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    Thinking of this, I remember as A.C.E said their concept is to be the first and only hardstyle-boygroup ... aaaand woopsy they stoped after 2 songs and never returned to that

    They never said that? On the contrary, they've been saying since pre-debut how they don't want to limit themselves in terms of music genres/concepts.

    but the CEO of A.C.E's company found all problematic parts in the contract of the winner-group where 2 of the member of A.C.E would have been in, so she told every CEO to not let their idols sign the very shitty contract. She even told the whole world how bad it was by reading the whole contract out loud on camera arguing with YG that broke companys could go bankrupt trouight YG's idea so a lot people only remembered A.C.E in the end of 2017 as "the group who is the reason why a YG-show failed" and thinking of the CEO of Beat people only remembered how YG insulted her and she couldn't say anything against him cause she felt too hurt to be able to defend herself till the time she told him at the end of the show to beg off.

    My head hurts reading this, lol. No one knows which companies disagreed with that contract. Where did you even get the "she told every CEO", "reading out loud on camera" and "insulted her" parts, it literally didn't happen? 😭 And the members even said in the interviews later that it's a shame the debut never happened, because it could be a good opportunity.

    Also, I saw some of your other posts about A.C.E, and it feels like you are stuck in 2017 with so much misinformation about the group and the members. I understand that you are a fan, but I'd appreciate in you actually check things before talking about A.C.E on puplic platforms. Sorry, if it sounds rude, I just need to say this, because I don't want any wrong info about A.C.E going around.