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    I actually think posting the unfiltered streams makes a lot of sense. ARMY does their best work when they have a tangible goal, and I think this is good motivation.

    I think it will be close but, tbh, between all the playlisting that this song has, and the fact that it's being released on a Friday night - when a lot of casual spotify listeners are more likely to throw on a playlist - means Butter might have a shot at the record.

    Jesus, are there really SEVEN songwriters for this song? :pepefacepalm:

    I mean (1) we don't know if all them were songwriters - some could be sound mixers or producers, and (2) even if there was seven songwriters, frankly, who cares? it's really not an indication of quality, and collaborative writing teams are more and more the norm in the western pop market.

    and not to get into a tit-for-tat, but weren't there are at least seven contributors for a few of the songs on BP's album? y'know, a product that - given your username - i'd assume you hold in high regard.

    edit: and wendii came through with the receipts.

    did a quick search of the people named in the credits, and outside of Jenna Andrews and Ron Perry (lol) most of those listed don't have many credits to their name. makes it harder to guess what it'll sound like - and again underscores BTS commitment to working with non-mainstream writers.

    With the caveat that I'm not privy to the ins-and-outs of Blink fandom, I will say that giveaway contests have been a huge issue on ARMY twitter recently. It turned out a bunch of the contests were run by crypto-scammers, and some fanbases either knowingly or unintentionally promoted giveaways that violated twitter's privacy rules. So they may be telling the truth - and it's just too risky to be associated with anymore twitter giveaways, at least of the sort they're talking about.

    Of course, if they suddenly jump back on the giveaway bandwagon for a Jisoo solo, as one user said, I'd be suspicious. But there is some relevance to what that Blink fanbase was saying.

    In a democratic country everyone should be equal before law, just because bts are very popular and successful that doesn't means they should get special privileges.

    There have been many legendary kpop boy groups before like Bigbang, TVXQ, G.O.D, H.O.T ... but none of them tried to run away from their military service like bts and bighit are doing

    Weak troll, since BH & BTS have never asked for a postponement or exemption, and have in-fact been quite adamant about doing their service if or when they are called to do so. But when you're bringing in a percentile of an entire country's GDP, and revolutionize an entire industry, people tend to treat you differently I suppose!

    Also, exemptions have always existed within SK conscription laws, so it's not as if there isn't precedent for the law that the Defense Ministry passed.

    I think OP is suffering from confirmation bias, because I follow hundreds of ARMY on twitter, and I haven't seen one hate tweet - let alone one bigoted tweet - cross my timeline in the past 24 hours. Makes me wonder what types of account they're following that they only see such hateful things. Maybe users who have a specific agenda, or like using real world issues for fanwars, as OP seems to be trying to do?

    All fandoms have a toxic subset. The bigger the fandom is, the bigger that subset tends to be. But I can say, at least for ARMY, that subset is a minority of the fandom. Take that as you will.

    Honestly, I feel the same as OP. it's not a bad song by any stretch, but it feels pretty generic (and like....the type of generic that was around 5-6 years ago), and it's WAY too short. I wish the production on the song was more complex, and the pre-chorus built to a fuller chorus. The music itself doesn't support the message of the lyrics, which leaves it feeling a bit empty. YG hire better producers challenge :/

    That's legitimately not true. "International fans" who "cancel" kpop idols for saying the n-word also "cancel" western (or non-kpop) non-black artists who say the n-word. If a fan - regardless of where they are from - has an issue with someone using a slur, or engaging in cultural appropriation - it doesn't matter who says it.

    I think the issue might be that your radar is skewed - if your sample size are people who mostly listen to kpop, when "western" artists do culturally insensitive they just may not know it even happened. I very much don't listen only listen to kpop, but I don't listen to country at all, so when Morgan Waller (is that his name?) got dropped from his label yesterday for saying the n-word, that was the first time I even knew he had said it, because I didn't pay attention to him outside the headline I saw.