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    The Vince thing is so annoying. It pretty much means that something that Rose was working and writing herself was replaced by outsourced music that was then altered by Teddy and to keep fans happy they added Rose in the credits.

    Yg at its best

    We really getting one new song. Yg really tried hype up an album that has 2 songs one of which was sung for the online concert.

    I just hope that they didn’t lie about the budget of the mv( I believe they called it unprecedented) cause so far they have not done anything right.

    I am also ready to throw hands that Vince was not involved in the songs. He was there when she made her live singing session and was the person who helped her open up about songwriting ( documentary)and he was not involved? That probably means that this is not what Rose wanted to create but rather what YG wanted her to release. If it was truly what she wanted to create people that helped her in her writing would have definitely been involved which they are not.

    Perhaps they are putting extra effects on the mv, maybe they've ordered some special costumes or props for the performance and need to wait for them to be made.

    Blinks have zero patience. This is a big deal for Rose and they need to get it right. I bet everything will be perfect for the release.

    The MVs was filmed in January the comeback is supposed to be mid March. Since when do post effect of a 4 minute video take 2 months. They also apparently showed clips from the actual MV in the show performance. They are taking a very unusual approach to these promotions where they reveal things they should not ( songs of the album and clips from mv) but not the amount of songs on the album ?

    Don’t try to bring Jennie down to prove your point. As for Jisoo she has been booked with photo shoots and her drama. They are trying to establish her as an actress and having her pick up large advertising as this would only propagate the agenda that she is getting this role because of her popularity and not skills.

    Also they seemed to be rebranding from the girl next door image so Jennie fits their new image

    Just a friendly reminder that lyrics don’t need to be powerful, emotional, or deluded under a metaphor. They can just be fun and catchy, where you remember the lyrics and easily sing along. Some songs can be “ bitch in a cow “ by DojaCat and your snarky opinion doesn’t mean anything to the music industry or people listening to it.

    Also let me guess, all of you self entitled fans of “real songwriters” ( where did the Rosie ghost writer even come from) actually don’t understand the lyrics yourself and look up other peoples reactions and explanations to fulfill your superior complex.

    Not my thing, idols taking of shirts at award shows is just misplaced and weird to appease their horny fans. It is don’t to get attention in a very sexualized way that is acceptable for boys but not girls.

    But who am I to talk when I simped when Hyuna took of her shirt :pepe-simp:

    Y’all are reaching. First it is prerecorded so she didn’t sing it, that is not how it works. Second I heard people saying she is off-key, help me find that part. Third people are saying the song didn’t fit her because she didn’t sing it in head voice, which is common for idols they change the scales to fit their voice but if it is Lisa of course she was screeching and not singing.

    She did good she is a rapper and occasionally sub vocalist but if blackpink does anything new they are terrible at it, untalented, and wish they were your faves. But you talking about it just proves otherwise

    Well IU just came back. Gone audio has been leaked from the content, people will be listening getting more curious about the title song and then boom release teasers fit the title track. Letting this sizzle a little is not that bad

    This really shows the horrible side of Stan culture. There is no denying that what she did is wrong, and those defending her should know when to stop.

    1. There is a horrible history with Korea and Japan during the time of WW2, and guess who was allies with Japan.

    2. When it comes to cultural appropriation the excuse they didn’t know doesn’t cut it anymore so it shouldnt here. They have books and internet in Korea so even if they didn’t teach it in school ( which is just complete bullshit) they could still educate themselves.

    3. The holocaust is referenced regularly in pop culture consumed by everyone including Korea audience- so she definitely heard or saw something resembling the uniform and symbols attached to it.

    4. If she truly didn’t know what she posted she would apologies right away and educate herself. She did not and right now it seem more like a misplaced edgy humor rather than miseducation.

    As fans we need to stop making excuses for faves, let them speak for themselves and learn.