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    I definitely can, I don't feel depressed, or sad, just bored you know?

    I just keep going, watching something on yt or netflix here, watching some mvs there, seeing my kpop faves updates on instagram, sometimes I play videogames, I just go, maybe I will find something one day, maybe I will get there (somewhere?), idk, better just keep it that way.

    Nowadays, it feels like that energy and drive can be found in pop music of other (non-US/UK) countries that seem to catch up to and surpass a regressing American pop music scene, like how K-pop is thriving.

    That's simply fantastic, your entire post described exactly my feelings regarding American pop nowadays.

    Before anyone reads, these are only my opinions, and maybe from your point of view, I might be completely wrong (which is fine, I respect it).

    [Hidden in the spoiler, because it ended up too big]

    Perfect, the last decade definitely was the underrated ggs era, its sad cuz they didn't got big, but I'm happy due to them at least releasing those bops to us.

    R.I.P. all underrated ggs which didn't got very popular, but, that cheer up our hearts till this day <3

    Its very simple, you post a song (or mv) that you consider nostalgic (don't need to be kpop) and describe what memories you get, or feelings, when you listen to it.

    Me first.

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    I remember my room, I'm in my bed, its cold outside, and I'm under my favorite blanket, watching their mv, its quiet, and I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, their voices are amazing, and they are so beautiful".

    I always get a cozy feeling when I watch this, and if numbers had tastes, this would be a 2012 flavor (sorry, I have a weird thing with numbers and dates).

    There was a tv channel here that would show anime, also lots of stuff about Asian music (kpop and jpop), and whenever a new game or console was coming out they would talk about it. Anything Asia or nerd related they got it covered, that place was paradise on earth.

    And also cartoon network, where I would watch Billy And Mandy, Ben 10. Every Christmas they aired The Polar Express, and every year I watched it.

    I loved Nickelodeon too, especially iCarly (I remembered that back then my friend also looked like her, lol, good times).