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    How is aespa a flop group when they have better charting and streaming than most 4rth gen groups besides itzy and idle and some 3rd gen groups? Y'all are so weird, mind you with only 2 singles and not a single album and only 3 months in their debut its so obvious they're gonna surpass other groups and shoot right next to itzy and idle

    SM artists usually go the trajectory of flop debut to gradual rise. And it’s not really much of a brag to say they have better charting and streaming than other groups from small company when they had all that hype. Not to sound mean, I think they’ll be very successful but I’m telling this to the user who said they’re bigger than idle, they’re not. Not even close. It’s almost insulting to say that.

    Iz*one has a bigger fanbase than ioi but ioi had a larger general public recognition but still most of them faded away. Only chungha and Sejeong are doing exceptionally well and people don’t associate them with such. So yes, her success isn’t dependent on her but how well her company promotes her, and her well her group does, because I doubt she’d be a soloist. And as for the it girl status, if she could be one, she would be a seolhyun, not yoona or Suzy type. Which is okay too.

    I think it’s a combination of SEA fans who will stan any kpop idol who is from SEA, especially when said kpop idol is backed by a YG branding that promotes luxurious, classy lifestyle that especially girls can use as a self-insert, (ie if Lisa can be a SEA kpop idol then there’s hope for me kind of mindset) because if you watch any of their BTS content you’ll find that Lisa has the most nondescript and Undefinable personality, she is basically a blank slate for fans to project themselves onto (why there’s so many random ships of Lisa despite zero interactions like liskook, bc these SEA fans fantasize themselves in lisa’s place, being a kpop idol and dating their oppar of their dreams) and it’s a great marketing tactic imo. and then Lisa getting shilled hard in China (and majority of Chinese are weebs/kboos so they will automatically like any kpop idol that promoted in China).

    What did I just read? My eyes need cleansing.

    First of all jennie already went viral in sk n had huge success with solo before her dating scandal got out and individually she is more known in korea n internationally even before her dating scandal than that of kai. All the scandal did was nothing and there were few annoying people getting more mad at jennie for dating because at the time it was public perception that bp had a dating ban n people considered her "spoiled" for that and every other absurd labels they like to attach towards her.

    kai is like half as popular as her and it made zero noise in Korea

    They were literally asking “who” when they news was released💀

    I don’t understand. Exo is a famous boy group. Easily their prime was in 2018. In what world was she more famous than any member of Exo, the nation’s pick, a group that was straight off an Olympic performance in 2018? Please be respectful to Exo. If I said something that you felt was insulting to Jennie, my initial post was edited. But to act as if their dating scandal wasn’t huge and Kai isn’t famous is weird.

    no it


    only thing her solo and that dating scandal got was backlash and get her dragged every single day

    I really beg to differ. May be negative publicity but it gave her publicity nonetheless. 2018 was the year the solo stans and akghaes were born in the blink fandom. And that was triggered by fans believing she was heavily favored by the company and hence getting her hate, and the need for people to also defend her against that, hence her own solo fanbase outside the group. The reason she had the level of support she did from people who didn’t stan the group was her solo and the need to defend and stand up for her. Let us just agree to disagree. Whilst the backlash was unfair to her, I believe it gave her more fans and general public recognition.

    Jisoo was very popular predebut, I knew her from producer. The others had collaborations with established artists of the company. I don’t think anyone but YG stans know what moonshot or nonagon is. And doing unknown brands isn’t being promoted, it is she promoting the brands. I hope you understand.


    is that something that can make you an it girl? dating? really?

    Of course not. Seems I was misunderstood. All I meant to say was Jennie’s popularity exists because she’s Jennie. She is beautiful, talented, charismatic and charming enough for people to like her but for people to like her and know her she’s has to be in the public eye enough. Did the dating scandal make her famous? No. But it did play a tiny role in her being more talked about over a period of time? Yes.

    Lisa was easily the most underpromoted member of bp by yg . When people use to call them the second 2NE1, it was obvious everyone thought she’d be a minzy of the group. But fast forward and she is the most popular kpop idol after bts. I firmly believe she is also independently known outside her group because she has had so many viral dancing moments and her popularity in China and to an extent some sea countries can stand without her group, which isn’t the same for the other members and that kind of gives her the edge. And she lowkey might be the most talented member because of her dancing, and that could attract her more dance focused fans as opposed to the others who are good in their skills but not exceptional enough to have that skill based following, except for Rosé depending on the success of her solo. My question is what is the formula to creating the high level of fame Lisa has. She had no solo nor predebut hype or promotions. So how does one create an idol that can rival that. The closest female idol to her popularity is Jennie and Jennie’s Fame has a formula to it that I believe can be recreated once you’ve established the success of your group. So what do you think is the Lisa formula and is it possible to create another idol as successful? Or Lisa the peak for female idols?