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    I think I saw one of the PD videos that say that now their concept kinda feels like Black+Pink, which I kinda agree and like it.

    It's not Black concept versus Pink concept. It's a mixture of both which is kinda in between whereby it is quite balanced.

    Yea, certain songs might feel more Black and certain songs might feel more Pink.

    But overall, it is Black+Pink which feels like Blackpink has found their own concept/color/feel to it.

    I think it's good cos some people might get put off if the concept is to that extreme end of Black or Pink.

    Trying to ignore all the arguments and just appreciating Ruto's visuals in the pics and gifs shared by you all :D

    Just can't ignore the comment on his teeth. I can't at y'all wanting less manufactured plastic kpop idols and then proceed to want someone to fix their so-called imperfect teeth cos it doesn't fit the beauty standard for plastic idols or that it triggers you personally. X/

    Yea, it was so long ago, don't really remember the details.

    If I remember correctly, I think that man had already crashed. Then Daesung crash into the car in front of him which knocks the poor guy or the car in the front managed to avoid at the last minute but Daesung didn't manage to avoid the hit.

    Police dropped the charges bcos that poor guy would have died even without Daesung crashing into him or it might be that it could not be determined.

    Anyway, I think this might be the reason that Daesung never really promoted solo in South Korea, perhaps due to guilt/trauma/criticism/scrutiny from public/respect for the family members of the victim. He did solo in Japan instead. His trot song in Korea was maybe before the accident happened. Really don't remember the timeline. Lol.

    true Lee Chung ah is underutilized in the drama. It started out good but there is no progress. Everything revolves around Do Jung Woo. lee Chung ah's character is kinda slow for an FBI agent

    Yes, I agree. I was actually hoping that the drama will be good and Lee Chung Ah can gain some fame from this. I kinda like her from an old drama, Vampire Detective. Anyway, too bad this drama's writer/director screw it up. I don't mind the drama revolving around Do Jung Woo since I love Nam Goong Min but I feel the romance is quite unnecessary. I always feel like subtle platonic romance is more suitable for these kind of dramas. ^^

    Mr Queen - This is hilarious. Maybe I watched it without any expectations. So, it is good for me.

    Uncanny Counter - Love this one too. The main lead is cute. The relationships between the main leads and with the guy's best friends are so beautiful.

    Awaken - Sorry, I gave up on this drama halfway. Love Nam goong min but it's too slow moving and sorry to her fans, but the female lead ruins the drama for me. Prefer the 2nd FLbut I guess she was ditched for the first lead cos she was less famous. ;(


    I didn't notice that the new forum started and was wondering why there were no new post updates in the old allkpop forum. :D

    Seriously, need some time adjusting. Why are the font size so small?? ;(