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    Okay but you don't want my message that I made?! :cursing:

    Awesome it got noticed by the OP I'm actually really glad

    It was just to help people because some people were really confused on how to play/the rules. It took me a while to do it too

    "Tag someone else participating in the game with this message by quoting them. Don't forget to tell them to do the same!"

    why are non blinks always in bp's buisness

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    I know kittykitka I told you I wasn't going to make any more threads tonight but I couldn't help it lmao I needed to make a thread on this because I need to know.

    The girl with the pink hair, Ari reminds me a lot of Sana or Nayeon (mainly Sana tho) the girl with long black hair, Suho, reminds me of Mina or Tzuyu (mainly Mina tho) the girl with the short red hair, Min, reminds me of Jeongyeon.

    See the source image

    I'm not sure if this classifies as a K-Drama because it's animated and aimed to younger kids but I find it pretty interesting. It's called Flowering Heart and it's a "Korean anime" that has a magical girl concept. I first watched on YouTube but it's also on Netflix and I can't wait for the next season. It's funny how it's a Korean show with English dubs and subs that was meant for (mainly) girls between the ages of 9-12.

    I feel like it was super weird how she and her friends are only in 5th grade and the guys at her school look like they are seniors in high school and she's having a huge crush on them and in a love triangle sort of. Am I the only one that finds this weird? Is it normal in South Korea?

    (the guys on the far left and far right are the love interests/crushes)

    Edit: It's a Korean "anime" which are called "manhwa" and they aren't super common.

    Tbh I think it was just something random. The DubChaeng photo just looks like a fun night out posted for Instagram or smth and the SaHyo pic looks something for like a billboard ad or those big screen ads in large cities lmao ^^ I mean, you never know, but I doubt it the way JYP does things. They usually don't release teasers with no context. That SaHyo picture was just posted by Sana for Jihyo's birthday lmao

    I'd like to see something like it tho!