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    he literally said he's gonna stop commenting and here you go attacking him because of his age and whether he takes kpop serious ? its not giving what its supposed to give luv

    is it banned to comment after someone? he reads these for sure he'll probably reply too but probably won't reply after reading this lmaooo y'all are too easy to offend how do you guys even survive out in real life

    but thats him? why does it matter if people decide to take a certain genre serious it isnt you their being a fanboy over is it

    like no because right after i told someone to shut the fuck up for meaning im supporting my oppressor, he felt a need to talk about how i hate myself, how im a very bad person and rotten inside just because i stated an opposing opinion against him, thats a next level disorder fyi

    but thats him? why does it matter if people decide to take a certain genre serious it isnt you their being a fanboy over is it

    by taking serious, why is he is personally attacking people? thats like a teen, pre teen behaviour even i stopped doing that few years ago

    Ok mate, since you clearly think I am obsessed with you and I am analyzing you I will no longer comment on this thread.

    But if it helps you sleep better at night, mine is the loser behavior.

    Have a good day.

    its already an incel behaviour to take kpop this seriously, as i know you're a bit old too, how sad

    No, I'm not gonna shut up just because you ordered me to. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I still don't understand why you're mad since I haven't said anything positive about China, the CCP or communism. So you're lashing at me for no reason really. But to each their own I guess.

    I N C E L

    you literally meant as i was trying to portray ccp in a good way, but you trying to twist your words is better than you shutting up

    Yes, I have seen some people do exactly that. Hence my post. Now if you do not, fair enough. But I was not talking about you. So what are you even mad about? Chill out, bruh.

    Its literally under my thread, that was uncalled for. While I majorly suffered because of China, lost friends and family members, I have a right to defend myself something like that. I didn't defended myself, I just told you to shut the fuck up but failed doing that, low of you. Plus the other person tried to get involved too like can both of you just shut the fuck up?

    No one here has worked in the C-pop industry. No one has experience. And everyone has the freedom to talk about whatever they want regardless of their nationality or race.

    Only strongmen, dictators and politburos of one party states think otherwise, and the sycophants that support them or want to be them.

    please again "read throughly"

    i mean someone who followed the cpop industry for a long time, cpop industry was there long before jpop and kpop

    and no you can't talk about whatever you want as facts, thats why most people disagree with you. why would a random norvegian person should be able to talk about racism towards indigenous people in canada?

    also not mentioning how most of that was just my opinions that are not even for trolling, yes there were few to troll but most were harmless opinions that only hurted you

    Thanks for the personality analysis, but i come to this forum to state my opinions if i have any. I literally don't come here for a random guy to obsessively do a personality analysis on my speech patterns, posts and make write a paragraph about it or another random guy to analyse my political stand points.

    I can't decide which one is more of a loser behavior

    Again, I have no clue what point you're trying to make.

    And? Should i try to make it more clear? I still hate China, CCP and communism within the deepest places from my heart and you have the shut the fuck up about what you said there. Nobody praises a country for detaining a rapist.

    Yeah i was decently going to reply until you really thought I tried to troll under a serious topic like this.

    Also can you stop lying? First of all I'm barely even on this forum how can I be "well" known? Is akp that dead?

    Yeah digest my words this time, SHUT UP if you're going to twist words to entertain yourself.

    Shut up for the second time boo

    I was just saying that because you said only Chinese peeps should speak on it. They can't post articles on here legally. Also anyone can speak about it or have an opinion on it. I think the article is dumb but that does not mean they cant have their opinion about it.

    Can you think things a bit more through? There are chinese people in this forum and people who grew up closely with the chinese culture. Most of the east asian, central asian and south east asian countries are very familiar with the chinese industry. If a person who has no experience about chinese entertainment industry they can just kindly shut up. They're talking about rumors about a country they've never been to as if its real to whitewash a rapist. Why a regular german person who has no knowledge of korea and kpop should talk about korean politics?

    Ah ok. Well, who knows. It's not like the Chinese justice system wasn't questionable. What's funny to me is to see fans praising how swift and merciless the Chinese authorities fell on evil man Kris Wu even though they usually trash the regime because of this controversy or that controversy. Usually China is the big baddie but nope this time China is so great just because one alleged rapist gonna have a hard time. Well, okay then.

    Boo shut up what are you trying to even mean here. No one will praise a country for having a good justice system thats literally the bare minimum. Maybe thats what you want to hear but no