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    So many groups on bb200 but hot100 is something so difficult. I really wonder how a group can hit top20 on bb200 but can't even touch bubbling under. Do their fans not try to buy on iTunes or stream? Downloads are much cheaper than albums after all.

    This is so true. I never really thought about it this way. Maybe only sales aren’t enough to push into hot100. I’ve noticed that except PSY and older acts who debuted on the hot100 before audio streaming became a thing, the songs that are actually able to debut on Spotify US top 200, are more likely to chart :whatr:

    I hope that you understand that this isnt very healthy..

    This has nothing to do with being unhealthy. Why would I listen to the same music being produced by other acts when my faves are producing the same thing and listening to them will be supporting them when I’m their fan.

    The only way for acts to stand out is to have their own sound. Being similar to others is what I’ll find unhealthy since IMO, they lack identity among the masses

    I hope that you understand that in kpop you have 5,10 groups with the same type of music as your group and even more when it comes to entertainment.

    And this is why some of us lose interest fast. Why would we listen to similar groups when we can just listen to our faves all day?

    For me I usually listen to artistes who are very different from each other. And that’s why the US pop scene sucks now because there’s not much diversity among the pop acts :crys:

    I don’t really wanna join this convo but I have to say I appreciate you for those good looking graphs :pepe-toast:

    Sing live. You are a vocalist whose job is to sing. If not what else are you doing in the music industry?

    I can understand if they have no control or input in their stage performances. But if it’s the artistes who don’t wanna sing live, I will feel cheated out of my money if I ever go for their concerts.

    Anybody with an average voice will sound good after their vocals are well tuned during recordings. The only time fans can appreciate their vocals is when it’s live.

    And I’ll rather hear my faves’ voice cracks. At least they make an effort to sing to their fans :yesr:

    Both are great, but BTS rose to fame partly due to B.A.P leaving the scene due to issues within the company. That's not to discredit any of BTS's achievements, they are a true success story and extremely talented, but I do believe B.A.P's absence was BTS's lucky break.

    If you want some insider info, the CEO of TS ENT was allegedly a degenerate gambler, and that's why the members weren't paid, there was no money left.

    The CEO also died a couple years later, and although the cause of death was unreleased, the reason is most likely suicide after accruing lots of gambling debt.

    The delusion

    BTS big break both international and local was the Wings album. Tell me how similar blood sweat and tears was to Bap’s music

    First people say BTS became popular because of one direction’s absence, then later to Exo leaving for military and then to a lot of legendary groups inactivity. When will kpoppies accept that BTS rise to stardom would have happened whether the sun rose from the west to the east :smirks: