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    I just wanna say that JYP handled really badly RLLY BADLY the changes between Twice's concepts

    It is one of the reasons but for me, More & More was the main reason why Twice's hype is slowing down these days among GP. M&M hiatus was their longest hiatus (9 months), everyone had a lot of expectation but it turned that the song was a disappointment.

    I truly think that ICSM would be their payback but i didnt. On the other side, their international fandom is really growing

    Blackpink has chance to be really huge eventhough they rarely promote there. Lisa is apparently popular but again, they dont really promote in Japan. They dont even release japanese songs

    no kpop act is relevant to the GP, not even japanese idols are, the only really popular idol acts are Arashi, and maybe nogi and kinpuri (not even suno is)

    They are not the best K-groups either, there are at least 10 kpop groups (male and female) with better sales than them

    BTS is relevant tbh. Arashi is way too big to be compared with BTS, they basically own Japan. Kinpuri is kinda comparable but no really tho. But BTS is huge there although not as huge as household names but still

    Twice is kinda relevant but their peak was TT and Wake Me Up Currently Nogi is the most popular female idol group, i dont think Twice will be able to compete with them. Even AKB is eclipsed by Nogi by large margin. Nogi members are very popular like Saito Asuka, Ikuta Erika. I dont think Twice will be able to hit it really big again but they will keep growing. As for individual, Sana has A MASSIVE chance to be a really huge like ex-Nogi member Shirashi Mai.

    The reason why Twice is relevant is because they once nominated in Japan Record Award for Grand Prix (the equivalent of SOTY) with 'Wake Me Up'. Competing against Nogizaka (the winner), Keyakizaka, Da Pump, AKB48, Nishino Kana, etc.

    TL;DR. Kpop is still consider as niche act in Japan but not BTS and Twice. Both BTS and Twice are relevant but not as big as household names

    IZ*ONE is not the reason of Twice's decline. I dont even think that Twice is declining, maybe just a bit but they are still very strong and grow everyday. Concept change one of the reasons why GP dont really pay attention to Twice, but ICSM managed to reach #11 in 24Hits, tiny decline isnt going to harm them tho.

    Also Twice is bigger than IZ*ONE in every metrics.

    I truly enjoy OTG. The beat drops is not the typical drop that will disappoint you. It is unique. I felt the message of the song on personal level. It truly hits me

    But as for now, Gone is still the superior song for me. I love ballad song, that's why. But OTG is great though. Truly Rosé's song from start until the end.


    It's no different between kpop and jpop. Other story, some former AKB members told that there're a lot of mentally unwell among these girls due to unhealthy circumstances. With tight schedules, being underpaid, rivalry among the girls (this one even lead to certain cases where some girls get stalk by strangers). In the past, some girls even got attacked by wotas in handshake events, to the point they got serious injury.

    One of my favorite 46 group was collapse on Kouhaku stage due to exhaustion. The company doesn't protect and caring their idols decently.... :waterr: meanwhile when these girls had dating scandal, how easy for them to get kicked out of the group.

    It's so sad how these girls had to gone through all of those hardships when they don't even reach 17 yet.

    Lord Techi 😭😭😭 The Almighty performer and center. The ace. The everything

    I've been following her since 2015. Obviously, i will support her. She went through a lot ups and down. She was underestimated during PD48, Sakura was heavily criticized because of pretty face but not as skilled as Korean trainees. The reason she joined PD48 because she want to improve her skills, and she has improved A LOT.

    She's very hardworking. Her charisma is unmatchable in IZ*ONE. Her dancing skills is on lead dancer level. She will bring a lot of sales if she really debut on BHNGG. I will try to stan the group but as for now, i'll be her solo stan.

    My only wish is that she should back to HKT48 first, eventhough only for 3-4 months. Her and Nako made a promise to Sashihara Rino to return to Japan first. For people that doesnt know Sashihara Rino, she is a former AKB/HKT48 member, top Japanese star.

    It is a strategy and mismanagement at the same time. YG is truly misogynist. From my observation, they want their BG as Big Bang's successor, not BP. But it turns out that BP hit it really big and far beyond their expectation.

    To non-blinks, do yall really think that your faves will be as successful as BP if they use the same strategy? I swear that i saw tons of blinks left the fandom during the drought in 2019-2020. And to be honest, i did not expect that GP will like 'How You Like That' as Kpop stans said that it was repetitive. And then the major disaster within fandom during 'Ice Cream'. I bet yall wont survive a day if your fandom is blink

    Being a blink is hard. You have to figh the agency nonstop. On the positive side, something has shifted in that misogynistic agency. It is still heavily biased towards male artists but a little bit better for BP.

