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    I wonder how it's gonna go. For someone who's been retired for 2 years, she gets an incredible support from fans on her recently opened instagram. Will it translate to good views and sales numbers though? Fans don't always put their money where their mouth is, so I guess we'll see.

    And I wonder how the company is gonna market her. The domestic market looks like a lost cause. So traditional promotion like music shows and stuff seems out of the question.

    I don't know, maybe rid of both sides leaders and start negotiations from scratch or something.

    And fuck no is the current observable israeli attitude, so if you think it's bad start imagine what the victims think about negotiating with the very people that bombed them.

    From the wisdom of Game of Thrones: "We only make peace with our enemies. That's why it's called making peace". Negociating with the people who bombed them? Israelis could oppose the same objection. Why should they negociate anything with those who fire rockets at them all the time? Plus they are vastly superior military wise so they have even less motive to negociate.

    But discussing a peaceful resolution implies that both parties are seeking a peaceful resolution. Otherwise there's nothing to discuss. And if you're not here to discuss, then you're just here to vent, rant and complain, and I see that as pointless. I'm not interested in the hurt feelings of strangers.

    A 2 state would require both sides to keep their promises. Hamas obviously can't but neither can the Israeli government who have lied multiple times, commited war crimes under international law in the name of "defence" and allow illegal expansion into Palestine territory via so called settlements. They cannot be trusted at all.

    Israel literally rule Gaza's resources, how can a 2 state solution work Palestinians are wholly reliant on their occupiers for food and energy and in the event israel do leave they leave behind a ruined country. A hospital was bombed today, are israel going to to take care of the infirm or rebuild it so citizens can run it on its own? Fuck no.

    That's all fine and dandy. But what is your solution then? "Fuck no" is a bad start to anything constructive.

    So, rather than throwing insults and accusations to each other, what do you think would be the most ideal solution to the conflict? What do you think must be achieved in order to restore long lasting peace in the not so Holy Land?

    Imo the two state solution seems the likeliest option (vs the bipartite one state option). For this, Palestine would need to get rid of Hamas and its allies. Israel would need to give back some of the territories they took as spoils of war. Even though independent from each other, Palestine and Israel would need to enter some kind of neutral union to ensure stability, not aligned with Arab states nor the USA and the West; like the Switzerland of Middle East basically. They should share a common effort to shut down the most extreme factions within their ranks and around.

    If neither parties are ready to meet such conditions, then I think it's pointless to cry over the suffering because it just won't end anytime soon.

    just saying why the f... they didn't created two separate countries in some way and don't meddle into each other business?

    That was the initial plan but shit went sideways really quickly. Now it devolves into a matter of who started first, with no apparent desire from neither sides to settle things for good.

    I suppose I'm too dead inside, but I fail to understand how people are still emotionally engaged in this issue that has been running for decades and will keep doing so for a long time. It's like being shocked another school shooting happened in the US; well duh it's happening, nothing changed since last time.

    It's always weird to hear music from (G)I-DLE that doesn't come from them originally. I mean, because they're one of the very few self produced groups, we fans have grown used to their music identity. Even when jumping from one genre to another, there's always something familiar enough that make you say "it's new but it's Gidle still". So when they release songs that are obviously composed by a third party, something sounds off. Which is why I don't know what to think of it, though I can say this album makes a better use of the members' vocals than what Last Dance did back then, especially Miyeon's.

    As for the title track, it's curious they went with that song. It's kinda bold stylistically, but not that great all things considered.

    Actually theres a great majority of men on this forum who do listen and follow boy groups. I think as a woman they wear makeup better then i do. nothing wrong with admiring that.

    I replied based on those who commented in this thread. And most of these guys don't follow kpop boy groups (as can be deduced from their badges). So obviously if you ask them about the influence of male idols on their style and fashion, it's next to none.


    First, I don't think most male fans here follow male kpop idols. So we don't pay attention to the way they dress.

    Secondly, do idols really dress fashionably when they're not "working"? I mean, what we see of them is more often a public persona. They wouldn't dress like that to go the grocery store or to the office as a nobody. And us, we are nobodies who go to the office and to the grocery store for toilet paper and canned beans. What sense would it make for us to dress like a kpop idol?

    If I were to change my style, I would adopt a more classic, traditional, timeless style: nicely tailored 2-piece suits, quality leather shoes. Which is what I'm considering these days.

    My first foray into kpop was after hearing this song. Unfortunately, I also found out about OT4 Kara and I enjoyed it way more than OT5, so I lost interest quickly.

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    The real deal came a decade later with K/DA, after laying my eyes on the charismatic monster Jeon Soyeon.

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    But sure, it's up to everyone to believe what they want, I just saying it sounds very unlikely she whould get the skills need to create a song all by herself in the short period from starting her trainee time to debuting. Most of the time must have been spent on the singing/rapping and dancing.

    Some people are more gifted than others. Ryan Jhun was already praising Soyeon's vocals in Produce 101 even though she entered as a rapper. In UPR3 she was arguably the best rapper of the show, despite her being the maknae. She acquired dance skills through ballet and street dancing even before joining Cube. So no, she didn't have a lot of training to do since she already was the best trainee her company had, unlike many idols who have a lot of ground to cover for being debut ready. And all that time she didn't have to spend to become competent at basic idol things, she could spend it on acquiring other skills, like composing and producing, which she did.

    So no, there is nothing unlikely about all that stuff. She worked passionately to become the prodigy she is today. She didn't fluke her way into the list of the most credited idol songwriters by random chance. Now that would be unlikely.

    Yes, and that is also one of my points. A lot of artist are people that "picked an instrument and learnt to play" or the typical singer songwriters. I don't mean they need a formal music education, but I have not seen anything in her background and says she have played any kind of music instrument, what I see is she has a balett background but switch to singing and rap. It's hard to believe someone that don't have gone in somekind of musis eduaction or at least learned to play instrument by themself suddenly would be able to write and produce their on music and songs. Sure, they could write lyrics and do some kind of music production, but doing it without a lot of help from others? But maybe I have missed something in her background and she have been playing instrumend since childhood are something? I just base my belief on what I have read about her and her age.

    She's doing pop music, not instrument based music. And yes, she received music lessons at Cube during her trainee days. In behind-the-scenes video, you can see her play and record demos on a keyboard.

    Not sure why you keep bringing her ballet background. She did ballet back when she was a toddler. It's barely relevant to what she is today.

    But in this case, it's just very unlikely that a person with her background the group would suddenly write and "produce" the majority of the songs by themself. She was around 20 when the groups debuted and reading about her background, she studied ballet?, no signs of any music training at all or the she played an instrument. That just it very hard to believe she suddenly would be able to write and produce hit songs? It would be more easier to believe if it was after 7-10 or more years of experience an artist so she had time to learn during the years in kpop.

    Argument from incredulity. And ignorance.

    Most rock bands out there have no formal musical training. They just picked an instrument and learnt to play and compose by jamming in their garage. Do you think Metallica attended a music school? They recorded and released their first album at age 19.