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    Commissioner Cho added, “Of the three people accused, Representative Min has not been scheduled to be summoned this week, and it seems that one of the two people could appear this week.”

    So it's three people now. The first reports about Hybe filing the police complaint mentioned they accused Min Heejin and Vice President Shin of breach of trust, so only two. Who is the third one? Don't think it has been mentioned anywhere yet. Ex-Director Kim Yemin or VP Lee seem like the only options.

    Catching up a bit with the little newsworthy stuff that has come out this week. The article about the defamation suit was pretty interesting. I tried looking up the lawyer involved in all the cases (Eugene Kim from Kim Stream law firm ) who is highly regarded and came across some of the U.S. court filings. I'll link them below if you're interested in checking them out.

    Bio of the lawyer:

    Eugene Kim – Stream Kim Hicks Wrage and Alfaro, P.C.

    The NewJeans case he leads against Google/Youtube:…pplication-of-min-ji-kim/

    The Hybe case he leads against X:

    Human Verification

    The LeSserafim case he leads against Google/Youtube:

    Human Verification

    There's only one right answer and you know it :lighter-pepe:

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    They're going out of their way to fill most of the management and executive roles with people that have no background in the entertainment industry and not checking if they were competent in the positions they had before?

    Outside of Min HeeJin, is there anyone that's CEO of a hybe label with experience in music or creative production?

    The korean sub labels do not have those. I think only KOZ entertainment is a label that at least has a creative on the board and holds shares (zico)

    Besides the korean labels some would (controversially) suggest Hybe America has a CEO with experience in music or creative production though it's a bit of a reach. Really the only one that would qualify is Isaac Lee, CEO of Hybe Latin America. He has a reputable reputation in the Latin American tv world. But then who cares about Hybe Latin America lol

    Hybe for years has defined itself as a tech company so the lack of creatives in executive position is a result of that. Ironically it's the music side that brings in the money while the tech side loses that money

    Belift's CEO Kim Tae-ho and vice-president Choiy Yoon-Hyeok used to be executives at a PR agency before they moved to the company in 2020 so finally they could use their experiences with this move lol. Thing is though that Kim Tae-ho in particular has proven in the past to be incapable of handling pr well at Hybe, especially when it involves BTS.

    Also this video might be published under the name of Belfit, but considering how Kim Tae-ho is basically hybe personified with his background and relationship with Bang PD, this clearly is just as much initiated by Hybe.

    Wonder how MHJ will respond to this with Ador's new directors likely preventing her from speaking from Ador's side.

    Ves back with an update for the timeline. Been awhile since something noteworthy happened.

    June 10 - Belift releases a 27-minute long video on their temporary youtube channel wherein several high-ranking Belift executives and creatives refute in detail MHJ's plagarism accusation's against Illit. Belift also announces they will file an additional civil suit against MHJ for damages to its artists, workers, and participating creators.

    Link to Belift's video:

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    Translation of the kbs interview with MHJ:

    Anchor Park asked Min if the court decision had influenced the markedly different atmosphere of the second press conference. Min responded, "The first press conference was held under difficult circumstances and was unavoidable. Since the verdict came out yesterday in my favor, I was able to speak my mind with a much lighter heart."

    When Park asked why she sought reconciliation with HYBE, Min explained, "A quick decision is necessary for the shareholders, fans, and especially the members of NewJeans. I thought we needed to set aside our emotions and look at the situation realistically."

    Park mentioned that HYBE had accused her of attempting to take NewJeans with her, to which Min responded, "This is completely untrue. In a situation where HYBE is making decisions, any actions I take would be known. The idea of taking NewJeans with me is not feasible. It was a strategy to defend ADOR, not a practical possibility."

    When asked about claims that the dispute with HYBE was undermining NewJeans' potential, Min stated, "I don't see this as a management dispute because I did not raise the issue. However, the fact that this problem has surfaced and become contentious is not good for NewJeans. I also want this matter resolved quickly. The reason I filed for the injunction was to gain legitimacy for a swift resolution."

    Regarding the management level of K-pop companies and how the industry should improve, Min said, "A system is about institutionalizing structures to make work processes smoother, but such systems can easily become factory-like. The protocols in work inevitably become defined, leading to concerns about mass production."

    As for the future activities of NewJeans, Min said, "Their first Japanese single, set to be released on June 21, and the Tokyo Dome fan meeting will proceed as planned. Beyond that, I am not sure how things will develop. We had a board meeting this morning, so we will have to see how things unfold."

    So CEO Min had no comment/no issue with the three new Hybe directors replacing the two directors that worked with her previous or did I miss her reaction to this maneuver by Hybe

    Her lawyers yesterday did say they considered the action of replacing the directors as a breach of the injunction verdict, however today they didn't seem to have any issue with it. They also knew last week this was coming when that reporter leaked the names of the new directors.

    Ves today's update

    May 31 - General Shareholder Meeting takes place. Hybe replaces Ador's two internal directors, VP Shin and Creative Director Kim, with 3 new directors, namely Kim Joo-young (Hybe's Chief Human Resources Officer), Lee Jae-sang (Hybe's Chief Strategy Officer), and Lee Kyeong-jun (Hybe's Chief Financial Officer). MHJ remains in her CEO position.

    MHJ holds another press conference in response to the injunction and General Shareholder Meeting results. She conveys to Hybe that it's time to find a compromise. Main coverage of MHJ's press conference can be found in this article:

    LIVE UPDATES — ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin second press conference
    Min Hee-jin, producer of girl group NewJeans and CEO of the quintet’s agency ADOR will meet with the press for the first time in a month on Friday after it was…

    I still wonder if MHJ could have defeated Hybe's initial injunction to hold the general shareholder meeting. If she won that one she could have kept the other two directors on the board. Perhaps the lawyers only believed she could win an injunction that only focused on her position. She however could still have filed her own injunction anyway in the scenario that she didn't defeat Hybe's injunction for the general shareholder meeting, so I'm still not completely sure why they didn't decide to do both legal avenues.

    So MHJ's lawyers didn't seem completely sure if Hybe could install a Co-CEO for Ador without breaking MHJ's contract:

    Money Today asks, "If the new board picks a new CEO, then would Min and the new candidate become co-CEOs? Is there a clause in ADOR['s contract] about this?"

    Min's lawyer Timothy SK Lee says that "there aren’t specific clauses on this." Min's lawyer Lee Sook-mi adds, "Having co-CEOs and heads of different subsidiaries are different concepts. Having more than one CEO is a change of clause [from the original contract]. I’m not sure if another CEO will be hired, but I would think that it would be a breach of contract."

    Jae-sang Lee (Hybe's Chief Strategy Officer) would likely be the co-CEO candidate. The fact that Hybe replaced the 2 Ador directors with 3 new ones also indicates that this might be their plan. Replacing them with 2 new ones would have been enough, so the addition of a third one indicates that there is more to it. Apparently MHJ's lawyers said the next Ador board meeting could be on June 10th, so more changes could happen on that date.

    Obligatory MBTI post lol:

    Min Hee-jin “My MBTI is ENTP”… Are you a debater who enjoys arguing?

    On the afternoon of the 31st, during a press conference at the Seoul Press Center in Jung-gu regarding the ADOR's extraordinary shareholders' meeting, Min mentioned this in response to a question about idols who have been hurt by the battle with HYBE.

    Min stated, "BTS, Le Sserafim, AILET, NEW JINCE, all have been hurt. I've been hurt the most. I'm an ENTP. I hope to think in a direction that benefits everyone."

    She continued, "Everyone, including the reporters, should refrain from mentioning them. We need to explore new ways to heal our wounds."

    Min revealing her MBTI type has sparked interest in the ENTP personality type.

    ENTP refers to the debater, inventor type, who enjoys heated debates. They strive to realize their vision and have an outsider-like personality, overlapping with the qualities of a revolutionary. Many individuals of this type have turned existing systems upside down or achieved leaps forward for the whole.

    Characteristics of an ENTP include confident and logical speech, a bold and confident personality, and a playful yet confident attitude, making them popular and assertively leading the atmosphere.

    However, in societies where hierarchy is strict, or where Sparta-style education and rigid, conservative cultures prevail, they may feel discomfort and may not even approach, or may even overturn parts of that society altogether.

    민희진 “내 MBTI는 ENTP”…논쟁 즐기는 변론가?
    민희진 어도어 대표가 자신의 MBTI는 ENTP라고 밝혔다.(사진=뉴스1) 하이브와 경영권 분쟁을 겪고 있는 민희진 어도어 대표가 자신의 성격 유형 지표(MBTI)는 ‘ENTP’라고 밝혔다. 31일 오후 민 대표는

    From now on MHJ will probably have to announce any statements in her own name. No statements for her coming from Ador anymore with the Hybe people now installed on its board. Will be interesting in general to see what happens with both sides statements. Hybe no longer can target their statements towards Ador anymore either as their own people are in power now. Ador could technically even make statements now without MHJ's input


    During the press conference, Min expressed her gratitude, saying, "There are so many people I am thankful for. The biggest reason I had to win yesterday was because people who don't even know me believed in me. The thought of disappointing them brought tears to my eyes."

    On the previous day, the 30th, Min achieved a dramatic victory as the court granted her request for an injunction to prohibit HYBE from exercising its voting rights, allowing her to 'hold on' to her position.

    Min expressed her gratitude to those who believed in her. She said, "I don't have any cash right now, but if I earn a lot of money, I want to spend over 10 billion KRW for the benefit of society. It's not money I can take with me, and I wonder what's so necessary about it."

    She continued, "I even thought about scattering money on the street. I wanted to tell people to line up in front of my house and give 1 million KRW to each person who supported me... that's how I truly felt," she added with a laugh.


    When asked about the allegations regarding AILET, Min Hee-jin responded, "I am a consistent person. There is no sudden change in my thoughts," but she avoided mentioning the members of AILET directly.

    She said, "I don't want to mention the members of AILET. This issue has become a separate matter from the plagiarism allegations, so I don't want to discuss it anymore."

