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    Here's a story about dating from my friend who also had strict parents:

    I had an Indian friend who also had strict parents as well and would not get him date so he thought of an idea and slowly left hints to his parents that he might be gay. The straw that broke the camel's back was that he "accidentally" left either a gay porn magazine in his room or had his computer left on a gay porn website or something but that freaked his parents out and when they went to speak to him he said "yeah i dunno if I was gay or not so i wanted to double check...I still like looking at girls but...I have never dated before so I don't know" - that shook his parents and when my friend then raised the idea of dating a girl his parents were like "fuck yeah he's straight go for it"!!!!

    (it might be different since you're a girl) but what do conservative parents hate more than dating - dating the wrong gender

    I would be sent to conversion therapy if I tried that, I like both genders but my family will never accept that so I'll just stay in the closet, it's safer.

    that's absolutely not that young but then it depends on where you are from - are you from a conservative country?

    God I've seen mothers at the age of 16 so trust me 16 is not young

    I live USA but I was born and raised in Jamaica and it's kinda conservative. Also, my mom doesn't want me to date until I'm 18 or older.

    why is that - do you not like the day period or do you not happen to have a significant other or do you believe that it has become too commercialised?

    I don't have a significant other and I don't want want one because I feel like I'm too young for a relationship BUT... I kinda feel lonely on that day and I usually like being alone so idk :pepe-comfy:

    I have never been in a guild before but I want to join

    1. What is your name? Kallies, Kai
    2. What are your pronouns? she/her
    3. What’s your favorite color? black, grey, blue, pink, purple
    4. What’s your favorite food? PIZZA!!!
    5. What’s your favorite tv series/movie? The Unlisted, Scott Pilgrim vs The World
    6. How and when did you get into kpop? I got into kpop last year, a BTS song was recommend to me on youtube then BOOM I'm in.
    7. What’s your favorite kpop moment you’ve experienced? BTS Online Concert: Map of the Soul ON:E Concert
    8. Who is your ult bias? SEOKJIN :lover2:
    9. Who are your bias/favorite groups? BTS (seokjin), TXT (beomgyu), TBZ (chan hee), SKZ (jeongin)
    10. Who is the most recent artist you’ve gotten into? SKZ
    11. What’s your favorite song/album/mv? Moon - Jin (BTS), Magenta - Kang Daniel, More & More - Twice MV
    12. Who’s your favorite boy group? (if applicable) BTS
    13. Who’s your favorite girl group? (if applicable) Twice
    14. Who’s your favorite solo artist? (if applicable) Kang Daniel
    15. What comebacks are you most looking forward to in 2021? BTS, Kang Daniel