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    I honestly think all of them are needed but Yena and Yujin are in the upper half of both popularity and talent in the group so I disagree with you there. It is personal preference though, thats true.

    yena has many views uwu among them(i m surprised i thought than chaeyeon is one pooular member but all the comments were for yena for performance)


    Yena deserve the attention of international fans <3 (underrated member but best all ronder in izone)

    All the world did great job in that but yena is really born for the stage.EvEG5b7XYAAmoaD.jpeg.jpg

    Chaeyeon's fancams were more popular in the past but lately, Chaewon and Yena have gained a LOT of popularity (especially Chaewon) and both of them are top 5 in popularity in the group now

    really then we disagree since my opinions differ to yours :-)

    What is your opinion, just curious?

    I'm speaking from a technical perspective, whereby Yena is the 2nd strongest vocalist and 3rd strongest dancer in the group. If your personal preferences suggest otherwise, thats a different story, but objectively she's the most talented member of the group (besides maybe Chaeyeon but Chaeyeon has no breath support when she sings)

    well yena certainly isn't going to be a soloist or rather she doesn't have the allrounder talents for it...but i can see her being a variety star though...mcing and partaking in a lot of variety shows

    Yena doesn't have the allrounder talents for it??? She's literally the strongest rapper, 2nd strongest vocalist, and 3rd strongest dancer in the group what more do you want!?