    However, Min Hee-jin emphasized the importance of healthy criticism, stating, "I believe healthy criticism is necessary. When something becomes really necessary, I tackle it. I thought this was a very necessary issue. This is about survival. If such issues arise in the future, they should be addressed. But it's something I shouldn't experience personally. It's important to figure out how to address these issues."

    "50만원대 日 브랜드"…어도어 민희진, 2차 기자회견룩 "벌써 품절"
    민희진 어도어 대표가 임시주주총회 관련 입장을 설명하는 2차 기자회견을 연 가운데 그의 기자회견룩 역시 주목을 받고 있다. 민 대표는 31일 오후 2시 30분 서울 중구에 위치한 한국프레스센터에서 임시주주총회 관련

    It does really lean towards both working together in future, but then MHJ's contract expires in mid 2026 right?

    Her guaranteed CEO term of 5 years ends in November 2026. The contract doesn't exactly expire then because it's a shareholder contract that includes many other things including the put option and the non-competition clause. But after November 2026 Hybe could freely remove MHJ from her position without needing to prove she broke trust, embezzeled money, or caused monetary damages to Ador. So even if they come to a resolution, it would solve things on the short term, but on the long term the situation will still be unstable.

    I'll post some quotes from MHJ that Kmedia is reporting on


    On this day, Min appeared wearing a yellow cardigan and neatly tied hair, and addressed the content of mobile messages that made it appear as if she had spoken poorly about NewJeans members in the past. She said, "To explain that would be very lengthy," and added, "I don't even remember that content. Is there anyone here who remembers KakaoTalk messages from three years ago?"

    She continued, "Looking at the content that has emerged, I honestly wonder if I even said such things. I don't remember it well."

    Min stated, "This is not an issue and is of no value," and added, "The members did not contact me after seeing that content. They reached out because they knew I was hurt."

    Furthermore, she explained, "Mentioning the members in the previous press conference was unavoidable due to the circumstances, and those comments came out because there were many accumulated issues."


    On the 31st at 2 PM, at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul, CEO Min clearly expressed her stance towards reconciliation with HYBE.

    Min stated, "Although I cannot be certain, trust is a mutual agreement. Negotiations depend on how the other party responds." She emphasized, "We have talked about reconciliation, but it will depend on how HYBE responds."

    She continued, "I don't care how the shareholder agreement is modified. As long as the non-compete and 'poison pill' clauses are removed, I can give up what I need to give up." She added, "It's difficult to explain because it depends on how the other party responds."


    Min appeared wearing a yellow cardigan and neatly tied hair. When asked if she was expressing a willingness to reconcile with HYBE, she responded positively, saying, "From my perspective, I did not start this fight."

    Regarding the question about allegations of trying to seize management rights, she said, "It's contradictory to say that I am trying to secure management rights because the management rights were originally mine. Whether it's a white knight or a black knight, HYBE has to make the final decision. If HYBE doesn't want it, it won't happen."

    Min added, "I believe I was the first to feel betrayed. HYBE was the first to break trust. What power does a subsidiary have? I only have an 18% stake."

    When asked if she would continue to work with HYBE, Min replied, "Yes, because if I were thinking about personal gain, there could be many choices. But I am not interested in personal gain. I would like to continue with the plans we made with NewJeans."

    She further stated, "If I stop and there's a reorganization, and NewJeans takes a break, it benefits no one. We've fought exhaustingly, and now it's time to move on to another chapter."


    When asked if she had been encouraged by HYBE to engage in 'album bulk buying,' Min responded, "It's true."

    Min stated, "It is difficult to assert here that album bulk buying is a widespread practice in the K-pop industry. However, it is true that I was encouraged by HYBE to engage in it. HYBE explained that it was just a passing remark made during a 'smoke break,' but while they don't take my words as jokes, they claim the encouragement to bulk buy was a joke. How should I interpret that?"


    Regarding the mention of I'LL-IT, BTS, and LE SSERAFIM, who were hurt during the process, Min stated, "I think everyone, including NewJeans, has been hurt by this incident. I am also human, and instead of saying something specific to them, to avoid hurting everyone, we should stop bringing up this topic. The very act of repeatedly mentioning whether or not it causes pain is itself hurtful. For their sake, I hope we stop discussing it."

    She continued, "Another thing is that we need compromise to heal the wounds. I am saying this because we need a new approach to move forward."

    민희진, 뉴진스 뒷담화 카톡? "쟁점 아닌 무가치한 내용…아티스트 보호해야"
    어도어 민희진 대표의 측근 이사들이 해임된 가운데, 민 대표가 뉴진스 멤버들에 대한 뒷담화 의혹에 대해 입을 열었다. 민 대표는 31일 오후 2시 30분 서울 중구에 위치한 한국프레스센터에서 임시주주총회 관련 입장을

    민희진, 하이브와 계속 함께 일할 생각? "그렇다…싸움 끝내고 다음 챕터로"
    어도어 민희진 대표의 측근 이사들이 해임된 가운데, 민 대표가 하이브와 앞으로의 관계 모색에 대해 얘기했다. 민 대표는 31일 오후 2시 30분 서울 중구에 위치한 한국프레스센터에서 임시주주총회 관련 입장을 설명하는