have you made such a conclusion?? Do you know that social media is primarily a venue for personal communication between individuals it's not about someone's else beauty. I think it's not enough to be pretty to make people follow you. If you're so worried about the amount of followers, you can easily buy 2500 Instagram followers if you wish. But you also need to work hard to make your account look interesting and it's not so easy.

    I do kind of worry about my number of followers tbh, It's rising very slow

    My point exactly the group wasn't making enough for what they were spending for them. Soumu's debt only increased. The most probable scenario is that not all members wanted to renew and they decided not to continue without all of them. Why is it so hard to believe some members might want to quit idol life after 7 years? If soumu did royally fuck up and no one stays as a solo, the reason will probably come out after may 22 so we can just wait a few days.

    It hasn't even been 7 years, and if you read their handwritten letters it does sound like they are not willing to. If 6 members leave all at once, something is fishy in there. It is more than a group just not doing well. They could have disbanded but stayed under the same agency. I am a stan from 2nd generation, I saw many groups disband. Including my past faves, I always expected all of them to end that way. And didn't expect Gfriend to last 20 years either because I am an objective person. But THIS was not a normal case. Groups who are doing worse and started earlier than them are still going on.