    Also stop that 'thirsty' thing. The gap between HYLT to the Album was 3 month, The Album to -R- is 5 months. Yet the sales is very great. -R- managed to surpassed 400k pre-orders in span of 4-5 days.

    I'll speak for Sana only. I believe she'll be very huge in Japan once she start her solo activity

    She will be new Japanese CM queen along with Hirose Suzu, Sashihara Rino, Shiraishi Mai, Watanabe Naomi, Imada Mio, etc. I hope i'll see "Minatozaki Sana" on the same sentences with top Japanese celebrity.

    Tbh, if Sana can act. It'll benefit her even more. But as for now, i can see her joining variety show and cemented her name. Maybe her career path will be similar to Sashihara Rino. Sashihara Rino is a former AKB48/HKT48 member, she's a very respected person in Japanese Entertainment industry. Well-spoken, very articulate, and smart. Sana is smart, she'll be a top Japanese celebrity.

    My guess yg is not trying bc:

    - Concept limitations.. when did a gg get big there without being on the cute side?

    - Japanese fans require a lot of fan service something bp doesn’t do, the fans you’ll get without that are already yours without trying so hard with something like original songs

    - the language barrier prevents them from going on shows unlike other ggs

    Nogizaka46 reach in popularity peak without a cute song. The members have cute personality but they became huge with a non-cute song.

    They have many cute songs but this is the song that help them reach their peak. These songs help them to win Grand Prix on Japan Record Awards. Grand Prix is SOTY.

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    Blackpink can be huge in Japan. Its just that YG is weird

    In Indonesia. It is known but not taken seriously. Most people only know BTS and Blackpink nowadays.

    Indonesians prefer ballad, USpop, Indopop, and Indie music for the past few years. On daily basis, Indonesians favor slow-to-medium tempo music rather than upbeat. Indonesians also like Western pop.

    In conclusion, Kpop is known but not everyone likes it. Most of us will only listen to it if its played in public (station, mall, etc). Slow-to-medium tempo music is what public really likes. We are open to foreign music, people will listen to it but as time goes by local music will win

    What kind of artist? I dont know about Twice but i'll speak for Blackpink.

    Songwriting? All of them (Jensoo LSG, Rosé Gone, Lisa Say So Rap, Jisoo Habit, Jennie Solo Remix Rap, Sure Thing Cover).

    Production (Jennie has been credited as one of the composer of LSG).

    Choreography? Lisa been doing it since predebut also Say So dance break was choreographed by her.

    Blackpink members are involved in deciding the concept of The Album (MV, Styling, Concept). It might not fully under their control but they have their creative input in it.

    Lisa's dance performance on her YouTube channel is not choreographed by her but she has creative control for her channel. The styling, song-choice, video-concept.

    Recently, Jennie has been credited as fashion editor on Vogue Korea. At the same time, Lisa is selected to join the jury for French "2021 ANDAM Fashion Awards".

    Jisoo, being an actress is a part of art. Art of expression. If her acting is great, it is an art.

    Lastly, wait for Rosé solo album

    There are many forms of art. Be specific

    It's a super huge market, just below USA

    They dont need to expand their wings to other countries. Japan has strong buying culture when it comes to music. They are slowly transitioning to streaming but buying physical album culture is still very strong. Japanese groups such as Arashi, Johnny's, EXILE, AKBgroup, Sakamichi46, =Love, Momusu, etc are king and queens in their own country. They have solid and strong sales withough international supports. 1M sales is relatively easy for household names in Japan

    NiziU is the example, their Japanese fanbase is very strong and basically GP knows them because of their survival show was aired on prime time show "Sukkiri". Their debut album exceed 350k+ sales. Predebut single reached a lot of amazing milestones.

    Japanese artists can held a large-scale nationwide tour with more than 200k attendance. Either Dome tour or Stadium tour. No international promotion. That's why Kpop artists are expanding their wings to Japan.

    Japanese music industry is huge and wide. It is a huge market with wide variety range of genre. Jpop is way more diverse than Kpop. There are rock, heavy metal, pop (idol music and disco dance pop), hip hop, enka, theme music, game music, etc. Each genre has its own fanbase and its huge.

    Japanese market is very valuable to every artist that promoting Japan. Strong buying culture.

    Because ICSM isnt a huge hit like LSG? Both things can be true. The new chart is completely different and in my opinion probably more accurate than the old and it has made it more stable so while it is harder to get into the top ten it is also harder to completely fall out if you have a genuine hit song. How is this not clicking?

    Steady like how? it is steady for LSG, Dynamite, and Eight. But many songs are freefalling from TOP100. Epik High entered the chart really fast and then drop again